60/85/P85 sales as % of total

60/85/P85 sales as % of total

According to an ownership advisor I spoke with yesterday here in the Chicago area, Tesla has recently released some info on how Model S sales break down by the car/battery types. Apparently they're selling about 50% S85s, 35% P85s, and 15% 60s. Not sure if that's just in this area, US, or global, but I was surprised at the 35% for the P85 - would have guessed the stats for P85 and 60 to be reversed, given the "new" pricing that unbundled much of what the P85 had with the original pricing. Guess people love that acceleration!

LEvans | June 13, 2014

I fully expected the P85 sales to be around 40% or more of all sales.

When I buy a Model S it will be a P85. The odd thing is I would never have stretched to buy an AMG Mercedes but after I experienced the 100% torque and immense acceleration from 0 to about 100 with no sound or vibration I can't imagine getting anything but a P85.

The P85 is essentially what demonstrated that a premium EV like the Model S doesn't just match the performance of a typical E550 or S550 but it can eat those cars for lunch. It's the embodiment of the no compromise alternative offered by a premium EV and when I buy an EV, I'd rather buy one that proves, without any doubt, that gasoline powered cars are irrelevant.

Well that and I keep my cars for 5-8 years so with a P85 I would not be left wanting more power or feel any regret for not buying it a few years later.

carlk | June 13, 2014

@WEB_SRFR Funny you mentioned that. I saw an AMG CLS63 the other day on the freeway in the next lane quite a few cars behind me. I made a fast lane change perhaps just to show off a bit like I sometimes do. A minute or two later when I was about to get on the ramp I heard a loud noise and the AMG was roaring past me in the left lane.

All I was thinking is that sounds real awful.

LEvans | June 13, 2014

@carlk: That CLS63 is a seriously fast car. 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. But I would not put up with the noise, gear shifts, and all the vibration after experiencing the Model S. This is what I like about the P85. It's a car I can drive and not wish I was in anything else.

jordanrichard | June 13, 2014

The CLS63 may have a stated 0-60 time of 3.7 seconds, but that is under ideal conditions and with a professional driver. Most of these 0-60 times that the magazines/media report are numbers from the manufacturers. Only a coup0le of the magazines actually run their own tests and report the numbers. The P85 according to Tesla will do 0-60 in 4.1, but Motor Trend and others have seen 3.8, 3.9. No worries about humidity levels, quality of the gas, engine being fully warmed up etc. Just get in and punch it. No skill set needed other than keeping the car straight.

Bighorn | June 13, 2014

I parked next to the AMG at the Custer Tesla Rally--IIRC, base price is $154K. Pretty car, though.

info | June 13, 2014

I was nex to an AMG CLS63 in a gas station today, (I was getting a snack), what struck me was the guy driving it looked like he was about to croak, he looked utterly terrible pumping gas and I thought how much more comfortable he would be in an S (or an oxygen tent).

Red Sage ca us | June 13, 2014

Referee says, "OK, for that low blow I'm gonna take a point. Back to your corners!"

amatiych | June 13, 2014

I think people like range rater than acceleration. That's why the S85 is the best seller but not P85. S60 seems like an entry level car and I was going to buy that until I mapped out the road trips that I would take and figured that I could do them in S85 but not in 60. Make sense for P85 to be lower than S85 due to price.

amatiych | June 13, 2014

rather (not rater)

bevguy | June 14, 2014

Considering the high average sales price, most Teslas are probably loaded with options and a high percentage of P. If money is no problem why not get the P?

I had to be a bit frugal so I got the S.
My drag racing days are long over and at normal passing speeds there isn't much difference. See the Motor Trend tests, the only reviewer I know of to test both types under the same circumstances.

