Adjustable seat belt hanger?

Adjustable seat belt hanger?

Sorry if someone has already posted this question as I can't seem to find a way to search this forum.

Has anyone asked questions or addressed the issue that the seatbelt exit from the side post of the car is fixed and non-adjustable? I was so excited about the Model S that I expected to write a check after my test drive. However, when I sat in the car, the seatbelt immediately cut into my neck. I adjusted the seat every possible way, I even had the sales rep do the same for me. However, no matter what we did, the seat belt literally created a rash on my neck during the test drive. I'm 5'2" and I haven't had this issue since the 80's when even the cheapest cars incorporated adjustable seatbelt hangers. I was supremely disappointed as this is a show stopper. FYI - I also found the seats pretty uncomfortable and the rear seat nearly unbearable, but that's not as much of a show stopper as the seatbelt cutting into my neck every minute I'm in the car.

The store manager suggested that I write to I did, but I haven't received any confirmation of my message or any response. I see that many of you suffered the same response, so I'm posting my issue here to see if anyone knows if there is a fix on the way. I could even live with the Model X if that has an adjustable seatbelt (its not as attractive as the Model S, but it could do).

Any info would be greatly appreciated as I really wanted that car!!!


bob | June 7, 2013

I wish I could tell you that I have a fix to share. Unfortunately, my experience is identical to yours, but I am 5'-8". In a virtually perfect car, this is the one and only disappointment. Surely, the fine folks at Tesla will correct this down the road. My post here is solely for the purpose of supporting that.

mschatzlein | October 2, 2013

Same problem.

Makes a nearly-perfect car a chronic irritation. Tesla really needs a retrofit to permit lowering that attachment.

J.T. | October 2, 2013

We bought a seat belt clip at AutoZone that moves the angle off my wife's neck. It cost $6.00 and she now uses it in her Audi as well.