Add a side mirror Blind-spot warning please

Add a side mirror Blind-spot warning please

Hi all

Any chance Tesla can add some kind of side-mirror blind-spot warning when not using auto-pilot?
It is one thing I have in my outback that I miss in my Tesla. They added front crash warning.....

Anybody add those convex mirror on side-mirrors?

P.s. thank to those who helped me before my first road trip with my Model S. It was amazing!

hammer @OR-US | August 30, 2018

Blind spot warning; the most overrated car feature ever.

steven | August 31, 2018

I find the dash indication more than adequate. And on the other hand, if you position the mirrors well, then you actually don't have a blind spot. By the time the car is out of sight in the mirror, I already have it in the corner of my eyes.

J.T. | August 31, 2018

We all have a blind spot warning system: you can turn your head.

PBEndo | August 31, 2018

Bad advice. When you turn your head you eliminated the side blind spot at the expense of creating a new blind spot directly in front of you.

acegreat1 | August 31, 2018

Jon gold, get ready to get lit up. I asked about this last year and, wheew.... For such smart ppl on here they get primitive very fast

EVRider | August 31, 2018
ktslab | August 31, 2018

In the meantime, set up your side view mirror in such a way there is no blind spot. there is plenty youtube video about this all over the internet.

I used to wonder this myself. Ever since I adjusted the mirror, this feature is of no importance to me anymore.

mcmack15 | August 31, 2018

OP, I agree with you 100%. PBEndo-----also agree with you 100%.

Our model S is about the worst car we have ever owned regarding the blind spot, And, yes, after over 50 years of driving both my wife and I have looked at the videos out there over the decades, and we know full well how to adjust the mirrors. This has worked in almost every other car we have owned in eliminating the blind spot, but not in the Tesla (nor in a prior sports car we had).

Additionally, if you have high back car seats for the grandchildren in the rear, an additional 25%+ of visibility gets lost.

Notably, when we bought our car almost a year ago the Owner Advisor flat out told us this blind spot was the number one complaint he received from test drivers, by far. And, yes, he also knew how to adjust the mirrors. The next time you are in a Service Center, just bring the topic up with the owners in the waiting room, and I bet over 90% will agree with you

Why some are so resistant to having a blind spot monitoring system available (that can be activated or turned off, as is the option in cars in the mid to upper $30K range that I drove 2 years ago) really mystifies me. I would think a tool to assist the driver in safer driving would be welcomed-----especially, where so many are used to having such a tool in their other cars. It is like the back-up camera and back-up sensors. Once you have it, it is hard to drive without it.

In any event, we did put those little mirrors on the side mirrors, and they make a huge difference---not as helpful as the good blind spot aids you see in cars costing less than half as much as ours, but they help.

Tropopause | August 31, 2018

What will we do when side mirrors are no longer required?

ktslab | August 31, 2018


I can see your point when there is a child seat.

The mirror setup has worked fine for me. The point is even if somehow Tesla implements this blind spot feature, none of us will get that new mirror. at least not without additional cost, probably won't be cheap.

Might as well deal with it the best you want which in my case, adjusting mirror worked great.

DTsea | August 31, 2018

look over shoulder. if TACC is engaged car sees ahead. dont depend on a go no go.light on the mirror! LOOK! stay aware!

mcmack15 | August 31, 2018


I know what you are saying about the new mirror, BUT (and this is a big but), when we bought our car the Owner Advisor was 99% sure that within 3-4 months Tesla was going to activate a camera on the side that was going to address this. He even told us they had been working on the software for months. Obviously he was wrong with the timing, but if it could be addressed with an exisitng camera, 'maybe' a new mirror wouldn't be needed and the indicator could be clearly shown on the dash or something------I am grasping at straws here, I know.

I honestly think the drivers' height and seat adjustments play a role in all this. How can so many folks say they are able to adjust the mirrors and eliminate the blind spot, and yet so many others (that also 'properly' adjust the mirrors) still end up with a blind spot? Obviously, nobody has any reason to lie about their situation, but yet here we are. It tells me something is amiss somewhere, and I just keep coming back to the drivers and the seat position------or even exactly where in the seat the driver actually sits (maybe an inch or so to the left or right from someone else creates or eliminates the blind spot).

To me the bottom line is that if some folks are having a blind spot, and there is something that can help with it--why not?

acegreat1 | February 10, 2019

Hmmmmm..... Overrated enough to use

Boonedocks | February 10, 2019

Not quite side mirror blind spot but finally something!! | February 10, 2019

Great to see it implemented. It was suggested back in 2014: and got quite a few votes. Perhaps not enough to move it up in the development queue.

SnowFlake | February 10, 2019

I would recommend to eliminate the mirror at all. Which is creating the blind spot in the front while turning the head to observe the mirror. Especially people with specs won't be able to see. Their stylish frames of their glasses totally blocks the front view. which is very dangerous in driving.

Yodrak. | February 10, 2019

"I would recommend to eliminate the mirror at all."

The mirrors are required by law. It won't be easy to get rid of them.

"Which is creating the blind spot in the front while turning the head to observe the mirror."

Safe driving requires knowing what's going on all around you, not just in front of you.