A/C always on?

A/C always on?

Can anyone explain how the A/C and heater work together in the Model 3? For example, let’s say it’s 40 degrees outside, I set climate to 72, it blows cool air with the A/C on. Even if the air is warmer than 40, I’m trying to warm up with cool air blowing on me, not ideal. Is the air blowing out 72 degree air? It seems if I want warm air I have to set climate to 75 or higher. But then it blows really hot air, and it gets too hot in the car and I have to crack a window. It makes the auto climate pretty much useless in the winter. Seems to works fine in the summer though. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Tronguy | December 2, 2019

Um. Check the "Auto" setting. I'm pretty sure if the climate control is in auto, it won't blow cold air on anyone. The heater is electric, so it's not like one has to wait for the hot air to come out.
In general, A/C should be left on, even in the winter: It dehumidifies the incoming air which prevents fogging on the inside of the windshield.

kel_carrigan | December 2, 2019

It’s definitely in Auto when it does it. I have to keep it in Manual mode. It feels like anything above 75 will activate the heater, anything below that and I get cool air. I might have to get a temperature gun and see what’s going on.

Tronguy | December 2, 2019

FWIW, the SO and I didn't get blasted with cold air on this post winter on the M3 we got in September 2018. We had a nice, solid mid-Atlantic winter late last year and early this one.
If you really feel you're getting blasted with cold air then there may be something wrong. Do your checks, then maybe call for service? They can do some remote diagnostics, too.

Tronguy | December 2, 2019

Sheesh. "Past winter"

Sarah R | December 2, 2019


Your experience is different than mine. I have the climate controls set to automatic and I prefer things a bit warmer than most, so I set the temperature to 72°. Since I set up "Scheduled Departure" (There's an unfinished app if there ever was one!) It starts heating the interior of the car while I'm still in shore power. As I drive the air is warm, but not overly so. Generally it works exactly like I'd expect it to.

mcmorj | December 3, 2019

The air conditioning in most cars that has "climate control" will be in the mix, even in cold weather. This often helps with demisting the vehicle and the conditioned air is typically aimed at the windscreen. If you manually disable the aircon by pressing the blue a/c circle then you may notice the demist is not working so well. Once the car has warmed a bit, the A/C influence reduces. What I did to stop the cold air in my face was to do the two finger "split" of the airflow to put the air either side of my head :o)

Jimi | December 3, 2019

This is EXACTLY what is happening in my 15 year old Acura (that the M3 coming in a few weeks will replace). I noticed it a few winters ago. If I set it to Auto and say 75, it blows cold (not cool, but actually COLD) air. I manually crank it up to 80 and it gets hot. Then I can lower it to 75 and it remains warm.

Thing is, it doesn't do it every time. But seems to do it more and more lately. I've never had it looked at since I knew I'd be replacing the car anyway.