Adding Parking Sensor to an on hold order

Adding Parking Sensor to an on hold order

Hi all,

I've reserved a model S two weeks ago. And I decided to put the order on hold in anticipation of the new parking sensor option.

Anyway, my reservation is based on the old pricing. Can I simply pay $500 more to add the parking sensor to my existing reservation?

If I were to reconfigure the same car with parking sensor under the new pricing, then it will cost me an additional $5000. Doesn't seem to be worth it...


AmpedRealtor | August 3, 2013

My vehicle is currently in production, so later in the process than you, and I was offered the new options today subject to re-pricing of the entire vehicle. I had expressed interest in adding the parking sensors to my order last week and Tesla reached out personally today to give me the good news. In my case, adding parking sensors would cost over $8,500 per today's revised pricing. So I kept my order unchanged.

CoreyM | August 3, 2013

I reserved on 7/31, but have not confirmed my order yet based on the rumors of the parking sensors coming. I called Inside Sales and if you want to add any of the new options, then your entire configuration needs to be re-priced, not just adding the new options to the old price...just like AmpedRealtor says.

ElectricRed | August 3, 2013

Same here. Talked to Inside Sales and was told if I want any of the new options I'll need to build a new design using the new pricing model and transfer the deposit to the new design. Not very happy about this since I only want the parking sensor and but the new design will cost about $2k more.

Milanrawal | August 3, 2013

Ditto. Sales rep told me they are tracking interest amongst current owners for after market options. Likely to be our best bet, however, with their pricing history can only imagine how much it might end up costing.

Electric34102 | August 3, 2013

Same problem here.
I spoke to inside sales and they told me I could add the parking sensor and the car would be the same price???? I was happy until I realized that he was counting in the 7500 dollar potential tax credit.
I was shocked. He then referred me to the national sales rep who I have not called yet. From reading the above, it is likely not worth my time. Not sure If I should just walk away from the 2500 dollar down payment. Is this forshadowing??

Electric34102 | August 3, 2013

foreshadowing I meant

AmpedRealtor | August 3, 2013

@ pjj1010 - you are going to walk away from a vehicle that, even though you cannot get parking sensors, is going to cost you less rolling off the assembly line than someone who orders the same vehicle today? That seems to be against your own interests. | August 3, 2013

If you're handy, you can install your own front parking sensors for under $100 and a fair amount of labor. Third parties will do front and back for about $1500, and considering the amount of labor, it's worth it.

Here's how I installed it:

Now these are not as nice as Tesla's well integrated solution, but they are not obvious add-ons either.

Donato | August 3, 2013


Here's a link to add parking sencors.

Best to talk to these folks to see how the driver is advised when the parking gets close.

Vancouver, WA

jason | August 3, 2013

IN the same boat... went back and forth with a few Tesla folks today... sticking with my original order... will figure aftermarket out if I really need it... a little bummed, but that will change when the car arrives (now one week later for some reason)

Electric34102 | August 3, 2013

I realize that the price is lower but I think they are making a big customer service mistake. They are not talking about too many cars that could be modified. Also don't think there has ever been such a large price increase. Why should we have to find an aftermarket solution when the option in available and easy to install. Makes me wonder what they will do when there is a warranty question.

trung | August 3, 2013

I've decided to cancel my order because I believe this was an uncalled and unethical move by Tesla.

justineet | August 4, 2013

@trung....that's funny....price adjustment by a company for new buyers is not unethical....sometimes it's done for inflation's done quite often on brand new products where overall cost of production and service is not well known at the beginning........there is nothing unethical about it unless there is some kind of incredible price gauging is going on which you don't have any proof of.

nonchalance | August 4, 2013

@trung unethical isn't the right word. It sucks, and certainly you'd hope that Tesla would do better, but at least they are giving you the option to add it. It's not like they are locking you into your current choice or forcing you into the purchase agreement as it stands

Brian H | August 4, 2013

Unethical ... let's see, Tesla has a moral duty to provide you with the car you want at a price you can afford? Cite the appropriate Scripture, please.

SarahsDad | August 4, 2013

Unethical, no, but a pretty stupid PR move. Elon counts on early adopters to spread the buzz on a pretty darn amazing car. Are we going to be just as effusive about this car and this company after this? Probably not.

I too have a model S in early production - still 'sourcing parts' according to my build page - and have emailed my salesman and delivery specialist about adding the parking sensors to my order. Haven't heard anything yet. So my equivalent build under the new pricing would be about $7,500 more. For a $500 option that should have been on this large car from the start? That's ridiculous. I can see the headline now - '$7,500 Parking Sensor Snafu Dampens Tesla Enthusiasm, Stock Price'.

