Adding Tech Package

Adding Tech Package

My order has been submitted, called today to see if they can add the Tech Package, and was told it is not possible. The car is yet to be built, delivery range is May 12 - May 26. Is there anyway this can be done? Anyone have any experience?



rochec | April 29, 2013

They should be able to, call back and insist. It is more money for them too, so whoever told you that just doesn't know or is being lazy.

ChristianG | April 29, 2013

there were different stories from owners who couldn't change a thing after the ordering (like tyres)and others who didn't had problems changing configurations.

ChasF | April 29, 2013

If your delivery date is May 12, the car is most likely already in production, probably finishing up next week. They typically don't allow any changes after the car has reached the line.

Brian H | April 29, 2013

The parts stream (purchasing, positioning, planning) is set at time of confirmation. It's not as simple as grabbing a few extra bits off a shelf. If you're determined, it might be better/necessary to cancel and start all over.

sean | April 29, 2013

Just talked to configuration/production folks, said it is too late. Can this be added later?

herkimer | April 29, 2013

Unfortunately, the Tech Package cannot be added later.

I had the same second thoughts as you, since I initially did not order the tech package, but when I called in, I was able to reset the order, since the car had not gone into the production line yet at that point.... It took the whole day for them to get back to me regarding whether it would be possible or not, to change the order. At the very end of the day, I got the good news. I caught it just in the nick of time! They explained to me that, once it enters the actual production line, they cannot change the order, and that the Tech Package cannot be added at a later time.

I had to go to the back of the queue and it added two weeks so my wait time, but I was lucky, and was able to add the option.

sean | April 29, 2013

Was I a complete idiot for not getting the tech package? Wife is upset!

ChristianG | April 29, 2013

Well not necesarely. I just really love the keyless entry and think the Touchscreen is Overkill without a Navigation system, also the parking sensors depend on the tech package. But $4000 is not cheap for those things...

stevenmaifert | April 29, 2013

@sean@hinsdalece - I did not get the Tech package. After four months with the car... no regrets.

I did try to make a change after configuring, but no dice. Was told that even though the car is not yet in production, once the order goes to the factory, no further changes could be made.

noel.smyth | April 29, 2013

no worries, with the new service agreement you can trade anytime for a top of the line vehicle (you pay for the new car and get reimbursed for the old one or something like that) . so try it like it is and if you dont like it, trade up!. you may be the first one!

skulleyb | April 29, 2013

I did the same thing,
The only things i wish i had from the tech pack are homelink and nav....
Its funny because im pretty sure nav could be added with just software.
Homelink i would guess has hardware...

mklcolvin | April 29, 2013


I've owned both (my original S was mistakenly delivered without the Tech Package - I was later swapped out for a new Model S with the Tech Package, I'd originally ordered it but they made a mistake). Trust me, you won't notice the differences if you never had the package to compare. I do use the Homelink all the time, and I love the lighting, but unless you need those features no big loss. There may be more of a noticeable difference when all of the features come on line, such as the hard drive storage and the Wi-Fi connectivity, but maybe not...

CarlE_P439 | April 29, 2013

I originally ordered my car without the Tech package then I was able to add it one week later (in part because my wife had originally talked me out of it). I think you will happy with your Model S even without the Tech package!

skulleyb | April 29, 2013

Be aware that if you do not get the tech pack that the rear skid plate does not have the chrome finish.
Mine is black and it does not say anything anywhere that you will not receive this chrome piece.
And it does look a bit odd with out it.

Im a bit upset about it because it messed up the look of the car i was thought to get.

youlikeadajuice | April 29, 2013

@skylleyb...I've heard that orders coming in now have the black skid plates instead of chrome in the trunk and frunk. I have a non-tech car that was delivered mid-February, and it does have the chrome skid plates. I've read in the TMC forums that at least one owner of a P85 with tech received a car with the black ones recently.

youlikeadajuice | April 29, 2013
skulleyb | April 29, 2013

Sorry i may have been wrong about the nomenclature.

The piece under the bumper on the back of the car.
Thats what i meant.
Mine is black and other with the tech back have chrome.