My average is getting destroyed this winter
The 100 miles drive I just did at -21 degrees was more then double my average consumption I had from April to December. At 65 MPH, got 350Wh/Mile average. At this rate exactly 2 miles of battery left estimate disappear for every 1 mile driven.
And windows get hard frozen while driving and my kinds can’t open the doors because the windows don’t go down and the handles are too hard to pivot from the frost. My wife can’t hit the handles hard enough to get the handles out so I’m the official Tesla winter doorman.

Bighorn | January 17, 2020

2 mile consumption over 1 mile would require efficiency closer to 450 Wh/m.

FISHEV | January 17, 2020

Tesla needs to fix all of that. It's been going on since 2017 and this is 2020 and Tesla still hasn't fixed the windows and door handle problem.

On the range, since we know Winter, even mild Winter here in PNW, kicks the range by 30%, 50% as we see with our Montreal example above.

EV's are going to have to have a 30% buffer so the stated range is worst case not best case. With Subaru my Winter mpg didn't change from my Summer range, steady 32 mpg all year (not counting ski trips). That has set the consumer expectations that EV's have to meet.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | January 17, 2020

Tough luck

FISHEV | January 17, 2020

No just bad design that needs to be fixed.

yudansha™ | January 17, 2020

@ FISHEV You ski?

bp | January 17, 2020

I dunno, I absolutely crushed it last night on both the slopes and the interstate in a full on chains-or-awd-only blizzard before the pass got shut down. Car was buried when I got back to it (warm and preheated inside though :)

Just rallied through nearly a foot of fresh on ice with the M3 and Hakkas. Coming from over a decade of heavy winter driving in a Torsen Quattro, and I give the M3 AWD a thumbs up.

-TheJohn- | January 17, 2020

Sympathy to all of you actual Cold Weather folks driving EV.
Here in Tucson I get hit really hard with cooling. It's amazing how much heat/cool hits the wattage and also how nifty it is having the data in front of our face that shows its direct impact to our charge levels etc. Still vastly more efficient than ICE but I really feel for you halved range folks. Still more efficient in terms of Planet Death than ICE.

Btw.. fishev or littlehorn as I prefer to think of them will almost always tell you lies. Sometimes they'll mix in a bit of truth to throw you off but for the most part.. You should ignore their super long term multi-name changing selves.

kevin_rf | January 18, 2020

With a cold soaked battery last night, I was up in the mid 400's on my evening commute.

Started the 40 mile drive with all the regen dots. Baby it's cold outside...

Tesla2018 | January 18, 2020

The air conditioning does decrease the range a little bit. I commute 10 miles to work each day. If I take the highway and do about 70 miles per hour and have the air conditioning off I got about 230 kw. However if I have the AC on I got about 270. If I take the back roads where the speed limit is only about 45 mi Max I can get 170 KW with the air conditioning off. So it all depends upon speed and other accessories being used.

It's similar to an ICE. When I drove my other car at 80 miles per hour for 200 miles around 4000 rpm I would get about 30 MPGs with the AC on, but if I kept it in 5th gear all the way and did about 45 miles per hour at 2200 rpm on the back roads I would get almost 50 MPG if I didn't have the AC on.

Maxxer | January 18, 2020

I arrived at the ski station with 55% LOC because my battery didn’t charge to 100% during the night, for unknown reason, I woke up with the mirror auto folded and battery charge limit set to 80%. Since it was -20 outside I put it to 100% and it was slow to charge on 14-30 240V when the battery was cold.

I left with 90% SOC, arrived with 55% at the ski station.
Went cross country skiing for 4 hours, came back and the SOC was 44% with a cold soaked battery at -15.
Went to the supercharger at 6km, the charge rate was 10kw for 5 mins, then after 15 mins it was at 20kw. After 45
Mind of charging it was at 25kw and now the SOC was 70%. I met friends by chance at the restaurants and we talked for 45 mins and had fun.
If I was in a hurry and tight on schedule it would have been a different story.

Superchargers and cold batteries do not make a great fit.

Bighorn | January 18, 2020

No current flows to the battery if the battery temp is below ~24F I think. A really cold soaked battery can take an hour to show any charge flow. People learn that lesson once.

Bighorn | January 18, 2020

At least you'll have regen with the recent charge before departure.

Maxxer | January 18, 2020

I knew it already from reading online but it was the first time I experienced it. It is good to know for week ends out at the mountain for ski trips.
It can add 1 hour to the way back home so I’ll either go supercharge while my wife and the kids are still skiing or vice versa. This way only one person loses 1 hour to supercharge a cold soaked battery on a very cold day.

FISHEV | January 18, 2020

@ColeAK says that leaving the heat on for 15 minutes warms the battery for him. If there's enough battery to blast heat for 15-20 minutes, some owners report that is enough to warm the battery. If it was Tesla SC you were going to at 6km, did you navigate to it so Preconditioning came on? Preconditioning seems to want about 10 miles/15 minutes to heat the battery.

Be nicer of Tesla would add a standalone "Preconditioning" option so we can go to other chargers with a warm battery. I went to get an emergency charge at lunch (3 miles left) and the charge rate was slow at first and then started to rise as battery got warmer.

Maxxer | January 18, 2020

Yes I put the supercharger location right when I got into my car. The battery preconditioned for 10 minutes.

PteRoy | January 18, 2020

My sr+ is the worst vehicle I have ever owned in the winter. Yet the best vehicle I have ever owned in the summer. It really is like owning a completely different car.

FISHEV | January 18, 2020

"The battery preconditioned for 10 minutes."

Dang and still didn't warm it up enough to charge normally. Maybe at that cold temp it needs more time but it should tell you that. "Due to temp, Preconditioning will not warm battery adequately and charging may be slow."

Maxxer | January 18, 2020

« PteRoy | January 18, 2020
My sr+ is the worst vehicle I have ever owned in the winter. Yet the best vehicle I have ever owned in the summer. It really is like owning a completely different car. »

I can’t say that.

It still beats my ‘93 and ‘99 Tercel and Corolla when I was student.