9 Perfect Cars for Those with Kids

9 Perfect Cars for Those with Kids

jeffaa | August 7, 2013

I agree. After having our MS60 for 3 months, we just sold our 2012 Odyssey. We didn't use it more than a few times since we've had the S. We have 3 kids.

HenryT2 | August 7, 2013

I disagree. Although that isn't to say that the MS is bad, but just not that great. I suppose it depends on the age of the children. mentions the rear facing seats as a plus. But they're only good for kids of a certain age - mine are 21 months and 2 months so that's not going to be good for me for a while. Also, I understand there's a bit of a heat problem back there and I'm not completely satisfied about safety in the event of rear collision.

Another potential problem is the combination of high 'ledge', (the part you have to step over to get into the car) and a low door sill. Getting kids into child seats often requires simultaneous ducking and lifting or stepping over. Not horrendous, just not entirely comfortable.

The lack of cupholders in the back is not a minor issue if you are tranporting kids (or anyone) in the back.

I'm not saying that the MS is a bad car for those with kids, but I wouldn't necessarily put it up against a mini-van if that's the main purpose of the car.

stimeygee | August 7, 2013

I completely agree. I have a 2.5 year old, and a 6-week old, and I think this is the perfect car for them. I often think "this is the best family car I can imagine." I think I wrote a long post about this somewhere else, but some of the reasons include:

- The incredible amount of storage space (including a separate trunk space to keep items you don't want in the main cabin PLUS a rear connected storage space aka the hatchback area so the dog can ride in the cabin without mucking up the seats.)
- The flat floor in the back means my 2.5 year old can easily climb around back there and get herself into her car seat herself, unlike in a car with a drive shaft which makes it tricky.
- The potential "problem" of having to stop after 250-miles for a recharge is actually about the upper limit I'd usually want to drive with my little kids anyhow.
- The safety of the car, both the crash/crumple zones, as well as the actual performance and handling, gives it (in my mind) a significant advantage over a minivan.
- The 17" screen is mildly entertaining for my 2.5 year old, just enough to keep her from getting too antsy back there.
- Some day I might use the rear jump seats, and it's nice to have them, and it costs like $200-500 to get IR coating to keep it cool if that's an issue... but it's still a great family car even without it. For now, that's a space for luggage and the dog.
-Don't forget a huge reason - it helps the environment, thereby passing along a slightly better world to those very same kids.
- The parents are still part of the family. And it keeps this parent very happy that he gets to cart around his wife, 2 kids, dog, and tons of stuff, in a car that drives and looks like a Maserati.

Seriously, I can see how Minivans and the like have advantages over the Model S. There is more cabin space overall, of course. But any list of "family cars" that doesn't include the Model S is just incomplete, in my opinion.

stimeygee | August 7, 2013

Also, whoever wrote that original article didn't even mention the extra storage space of the Frunk, which in my mind is a huuuuuuge advantage over every other car on the planet when it comes to lugging a family+accoutrements around.