Accident Help Please

Accident Help Please

Last Friday a driver of a Ford Escape ran into the back of my MX while I was stopped at a stop sign. The damage estimate is about $8,200. GEICO is the driver's insurance company. I am dealing with injury (minor I hope), damage to my MS, lost income and diminished value.

Any suggestions on someone who might help me out in the Seattle area?

jimglas | December 18, 2018

hope you are ok. Have you talked to your insurance company?

robbetts5 | December 18, 2018

Accurate Auto Body in Redmond is an authorized Tesla body shop.

Redmiata98 | December 19, 2018

Not sure if you have an X or S, you mention both. Given that this is an X forum, you probably have an X. If the damage is to the bumper and the hatchback is creased, they both will probably have to be replaced. The Tesla page lists the “tesla approved” centers for repair, pick one of them. Don’t let your insurance company suggest an alternative cheapy place. If there are major parts to be replaced, coordinate with the repair shop first before turning in the X. My experience has been that they will be cooperative if you coordinate with them. If the car is still driveable, commit to a shop and ask them to make sure the parts and paint are in BEFORE you turn in the car. That will save you loss of transportation and having your X sit in their lot for weeks until they come in. Good luck and the repairs from the approved shops have been great! | December 19, 2018

@peter - bummer! I wrote this article to help those that are dealing with repairs to better understand the process: . @Red has great advice - if drivable and you can keep the car until the parts arrive, you'll be a lot better off.

d.cherin | December 19, 2018

If you need help with a DV Claim, this is the guy. I just sent in my claim (56 pages) to Esurance, the at fault insurer.
I was rear ended, front and rear damage. 2016 X 18k mi. DV claim was for $18,500 plus $550/day for value of like rental for 56 days. Probably wishful thinking. Total claim 51K plus the $19K State Farm collected for the repairs.
I'll report back how this all falls out. I'm in CA.
Steve Proto

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lilbean | January 14, 2019

An ahole with Geico hit me and it was so easy to get a check to pay for the damages but I didn't need medical or diminished value on my ice.

Triggerplz | January 14, 2019

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