In 5 years will Tesla be more of a world car?

In 5 years will Tesla be more of a world car?

In reading over the spreadsheet posted it is clear that many parts of the world will view this car differently as far as cost savings.
In the U.S. is a very different world from much of the rest of the western world. The U.S. enjoys the cheapest gas prices of any western country. As good as this is this changes Tesla numbers. Many counties pay U.S. rates for electricity or a little more but 2 or 3 times for gasoline.

Run those numbers and Tesla should fly to much of Europe!

Blueshift | September 8, 2013

Yes. Notice how close USA is to the top:

Brian H | September 9, 2013

I can see why Norwegians are MS-crazy, and will keep the SCs humming!

olanmills | September 9, 2013

Man these taxes some of these countries have are crazy, but then so are the subsidies we have.

I wonder what electricity rates are like around the world. I'm fortunate to have pretty low rates, but there's other areas of the US where driving a Model S doesn't really save much money in terms of energy consumption.