Red Sage ca us | June 14, 2014

MODEL S 0-30 0-50 0-60 0-70 0-80 0-90 0-100 45-65 1/4 MILE 60-0
85 2.3 4.0 5.0 6.1 7.4 8.9 10.8 1.9 13.2 @ 110.9 124 FT
P85+ 1.7 3.1 4.0 5.0 6.3 7.7 9.5 1.7 12.4 @ 112.5 113 FT

AmpedUP | June 14, 2014

.2 seconds difference 45-65. I'll pocket the 10-30K cash difference instead.

akikiki | June 14, 2014

Glad to hear that relative to all sales the P85 is not #1.
This makes mine rare compared to the S85.
Makes mnine more valuable.

electrophorus | June 14, 2014

The numbers don't tell the whole story. I test drove the 85 and P85 back to back this week - the 85 is great, nicely balanced, feels fast especially on the freeway. With the P85, though, I was literally laughing out loud half the time, and this was not my first time driving it. So basically, you pay an extra 14K for pure joy.

akikiki | June 14, 2014

14K ? Wow ! WAs only a 10K difference when I ordered mine.

Brian H | June 15, 2014

Elon was on record predicting the 60 would be the most popular car in the long run. Don't know if he still thinks so.

karmamule | June 15, 2014

My test drive was in a 60 and I was still very happy with the performance, so my S85 will be a nice step up. It'll do 0-60 about 1.5 seconds faster than my current car, (a Volvo C70) and that's plenty for me.

The quick response is fun but I fell in love with the serene quiet, the gigantic touch screen, and all the other amazing technology. I stepped up to the S85 not for performance reasons, but for the significant boost in range.

I drove a Prius for 5 years so clearly performance is not a significant factor for me. "Stealth mode" was one of my favorite aspects of that car, so having perma-stealth-mode now is what's going to put the biggest grin on my face.

Kondo | June 15, 2014

My wife said if I sold my 2 cars I could buy the Tesla. Well, I sold my 02 corvette convertible with 14,500 miles and the 09 Pontiac GXP 6.2 with 45,000 last Monday. Both relatively fast cars. Only road in a P85 and have not driven one as of yet. So I talked to the Brea, CA sales center since I am in Arizona without sales. Kimi said do you really NEED the extra 1.2 seconds 0 - 60 time. She had me, no I don't. After submitting the order she said I had 2 weeks to make any changes. My wife came into the room with THE LOOK. "What did you just do??" I ordered the Tesla. And when you get it you will be saying " I wish I had gotten the P" Call Kimi back and order the P, I love my wife!!!!!

We are driving both the P and S on Tuesday, but the order has been finalized, I made her hit the submit button :) Now the wait starts.

LEvans | June 15, 2014

You did the right thing. The S85 is fast but not the way the P85 is. No one NEEDS it to be 1.2 seconds faster but it sure is nice to have that acceleration as long as you are able to afford it and enjoy an occasionally spirited driving.

Kondo | June 15, 2014

Web, I have been reading threads on here for 4 months and that was the bottom line but I wanted to be fiscally responsible (for once) The search function (volkerize) really helps for getting others impressions and thoughts. In California they said they sell very few P's as well as few twin chargers. I did get both but the IRA will take a big hit ... if not now, when she said.

bevguy | June 16, 2014

Look at even the 30 to 80 mph passing which should cover almost any possibility, two tractor trailers in a row, entering heavy freeway traffic. Only 1/2 second difference.

0 to 60 mph is almost useless in the real world unless you like the legal risks associated with impromptu drag racing. Despite traction control you will be buying a lot of tires if you do it often.

Those who say the P feels a lot faster may be right, or they may just think so because they know they are in the "faster" version. Both feel scary fast to me. I have the S and the problem is usually that I wind up going way too fast when I'm passing..

But if a 1/2 second real world difference means more than the money, go for it.

info | June 16, 2014

I have a 60 in a rural area of CA and do a lot of passing on 2 lane road. It's 55 mph to 90 mph is so fast, I can't imagine what an 85, P or P+ would be like.

Grinnin'.VA | November 4, 2014

@Anemometer wrote, "...I don't think we need 160kWh/400 mile batteries."

I think we need 170 kWh, 220 kWh, 340 kWh, 440 kWh... 850 kWh battery packs. Why? To show that electric cars are simply BETTER in every conceivable way.

A 440 kWh in an MS would have a real world range of about 800 miles.
The 850 kWh would extend the range to roughly 1500 miles. At what extra cost would you prefer an 850 kWh vs a 440 kWh?

Go Tesla!
Ron :)

P.S. I'd be quite pleased with an MS with a practical, real world range of 300 mi.