3G working after importing a car

3G working after importing a car

Hello there,

I have a few questions, so the US version of the car can be imported to Europe, have it's headlights converted and pass the European homologation requirements in a few hours worth of labour, there's no engine so no noise/emissions have to be taken into consideration

The US uses AT&T signal, what SIM card does Europe use?
I've seen a few RHD Teslas sold to the public in the UK being driven around on the motorway, what SIM do they use? Do they pay for 3G? Does the UK 3G work in France, Europe? What about Europe, but outside of the European Union (Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Macedonia?)
Would the 3G on a car imported from the US work in the UK or Europe?
Do Tesla sell their cars officially in Russia or Ukraine? I have seen an Austrain plated Tesla Model S being driven around Lviv, I assume that has a 3G connection, did they specifically configure the modem for Ukraine or does every European Tesla have 3G connection over there?
Taxi buisnesses have begun to import Teslas, and I've seen Russian newspapers being displayed via the internet, again, do they use a 3G modem and pay extra, or are there Russian dealers?

Finally, which models will support 3G in North/West Africa? If AT&T has roaming agreements with certain countries, am I right in assuming that 3G will work in those countries? If the onboard GPS doesn't have maps for a certain region, will Google Maps still work?


Timo | June 17, 2014

The US uses AT&T signal, what SIM card does Europe use?

Various. No single provider, each country has their own, probably several providers. It's rather complicated question, you better use some googling around.

This might help:

420weblazeit | September 16, 2014

TeliSoniera provides to the Baltic states, Telefoníca provides for Western Europe. Ukraine has no provider.

You can import a car from any country to Ukraine (US or Netherlands) and replace the SIM card behind the 17" screen which would void the warranty (which already would be void when you export the car) and make sure that the SIM has 50MB of data minimum per month and you notify the carrier to allow any APN to be used to access the internet

Timo | September 16, 2014

telisoniera -> Teliasonera, I think.

I would suggest using Netherlands import, because US and Europe electric standards differ, and Ukraine uses same standards as Europe. European cars also have three-phase charging possibility which in my book makes a huge difference.

420weblazeit | September 16, 2014

In Ukraine there are no standards as such, we aren't part of Euro and anything from a UK 240V to a NEMA 14/50 can be installed. I'll go with the US import, not for me, for a friend ;)

Brian H | September 17, 2014

The friend will be unable to charge once he crosses the border, then.

420weblazeit | September 25, 2014

Brian H, you don't get a lot of Ukrainians who buy Electric cars, drive them far (or any performance sedans), get Schengen/Polish Visas, and drive them to Germany. They fly to places and rent cars

Oh and I'm also working on a US-to-EU Supercharger adapter, if you've read my other topics, so hopefully I could build a EU-to-US Supercharger adapter too

Brian H | September 25, 2014

Opiate dreams.

vrhunski | January 17, 2016

Maybe you should go with tmobile or telenor for SIM.

@420weblazeit do you have US to EU Supercharger adapter?