Seriously, how many people could this be affecting? 400? That's about 2% of all Model S owners. Elon - make it right and offer those of us who committed before the price increase the option to add the sensors for $500.

If nothing changes, I will stick with my current build, but I won't be happy. And I'll stop proselytizing about a company that I really thought was different - that just did the right thing for their customers. Sad in a way.

skymaster | August 4, 2013


I bet you change your mind and buy a Model S.

Once you get the Tesla "grin", it will always be on your mind!

PBEndo | August 4, 2013

I think this is a problem that is unique to Tesla. Most car companies are so large they move very slowly. They rarely make changes between model years, so they don't have this problem. Tesla, however, is small and nimble, allowing them to quickly bring new options/upgrades to the market. I received my MS in March and there are already several upgrades available that I couldn't get - upgraded suspension, new tire/wheel options, subzero package, parking sensors, better audio, etc.

Ultimately, it is wonderful that Tesla can react so quickly and address customer requests the way it has. I just think they didn't anticipate the backlash it might create for the customers caught in the middle.

43north | August 4, 2013

@trung I am in the same boat as you with an order on hold waiting for the new options. I live in northern New England and I wanted the cold weather package.

I don't think it's unfair or unethical for Tesla to raise their prices. But I do think they should have pre-announced the price changes in advance, just like they did last winter. If they had done that, I would have known that waiting on hold for the $750 cold weather package was going to raise the overall cost of my S85 config by $6400. My decision on whether to hold or not would have been very easy at that point.

I hope that Tesla changes course on this and lets existing "on hold" reservation holders confirm at the old pricing structure. I also hope they let confirmed reservation holders with cars not in production add new options at the incremental cost of the new option added.

Captain_Zap | August 4, 2013


You state, "I hope that Tesla changes course on this and lets existing "on hold" reservation holders confirm at the old pricing structure. I also hope they let confirmed reservation holders with cars not in production add new options at the incremental cost of the new option added."

I believe that will likely not be possible. I think that the car had to go through a re-design and add hardware in order to offer the parking sensors and other hard wired features.

Inquiries about potential retrofits of features to existing cars has gotten replies ranging from, "it might not be possible" to "it would likely be very expensive".

I think you are really being asked whether you want to stay with the old design or step into a newer design. It is not a bad position to be in.

TeslaDC | August 6, 2013

I LOVE parking sensors and that visual cue on the dashboard. It looks sooo cool. However when I placed (& finalized on the same day) the order on 7/28, this option wasn't available.

Yes, I'm a bit sad now since it is unlikely that Tesla will allow me to add this option for just $500. But let's put in this way...I ordered the P85 with Tech Pkg, Upgraded Audio, Pano roof, carbon fiber interior decor. MOST (except Tech Pkg) have higher cost now, and even the Active Air Suspension is a cost-plus option. If I have to configure today with these options, I have to pay about $5k more (and roughly additional $500 on sales tax too).

Ok, so I may not have the redesigned CF rear spoiler (which is a $1500 option anyway, but at least I have the original CF rear spoiler...)
Ok, so I may not have the 8" sub as part of my audio pkg (but at least I still have the same 12 speakers setup)

Still, with $5k on hand, I can consider that 4-year service plan ($1800?) , a full front clearbra protection (around $1500), and wall charger (or just 240V NEMA 14-50 outlet) installation at home.

I'd say I am STILL HAPPY with the decision I made on 7/28 and finalized the design.

Unethical? Seriously? Com'on, any auto mfgs out there would release new products and new technologies years after years. Those who have already bought or finalized their orders, you know these features (parking sensors, auto parking assist, adaptive cruise control, lane change warning, frontal collision early prevention, yada yada yada) are coming, we just don't know when. If you are soooo into the parking sensors, fine, then don't get a Tesla for now, keep on waiting. Maybe these features eventually become STANDARD on every Model S or Model X. Heck, even the battery technologies are improving every other day. I'm pretty sure in the next 10 years, Tesla will come up with a longer range battery at the same size & weight, with shorter charging time, less heat dissipation, and longer lifetime. Would you rather wait till that time comes, or accusing Tesla for not being able to deliver these features to you today?

