Advantage to undercharging??

Advantage to undercharging??

Initially there were two charging options...standard and max. The warning was to ONLY max charge if necessary for a long trip since this would damage the battery. Now you can charge at almost any mileage rate.
I generally only drive 40-50 miles per day.
Is there an advantage to charge only up to 75-100 miles unless really needed.
Does this improve battery life?

Anybody know?

Devin B | September 25, 2013

Yes, they have said 52% is ideal. I can't find the link right now. Was discussed recently.

Thomas N. | September 25, 2013

Use and search for "range" or "best charge rate" or something along those lines.

The last thread I read about this subject stated that the difference between doing a standard charge or a 50% charge over 8 years is something like 3% of the battery capacity - in other words almost completely negligible - so charge away!

Robert Hodgen | September 25, 2013

Be careful of draining the battery too low. Try to keep it in the middle.

I think a full charge now and then is not bad, but draining it all the way is not good for battery life.

WhisperingCJ | September 25, 2013

AIUI one other advantage in undercharging is that regen will always occur when easing off the accelerator.
If fully charged you do not brake as much as you might expect (and you may even have to use the brake pedal for a change!)

AmpedRealtor | September 25, 2013

Here is what I posted over at Teslamotorsclub...



I spoke with Brent at Ownership today. He told me that the ideal charge level is 50%-62% in order to best minimize long term capacity loss. That pretty much lines up with the recommendations made in this thread. I had originally felt that Tesla's recommendation was probably good enough, but now that I actually own the vehicle I'm more concerned with protecting the battery asset. Given that this is all pretty new technology, I would like to do what I can to minimize wear and tear over the long term.

I did not want to follow the protocols recommended here if I did not at least confirm with Tesla that keeping the car at these lower charge states would not harm the battery versus keeping it at 90%. Now that I have confirmed with the Tesla that 50%-62% is best, I will be keeping the car at 50% charge and will add range just prior to driving the car for that day. Brent said that if we don't mind jumping through these hoops, we are doing the right thing. However he did qualify his statements by saying that Tesla feels any gains by keeping the battery at a lower state of charge would be 'negligible'.


Brian H | September 26, 2013

précis: You can achieve a negligible benefit by jumping through hoops for your battery.


Alex K | September 26, 2013

@AmpedRealtor | SEPTEMBER 25, 2013: He told me that the ideal charge level is 50%-62%

Hmm. I wonder if they are really sure of those numbers? Maybe the ideal is really 47.3%-61.4%? My point being that those numbers seem too well rounded to be real. Maybe they should have just said, "charge to about 55%". I keep mine charged at 90% because I've been burned too many times when I need to go on a 200mi trip at the last moment and had to wait a long time to fully charge. I'm making up the loss in capacity by switching to Aero wheels and LRR tires.

Brian H | September 26, 2013

Good thinkin'. You may be interested in Doug's reasoning here: