Accident avoided

Accident avoided

I was driving on Autopilot (ap1) on i90 and having a conversation with my wife on how sexy I look in my shorts when all of the sudden my car starts screaming and moved hard right in the lane. I looked left and this idiot was going by me and about 25% of his car was in my lane.

Unfortunately I dont have a dashcam video of the incident, but I do have a picture of myself in shorts if anyone wants to see it.

First time this has happened and it was awesome!

Great job Tesla!

Ohmster | May 24, 2019

Pix of shorts before or after you soiled them? :)

Mathew98 | May 24, 2019

He was hanging his short outside the driver side window to air dry as the raging motorist zipped by...

PrescottRichard | May 24, 2019

Glad you’re okay!

Same thing happened to me on the way back from San Diego after picking up my 90D, except I was alone in the car and wearing jeans. Sad thing is, it was a model 3 that almost pushed me into the canyon next to me. Guess that was a new owner figuring out the car.

No pictures are available.

Silver2K | May 24, 2019

Ohmster, you are brave!

Mat, was that you!?

Prescott, glad you're ok also!

Mathew98 | May 24, 2019

@silver - Did you see stripes on the hood?

Silver2K | May 24, 2019

No, but I did see my life flash before my eyes!

Jcastillo18 | May 25, 2019

Glad your ok , yeah post the pic of your shorts we will put up a poll . Lol

Tropopause | May 25, 2019

You guys are falling for Silver's picture in his Tesla Racing short-shorts. Believe me, you don't want to see.

Silver2K | May 25, 2019


Tropopause | May 25, 2019


Mathew98 | May 25, 2019

@silver - STAY in yours!!

kerryglittle | May 25, 2019

Is this like one of those pull my finger scams? LOL. Seriously glad you are safe Silver.

Pungoteague_Dave | May 28, 2019

Good to hear, but on the internet, no pic means it didn't happen. 8-)

Tropopause | May 28, 2019

Silver is the reason Tesla banned attachments on this forum.

TranzNDance | May 28, 2019

I like how I can tell who wrote a post without even seeing the username. I'm glad you and your shorts were ok, Silver.

Mathew98 | May 28, 2019

@PD - I really have to question your sanity on asking for a picture proof from @silver. Didn't you get temporary blindness the first two times he posted his infamous pix? Now no one can post pix in this 70's era forum!

PBEndo | May 28, 2019

Do you have any pics of your wife in shorts?

Would you like some?

Silver2K | May 28, 2019

PB, yes!

Mat & trop, no way!

PD, good point! I may not have video, but I do have a photo. ;)

Tranz, I dont know if that's good or bad...

Kerry, pull my finger.... hah!

kerryglittle | May 28, 2019

So we have been warned if Silver starts a topic about skid marks its not about his car. LMAO. And no I wont pull your finger buddy. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. :-)