3rd Party Model S Info, Support and Modifications

3rd Party Model S Info, Support and Modifications

An interesting website that offers Model S info, support and mods is,

stevenmaifert | August 22, 2013
ian | August 22, 2013

Teslatap is a member here as well.

Great contribution indeed!


unclegeek | August 22, 2013

Are the Amazon leds the same cool color temperature as pictured in the how to? | August 22, 2013

@Donato - Thanks for the plug!

@unclegeek - I don't see any rating for the Amazon LEDs. My expectation is if they don't say, assume a color temperature of 6000-7000K as they are cheaper to make. Nothing wrong with that, but I prefer something in the 3500 to 4500K range which is still a cool white.

My guess is 90% people will not notice a difference. If you go to about 2700K, you're getting a warm white, closer to the Tesla incandescent lamps, but a cooler white matches other LEDs used in the car.

stevenmaifert | August 22, 2013

@unclegeek - No idea about the temperature but they are an eye pleasing white light similar to the white light in the door handles and footwell lights.