3G pricing inadvertently revealed in source of services page

3G pricing inadvertently revealed in source of services page

If you view the HTML source of the new available service options page, you'll see this!

Connectivity + Unlimited 3GThis monthRecurs at $30 each monthPayments begin 4/7/2013  $30

Which implies (and says!) $30/mo. starting April 7 for unlimited 3G. Mystery solved?!

Getting Amped Again | March 24, 2013

I almost paid....

DouglasR | March 24, 2013

Can't you just turn off data roaming to avoid those charges?

Robert22 | March 24, 2013

That's just what they expect you to do.

olanmills | March 24, 2013

BTW, this could have just been placeholder data for the web developers to test their UI or whatever.

For example, sometimes some online stores like to create (on their own, with no official information) product pages for games that have not yet been given a release date, or in some cases, have not even been officially announced at all. They typically put up a product page, and then pick what they think is a likely month, and set the release date as being on the 15th or 31st of that month, either because they think the 15th is good because it's somewhere in the middle, or the end of the month is good because they think that looks better. Inevitabley, some website or fan notices it and then starts some momentary frenzy by claiming that such and such game has been announced with a certain release date, when really, it was just placeholder information with no factual bearing other than someone's SWAG.

cerjor | March 24, 2013

I don't think I need 3G or 4G. Can easily get by without Slacker. But I do like having a map, and not just the turn by turn that shows up to the left of the speedometer. My 2003 Lexus has that. But without 3G, no map. That is a real bummer.

Mark E | March 24, 2013

Wait until official pricing.
This is all just speculation.
Here in Australia you can get a wifi hotspot for $100 or so and 12 months connectivity for $150-180. Data limits vary. I understand why you may not want to pay twice.
I'm hoping that its possible to have a minimal plan for remote access and schedule downloads when tethered or on wifi.

In any case It's a moot point until cars are announced for our market - and also moot in the US before you see the official numbers. As an example, my work mobile has unlimited national calls - truly unlimited anywhere in Australia, not marketing speak, unlimited txt and 5GB per month data inc 4G and tethering. I don't see a bill but I know that it was cheaper than the previous corp plan of $100 per month. That's only really available to corporates - as an individual you pay more or get less..

jchangyy | April 8, 2013

4/7/13 has now come and gone and I still don't see the pricing.

riceuguy | April 8, 2013

One has to assume that the delay has something to do with the service announcement coming soon from Elon...

derek | April 8, 2013

Interesting comparison. Audi just released their "connected car" pricing, and it drops to as low as $15/mo if you get the 30 month connection package.

It includes a hotspot feature for sharing wifi throughout the car. Uses T-Mobile's cellular network.

Electron | April 8, 2013

Who would have expected Audi to provide downward competitive price pressure?

DouglasR | April 8, 2013

Slightly OT, but how does T-Mobile's network compare to AT&T? I know their coverage map shows a much smaller footprint, but their pricing sure looks better for cellular.

danej | April 9, 2013

3G is too slow - for me, Slacker skips and freezes a bit too often.

WiFi tethering would allow one to connect the car to an LTE hotspot device. That'd be nice.


murraypetera | April 9, 2013

Phone Tether I hope is on the way. As well as when parked at home the ability to use house wifi.

I have t-mobile and can add a line for $10 with 500 mb data. $10 i would pay $30 I would not.

It would also be nice if the cars sim would allow phone calls.

dpsinger | April 13, 2013

It's not the price that bothers me but the fact that it is tied exclusively to ATT. Not only that, it seems that it is not a standard ATT plan so I still would not get any service at my home. I live in an area with poor to no GSM service so as of no I have no connectivity when the car is in my garage. I purchased an ATT network extender but the ATT website does not recognize the phone number that Tesla told me is associated with the modem in my car. It really annoys me that I can't get functionality of my car when it parked in my own garage. This is not a cost issue to me but rather the fact that car can't do what it was advertised to be able to do.

Robert22 | April 13, 2013

I posted a lengthy comment to this thread on April 9th addressing T-Mobile's coverage area, as well as a comprehensive description of their new base phone and data plan, MS 2G and 3G data capability, and how the plan might be used effectively in tethering to the MS at a very competitive price point. All information was factual and confirmed by T-mobile and Tesla engineers via ownership in documented phone calls. It now appears my post has been removed. I would greatly appreciate it if the Tesla employee monitoring this board could contact me via my email on file and clarify exactly why my comment was considered inappropriate or violated your Terms of Service Agreement. Thank you.

DouglasR | April 13, 2013


Are you sure it wasn't this one on April 11?

Robert22 | April 14, 2013

Indeed it was. I was responding to your query in regard to T-Mobile coverage but neglected to check other threads thoroughly before posting. Thanks for solving the mystery and also my apology for the false accusation of comment removal. I'll try to get more sleep.