Account finally changed to free unlimited supercharging

Account finally changed to free unlimited supercharging

as above

Magic 8 Ball | December 21, 2018

Hey, mine too! Cool!

ODWms | December 21, 2018

Mine too.

hokiegir1 | December 21, 2018

Phooey, not mine.

(I didn't actually expect it to be, since I bought before they offered it, but decided to check anyway)

Birdiegm34 | December 21, 2018

Am I eligible for free unlimited supercharging. Got my Model 3 in April. When we signed up for it they were advertising unlimited but it changed. How can I find out?

rsingh05 | December 21, 2018

Thanks for the heads up guys - I just checked mine and it says "Free Unlimited Supercharging".

@Birdiegm34 - this was for all Performance Model 3s ordered before mid-September. It was an incentive for us to pay the extra $ for the performance. I don't think they were shipping P3s in April but I could be wrong.

I wonder what it shows for those who have 6 months unlimited supercharging per the current promotion?

bradbomb | December 21, 2018

Um, mine says that now too. I only bought a LR RWD back in July. I did receive the notice that I would temporarily get free supercharging due to the wild fires. Maybe this is that?

Kathy Applebaum | December 21, 2018

@bradbomb Probably. I have two LR RWDs -- April and August -- and neither one says unlimited at the moment.

bradbomb | December 21, 2018

@Kathy The interesting thing was I received that notice when the fires were still active almost a month and a half ago, but my account status said Pay-Per-Use Supercharging until this week on my Tesla Account page. I was not charged for supercharging for that time at all since I got the notice in the car though even though it said Pay-Per-Use.

Tess is in | December 21, 2018

@rsingh05, My MR RWD now says Six months of Supercharging.

surfpearl | December 21, 2018

@OP - ditto here.

vashwood | December 21, 2018

Mine says "Six Months of Supercharging"

bradbomb | December 21, 2018

So the question remains, anyone else have their non-performance Model 3 that had no opportunity for a referral code, changed to "Free Unlimited Supercharging" and if so, do you reside in California?

bradbomb | December 24, 2018

Sorry to bump, but I'm curious if others non P Model 3 owners had their status changed to "Free Unlimited Supercharging"

CASEMAN | December 24, 2018

Dumb question - where can I find that? Got my LR RWD on June 1 - not expecting free charging but it would be awesome.

bradbomb | December 24, 2018
Hit Manage next to your vehicle and then hit View Details. It'll have a Supercharging Status

CASEMAN | December 24, 2018

@bradbomb - Thanks! But no dice - I am showing pay per use.

bradbomb | December 24, 2018

Interesting. Do you live in California by any chance?

Flanmansd | December 24, 2018

Mine changed also... LR RWD delivered 02NOV18 with 6 month free supercharging referral...

Use to say "Pay per use" until a few days ago, now says "Six Months of Supercharging".

I will say I've never been charged even when it said "Pay per use".... Round trip from San Diego to Sacramento. Maybe that was the part fire waiver I guess. But account now properly shows free for 6 months.

rbryan | December 25, 2018

My account doesn’t say anything about supercharging, it used to say pay per use.

Quinten | March 4, 2019

I too are confused... my is AWD FSD option and I live in CA but before it said I had to pay to charge. Now last month and now checking it said:
"Supercharging Status: Free Unlimited Supercharging" as one said this can be from the CA wildfire? Or this can be because of the 6 month free supercharging? I got my Model 3 on Sep 10, 2018 and I reserved it with $1K over 1.5 years ago. I guess I will find out by March 11, 2019 as it will past the six month and see. Anyone recall how long the California wildfire one should lasted as the expire date?

Update: Okay the CA wildfire suppose to have ended in Mid-Dec 2018 already so I am confused.... how does it look for folks with the Model 3 P AWD? Does your has the wording "Lifetime Unlimited Supercharging"

bradbomb | March 4, 2019

@Quinten This is also being discussed here

I have just a LR RWD Model 3 with EAP only I got in July 2018. It was "Pay-per-use Supercharging" until something towards the end of December where it was changed to "Free Unlimited Supercharging". I believe its because of the CA wildfires, but there are others who say they are in CA and still have pay per use or the new "Free Supercharging is enabled".

stevofuse | March 13, 2019

LR AWD Model 3 in California. I have unlimited supercharging, had no expectation of it.

gromsi | March 19, 2019

Quinten I have the same model, and also have free unlimited supercharging. I thought it's because of the wildfire.

Is your model 3 have the latest OS update?

lordmiller | March 20, 2019

This is the closest thread I see for supercharging location questions. Has anybody stopped at one of the superchargers with the lounge? I see there's one in Kettleman City in California. I'm driving up north tomorrow and was wondering what they have for food and other things. Has anyone stopped there?