Suprkar | August 6, 2013

I don't think Tesla gives a rats behind how any of us feel anymore. At one time they needed people like us so they catered to us a bit making it seem as if this car company is different. I have my car 6 months so the parking sensors are out for me, however would it be such a big deal to let those who are in line get them, NO it would not be. Throw them a bone make them feel good about Tesla. But with some of the things that have happened over the last couple of months I get the feeling they just don't care. They don't need us anymore. Promises have been made by Tesla and they have not been kept. I called about parking sensors six months ago and was told Elon did not like the look of them and Model S would never get them. So much for that story, I was told lighted visors were in the works yet I was just informed it was not a priority. Well I will make this statement. We will not get lighted visors. It has been a year since they were promised and nothing has happened. The panoramic roof shade has been canceled but not announced, unless I missed that announcement. Right up till two weeks ago I was told pano roof shade was being worked on then when I insisted on a confirmation I was told NOPE no shade. I bought the car and like it not sorry about my purchase. I am disappointed in Tesla.

jackpaley1 | August 6, 2013

I too want the parking sensor and think $500.00 is a high but reasonable price. I do not think TESLA is immoral just unwise. They have had my depost since January. If they are still will to build the car with the old costs and pricing why not be willing to build the same car with the additional cost of the sensor and the additional revenue ?

SUN 2 DRV | August 6, 2013

Jack (and many others)

To build car efficiently they must have a a fully automated ordering, bill of material, inventory and material handling system. Obviously they need to have a part numbering and ordering system that accommodates all the various configs they want to sell.

They have the "OLD" configs at the old prices, and now they have all the "NEW" configs with the new prices. I'll bet they don't have mechanisms in place to handle "JacksOldConfig plus Parking Sensors"

In a high volume manufacturing environment, it's no small task to "just add this one new option to my car". I'm amazed at the number of people that don't see all the complexity of special casing their particular need.

Old Configs at Old price, or New Configs at New Price.... pretty simple to understand why

AmpedRealtor | August 6, 2013

@ HKBruin,

Let me correct a few things that should make you happier... All currently shipping CF spoilers, including previous orders, are the newly designed CF spoiler that is now only available as a $1.500 option. The old CF spoiler was shiny, the new design is a matte carbon fiber and a little more square on the sides.

If you have the previous studio sound upgrade in your order at $950, it is identical to the new offering at $2,500. This has now been confirmed by two Sr. Delivery Specialists, one of whom sits right next to Jerome Guillen - they ought to know. You are getting the 8" subwoofer - that is one of the 12 speakers, after all.

The Sr. Delivery Specialist pulled up my order and laughed when I asked him if I should stay put or switch to the new pricing just to get the parking sensors. He said I already have most of what's in the new lighting package, am already getting the Alcantara headliner (although not much of it since I have a pano roof), and my car already comes with 1/3 of the new Nappa extended leather option as well as the performance seats, he said it's really a no brainer to stay put unless I wanted to throw most of that out and still pay more.

lolachampcar | August 6, 2013

I'll bet you cars produced from orders finalized late July have PDC sensor pigtails tucked under the bumper (or a connector for that spur close by). The option in the software configuration has been there from day one. Yes, you do not change a whole line or process for one offs but I suspect PDC does not rise to the "one off" level.

AmpedRealtor | August 6, 2013

I'd be surprised if any vehicle currently in production doesn't already have the necessary connections. In fact, what we see on the web site is only customer facing - I'm sure the production line changes were done long ago. If you look at the delivery times for P85s, it's just one month, so production is continuing at a fevered pace. Also keep in mind that the production line would have already been retooled to install parking sensors for EU spec cars, which were in production prior to any of the recent web site changes.

SUN 2 DRV | August 6, 2013

Lola and Amp

My point is that there are many LOGISTICAL issues that would need to be addressed too. Starting with there's likely not even a part number to even be able to order an old config but with parking sensors.

The tires have changed, lots of things have become unbundled (lighting) or now are bundled (HPWC). There likely doesn't exist a part number that says to build "Your old config plus PDC"

I'm simply saying there are a lot more logistics to accommodating this request than you seem to acknowledge, even if the pigtails are already there.....

dmoorjani | August 28, 2013

Same situation! I confirmed my order on July 31st and parking sensors was not an option, if I understand correctly. I think it's an obvious part of the "Tech package" based on the previous permissable options / configuration of a Tesla. Now that the Tech Package is broken into a few sub-options, Tesla can charge what they want for each option; however, I believe the courteous and correct gesture to demonstrate toward early adopters and customers of the company's recent spectacular quarterly earnings reports, would be to include parking sensors at no cost for customers who opted to purchase the Tech Package with a vehicle order before the recent price increase in Aug 2013. Elon, I hope you're considering this improvement with your leadership team. Thanks in advance, Dinesh