7500 Miles in Three Months

7500 Miles in Three Months

I cannot believe how much my wife and I like driving this car. We have two EV's, the other one is a 1974 VW Thing I converted to electric drive. It is my toy, but I do drive it about 700 miles a month. It has a solid 70-80 mile range so I uses it for more local trips to the park, store, dinner, etc...

The wife and I have always loved a Sunday afternoon drive but the Model S just makes it soooo much better. We find ourselves doing a 4hr vs 2hr drive we typically would do in the older ICE cars. The expanding superchargers are simply going to make us want to do more road trips now...

My electric bill has definitely gone up some, but it seems like about $50.00 per month for 3000 miles of driving between the Two EV's?

Before we got the Model S I did not notice any increase in the electric bill for charging the EVThing (20Kwhr pack). I think that was because I replace an aging AC unit with a more efficient one and replaced all of the bulbs in my house with LED (and a couple of CMFL bulbs). My power bill actually went down a little every month for about a year after building the EVThing before we got our Model S...

Here are a couple of interesting (at least I think they are) EV stories that happened to me lately...

I met my wife at a restaurant recently. I was driving the EVThing and she was driving the Model S. I parked next to her and a lady in the parking lot noticed that my car was a electrics and she knew the Model S was electric. She asked me a little about my car and told her husband that she was surprised to see two electric car in the parking lot. I pointed out that there were two Leafs and one volt also in the parking lot. She laughed and said "I guess the future is here now..." I agreed...

I took the EVThing to a car show recently and a little girl (about 7-8) was carefully studying my car. Her dad said it was driven by electricity. She asked why all cars were not powered by electricity. Her dad had a blank look and really did not reply and they walked off. It kind of hit me that this little girl would grow up in a world were long range electric cars powered by advanced batteries would always be part of her life and seem completely normal to her. I had never really though that it probably takes less than a single generation for this vehicle to seem normal once they are widely available...(I won one of five Judges choice awards out of about 200 cars) (It also won Best In Show at the EVCCON 2013 )

I work as a technical engineer for a sales organization. I basically visit customers and try to help them make the products that we sell do whatever the sales person told them it would do (not an easy task). Anyway, I have found the Model S to be a GREAT sales tool. I had a very upset customer at one location. I was trying to help them startup up a complex software information system as was running into trouble with the companies IT department. Their security system was cause problems with our software and needed to be slightly reconfigured. The big guy decided to yell at me for an hour or so because we were fast approaching our go live deadline with little progress. I tried to explain to him and the IT director that I needed the to make a few basic modifications to their system. They refused to accept that and we reached an impasse. I asked if I could take them to lunch to try and calm the situation and they agreed. When they saw the Model S outside they got very excited and ask if I would drive. Of course I did and they loved the car and asked 100s of questions about it. One the way back I asked the big guy if he wanted to drive it back to the plant. He wasted little time getting in the driver seat. He was delighted on the drive back. Plenty of EV grins. When we got there he told the IT director to sit beside me and do anything I needed to get the project up and running. (It was live in less than an hour).

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | June 13, 2014

The last story reminds me of a couple situations of my own but unfortunately I did not have a Tesla ice breaker at the time. Was a lot tougher to get to the solution! Love my Tesla!

Red Sage ca us | June 13, 2014

Webcrawler: I absolutely loved your YouTube series on the EVThing. It was more than a little obvious the love that went into crafting that vehicle. Thanks for sharing it with the world, along with your stories on your !

Webcrawler | June 13, 2014


I have been a car guy all of my life. I guess the EV's are the next obvious step for the old car guy who has become board with the old ICE Hotrods...

I am still putting the final touches on the EVThing. I will probably add a few more things. I am even considering a Tesla style battery pack to increase the range...

tga | June 13, 2014

Youtube link for EVThing series please?

Red Sage ca us | June 13, 2014

Here's one I hadn't seen before, Webcrawler is driving:

EVCCON 2013 - EV Thing Grudge Match, Round 1

If you check this out, it will lead you into the rest of the videos on his YouTube channel:

VW Thing Intro

And this link will take you to his full design, buildout, and conversion log for the 1974 VW Thing to the resurrected EV Thing:

Welcome to EVThing-dot-me

UberQik | June 13, 2014

33xxx vin
We put 9500 miles on our S in 2.25 months.
Forget flying ..... Thank you superchargers.

plusplusjames | June 13, 2014

I did 8700 miles in 3 months. Talk about loving to drive! Yeah!

sklancha | June 13, 2014

Now I don't feel so bad about my mileage of 2,600 miles in 32 days. I frequently have people asking me if I am worried about putting so many miles on so quickly... what about the resale value (like I really am going to let somebody else get my Tesla baby!)... At the price of the car, shouldn't I be doing everything possible to make it last longer, what am I going to do if Tesla goes under- it is an unproven car (longevity wise) etc. etc.

I love to drive. I love to travel. I love to take my own vehicle when doing company business (and enjoying the gas and mileage compensation). And most importantly, there is nothing about the Tesla experience that makes me feel like I need to worry about it falling apart because of usage. Elon gave the battery- which is 40% of the cost of the car, therefore by far the most expensive and important part of the car- an 8 year UNLIMITED mileage warranty. ELON has faith in his car and is willing to back it up. What is the best ICE warranty out there? Is there any ICE's with an 8 year unlimited mileage warranty on the powertrain?

madbuns | June 13, 2014

9 months, 25K miles, nothing but smiles!


sklancha | June 13, 2014

This is awesome! It makes me wonder if (or how many) high mileage Tesla's are out there (roadster included). Anybody out there with a Roadster or Model S with solid miles on their vehicle? 30, 40, 50 K or more???? Still smiling? How is the battery holding up?

At my rate of travel, I will probably hit 30-35K this year. At this pace, I will more then likely put at least 200-250 k before my battery warranty expires...

It would be just as interesting to know how many miles Elon has on his Model S... or any Tesla employee. Are they cranking in the mileage like we are (a testament to their faith in the product) | June 13, 2014

Totally awesome. Inspiring.

tscollect | June 14, 2014

Picked up my Model S on March 27th. Drove from Seattle to Santa Barbara and back.
Then started a road trip. Seattle to LA turned left and am currently in San Antonio headed for SC. About 8400 miles so far.

tga | June 14, 2014

Somewhere, either here or TMC, there was a discussion of someone who hit 75,000 miles with only 7% range loss, IIRC.

lolachampcar | June 14, 2014

One of link's buddies posted a 100k odo screenshot.

Red Sage ca us | June 14, 2014

tscollect: Should you decide to make your way to Pismo Beach during your runabout, it is highly advised that you avoid Albuquerque at all costs -- per Bugs Bunny, that is...

Brian H | June 15, 2014

Just glue the Thing's batteries to a bored. ;p