3 New Vehicles post Model S?

3 New Vehicles post Model S?

I heard Tesla is developing a crossover, a cargo van, and a third car. Anyone have information on this? Confirmation, Facts or Rumors regarding this topic? I'm a tech geek/car nerd and a certified mechanic so im very enthusiastic about Tesla in general.

Also on unrelated note, Tesla has property in Philadelphia. Does anyone know if this is a plant or just a company office building?

Vawlkus | December 14, 2010

Tesla has said they are planning several vehicles based off the Model S chassis, but they can't START the design process until the Model S is actually BUILT so they can have factual data on how it performs in a non-testing environment. From memory, they have plans for a van, and SUV and a new Roadster.
As for the property in Philly, that's probably one of their stores/service centers.

Amper | December 15, 2010

The closest dealership to me according to Tesla's website is in Washington DC and the manufacturing plants are in California, so thats what leads me to believe its an office building. Thanks for the reply though. If they have the same design artist as the Model S then Im sure they'll look amazing. Cant wait to see them.

Brian H | December 16, 2010

Not so much an artist as a design exec, ex-director of design at Mazda North America. "Franz von Holzhausen, Chief Designer" There's some vid of him being interviewed when he first came on board around somewhere.

searcher | December 18, 2010

Amper, Althogh there are probably others, it is good to see a certified mechanic on this website. I like this hands on type knowledge. Looking forward to some interesting posts from you.

Amper | December 19, 2010

Thanks searcher. Im very interested in this and would like to get Tesla training if possible. I havent looked into it at all but I dont think they have training yet. if im wrong please correct me.

searcher | December 20, 2010

Amper, I am not a techno guy, but there are others that amaze me with their information on Telsa, sure you will be recieving some pertinent help here.

Brian H | December 21, 2010

I think they're all converted electricians!

Easier to teach a circuits guy to change brake pads than vice versa.

searcher | December 21, 2010

BrianH, I may be misinterpreting your last post but was fixing to go on vacation trip in Chevy Nova to Canada, back across to Maine etc. My AC wasn't working, had three mechanics check it with their test equipment all told me I needed a compressor. So finally went on Saturday before leaving on Monday to a guy near where I worked. Started out teaching himself in classic shade tree manner, but later on went to several schools and training programs learning electrical circuitry very well{extodianary on AC stuff} told me all I needed was switch, didn't have time to order one that day so he wired my ac to fan swithch. Went on the whole trip, no problems. On returning went by his shop one day and he ordered factory switch and worked fine. Stayed with him as my mechanic for twenty something years until I moved from Birmingham, Al. five years ago. But he was just an all around hands on mechanic of very high intelligence and outstanding honesty. Unusual combination in many cases, could fix anything. I am sure he was exceptional but I believe he could easily have been taught to be a Tesla guy. He came from the humblest of backgrounds and his unfailing honesty, high intelligence, and gracious attitude always humbled me. Those kind of people have that effect on me. Unfortunately we lost him to cancer this year. The last time I talked with him he was planning to go in with his brother and buy some property about 50 miles from where I live now as this area was his home area. I was excited and told him I would drive the distance for him to be my mechanic again. He definitely could have been trained to be a great Tesla guy, humble backgrounds and high intelligence are really not unusual in this part of the world. That's one reason I wish we had state sponsored full college for anyone with the grades to pursue, as in many parts of Europe. Seems to me we can't escape the innate feudalism peculiar to our species. Sorry to bemoan the loss of a great mechanic and longtime friend but I could duplicate this story in several instances in my life in this particular part of the world I live in. So I guess the moral of this story is high intelligence can be often found in unexpected places due to various negative forces working in a lot of situations. But I can relate to, that a lot of positive changes are also taking place in this geogrphical area. A world of changes as a matter of fact.

cybercop | March 6, 2011

There are lots of reports from the ipo roadshow slides showing a convertible based on the model s platform. But is it really a two seater? Since the model s is large enough for 7 you would think that the convertible would have a real backseat, bigger than the Infiniti G convertible, I would hope. To tell the trut, that is the car I really want. But it is at least 5 years away. Start saving now or just get the model s and hope the panoramic glass roof comes on the $50,000 model.

mvbf | March 7, 2011

The best info I found amper was on this site:

thanks for the story searcher. It was full of heart. Sorry about your friend.

Tom A | April 16, 2011

There was a fairly recent article, I think it was a press release from Tesla, actually, that they are going to produce what they call the Model X, which will be an SUV or CUV using the Model S as a platform. Details of course are unknown since the Model S isn't even in production yet.

There will also be a Roadster 3.0, as Lotus will no longer be providing the gliders. Past information suggests that the Roadster 3.0 will also be based on the Model S platform, but that's hard for me to imagine, personally.

Of course, their next major push after the Model S is to develop a car with a target base price of $30k. The Roadster 3.0 and the Model X will most likely be designed in parallel as resources permit.