Will there be a 4x4 option?

msiano17 | February 12, 2011

if by 4x4 you mean awd then yes but most likely not until the 2013 models or later...

the first models to be produced are 160 and 230 mile packs at rwd only ... see other thread on RWD on questions

imhsar | February 15, 2011

Oops not able to understand... what is 4x4?

Timo | February 15, 2011

AWD or 4WD. A different way of saying four-wheel drive.

Brian H | February 17, 2011

Also lumber with a square 4" cross-section.


Timo | February 18, 2011

Getting hit to a head with either hurts.

Sudre | February 25, 2011

4x4 can also mean 4 wheel drive truck with a high ground clearance.
I imagine we will not see a truck for many years.
In America it is highly associated with Red Necks. :-)