Additional scoop from Santana Row visit today

Additional scoop from Santana Row visit today

I'm in the Bay Area on business and stopped by the Santana Row store as I had never seen the Model S in person let alone sat in the seat. I'll spare everybody the personal commentary (other than the panoramic roof being really cool and the sloping roof in the rear seats a potential headroom issue--I'm 6'). Three interesting tidbits came out that I don't remember seeing earlier:
1. Design elements, including paint, leather and dashboard accents, should be in the Santana Row store in 10-12 days. They will be on a tray and can be taken outside to view in sunshine/street lights. I don't know the rollout schedule for other stores.
2. The interior configurations in the design studio will go online at the same time.
3. There is a planned event to offer test drives at the factory, on the banked track, in late April or early May.

Can't vouch for the accuracy of the facts but can vouch for the accuracy of the transcription ;-)

Volker.Berlin | March 7, 2012

mvbf, the "river card" was mentioned wrt to upgraded battery tech for Model S/X. Like, when there will be batteries for GenIII that cost half as much as the Model S' battery costs today, can't we have a Model S battery with twice the range at the same price? That was pretty much the question from an analyst, which Elon evaded with the Texas Hold 'em comment.

Brian H | March 7, 2012

Can't see that such batteries would hurt TM much to "patch" into the S/X replacement streams. After all, it's their cost which would have dropped enough to sell equivalent capacity for ½ the old price in the GenIII. Depends how much, if any, substantive re-engineering would be required within the "skateboard" form factor. Or how flexible the PEM firmware options are. Or ...

IAC, with the upgrades coming down the battery research pipelines, TM has a tiger by the tail, and can't/mustn't let go. It may be, tho', they're hoping the cap/price improvements stay at a nice, sedate 8%/annum for some time. If they stay, instead, at the 17%/annum of the last two years, or even accelerate, that "river card" will have to be exploited as best they can.

Robert.Boston | March 7, 2012

@Tom A: I'm sure you were told 4" to 8" variation from the air suspension, but I'm going to go with the more limited range provided in writing from Tesla. In part, it's not credible that the vehicle can sink 2" -- there simply isn't enough clearance in the wheel wells.

andrewmfallon | March 9, 2012

Picked this up from the Tesla Motors Club forum:


Join us March 17th & 18th as we bring together all four Model S Signature colors for the very first time. To celebrate, Tesla Santana Row will unveil our new Model S Design Studio, so bring a friend to help design your Model S.

Not only is this a historic moment for Tesla Santana Row, but it's a HUGE milestone for the Tesla Factory. The Signature paint lines are up and running! Our robots are hard at work painting more Betas and perfecting the process before production starts.

Deliveries are just around the corner and we can't wait to share the excitement with you. Stop by anytime. You won't want to miss this event - and there might even be a few extra surprises!


Tesla Santana Row
333 Santana Row, Suite 1035
San Jose, CA 95128


Saturday, March 17th 10am - 9pm
Sunday, March 18th 11am - 7pm

Tesla Motors

Brian H | March 12, 2012

So will they have 4 Sigs there, all different colors? Or one car painted in stripes? Or chips?

jd3tm | March 12, 2012

I stopped by SR on Saturday to get as much info as I could.

There are 4 production ready S's that will be shown...they are trying to set them in front of the showroom but some may end up out back by charging station. These cars will have various interior packages and exterior finishes (paints, wheels, roofing(?), etc.).

At the same time, the showroom will be revamped to include full Design Studio update, interior and exterior finishing samples, etc.

I also got the very strong response that production was still "very much on schedule"! Apparently, all of the secrecy and such has been Elon's way of building excitement!

Not sure how many of us will be there this weekend but I, for one, certainly will be and will post photos ASAP. If there are specific aspects of the vehicle you want to see. Please post request to this thread.


sig 692

Soflauthor | March 12, 2012

@jd3tm: As others have requested, puleeze take pics and post 'em. Particularly interiors. Thx!

BYT | March 12, 2012

I'll be there!

stephen.kamichik | March 12, 2012

Please take videos and post them on either YOUTUBE or VIMEO. Thank you in advance.

Teoatawki | March 12, 2012

Regarding staying on schedule: According to my source in the Bellevue store, the founders list have already been contacted for their final configurations, and the signature list should be contacted "soon, if they haven't already."

Brian H | March 12, 2012

Sounds like the line is already beginning to ramp up! I perdicks stellar production numbers for 2012 ...

Analysts everywhere will be gobsmacked!
Shorts will dissolve, leaving their wearers nekked!

Liz G | March 12, 2012

I'll be tired but I'll be there

ddruz | March 12, 2012

@jd3tm: If they have cars with and without the panoramic roof, please tell us which of the two options gives more rear seat headroom. Similarly if they have cars both with the standard rear bench seat and the optional rear two seat which of the two gives more rear seat headroom. Thanks kindly.

jd3tm | March 12, 2012


will do. I'm 6'3" myself (used to be 6'4" but age has it's ways)! I would assume they will have non-panoramic roofs since it's even an option for Sigs, grumble grumble.

Volker.Berlin | March 13, 2012

There are 4 production ready S's that will be shown... [...] These cars will have various interior packages and exterior finishes (paints, wheels, roofing(?), etc.). (jd3tm)

Can you guess I envy you Californians? Umm, make that **ENVY**! Enjoy and share!

Regarding staying on schedule: According to my source in the Bellevue store, the founders list have already been contacted for their final configurations, and the signature list should be contacted "soon, if they haven't already." (Teoatawki)

I heard the same at the Geneva Motor Show last weekend. The first Signature reservation holders (US) are currently being contacted. Exciting! :-)

ThomasN | March 13, 2012

Went to Bellevue today. Was told a store in PDX is coming soon.

kublai | March 13, 2012


David70 | March 13, 2012

Where is PDX? Sorry to be ignorant. I'm from the east side (of the state).

olanmills | March 13, 2012

PDX is the airport code for Portland, Oregon. So maybe he means that a store is opening there soon.

It's certainly a suitable market for Tesla; I'm a bit surprised that they don't already have a store there.

ThomasN | March 13, 2012

Sorry for being cryptic. Yes, it's Portland.

Discoducky | March 13, 2012

Don't you mean Portlandia?

pilotSteve | March 13, 2012

Another reservation holder (P4100) here in Portland.... a store would be GREAT!

David70 | March 14, 2012


I guess my ignorance is because the only time I've been there is on a very short layover before going on to another airport.

hwye81k | March 14, 2012

Glad to hear that the rep at Bellevue said that PDX(Portland) may be getting a store soon. Last email from my advocate said they were still looking. P3603.