Actual road clearance- 19" wheels and air suspension

Actual road clearance- 19" wheels and air suspension

Live in Chicago and have a farm in WI.

- supercharger in Rockford and Madison- check

- power at farm and home are right- check

The question -the road to the farm is gravel and up hill. We have an x5 and subaru. No prob. Minivan is fine. What is the normal ground clearance of the MS and what is it in "high" mode? What is the lowest part of the car and how exposed is it? Photos please.


jat | September 12, 2013

I don't have the exact clearance numbers, but if you really need it I can measure it. The lowest part of the car is the sturdy rails (used for lifts, for example) running down the side. So, to hit the battery, it would have to be something much higher in the center of the road. With it set on very high, I can get into a friend's driveway that previous cars (which were not particularly low to the ground) would scrape on. | September 12, 2013

Official numbers for the air suspension is 6" clearance at normal, and 7.3" at the highest setting. It a completely flat bottom, so there no extra protrusions like transmissions and oil pans.

Mf66 | September 13, 2013

Can anyone post pictures of the underside of the car? Anyone have it up on a lift?

Can someone confirm the "offical" numbers on their own car? Are they accurate at 7.3" on highest setting ?

Thanks everyone. Great forum.