5,000 Miles Without Fumes - A summary of my first 5,000 miles driving a Model S

5,000 Miles Without Fumes - A summary of my first 5,000 miles driving a Model S

Hey all,

I've just added a write up about my experiences in the first 5,000 miles of ownership. Previously I wrote about my initial experiences, so how did the initial euphoria hold up? Please read my account of an attempt at an unbiased ownership experience covering driving, efficiency, craftsmanship, and other incidentals. You can read it at:

Sorry, it's a little long to post here. Also still there are my earlier articles as well.

Any comments about similar or dissimilar experiences are welcome.

Jeff Salvage
Happy Model S Owner

campsalvage | July 17, 2013

Just got asked to give a talk at bryn mayr college to high school teachers as part of a sustainability seminar focusing on math and science in education. I was asked because someone their read my analysis and stated i used the same analysis methodology as they were using in the course. Its nice to see some people get math and science over political rhetoric.


LionPowered | July 17, 2013

As I count down the days before delivery I'm devouring every bit of info and discussion I can find.
That was a good read. Thanks :-)

GLO | July 17, 2013

Good summary. You must have expensive electric rates though, we are in Sacramento and pay about 2 cents/mile. It's been very consistent for over 8,000 miles.

campsalvage | July 17, 2013

My rate is 16.5 cents per kw/h. It's more than the national average, but not quite California rates.