Advantages on the Signature?

Advantages on the Signature?


I am thinking of reserving a Model X Signature, instead of buying a Model S now.

Can anybody explain to me, what the benefits of getting a Signature model rather than a "production" model X are?

Is it more features/equipment for the same price? etc. etc.


deaconwp | July 13, 2014

I have looked for the same info regarding the S model, but I have not found any. Maybe You can guide me to find these informations, so I van see, how it was when the S model was available in Signature versions.

toby_wan_kenoby | July 13, 2014

1. You get it earlier than production version
2. Exclusive color selection ( in the past Signature red)
3. Potentially a few small goodies like alcantara lining
4. Signature badges on the car

deaconwp | July 13, 2014

So basically same price, a little ekstra options, and an exclusive color. Thanks. :-)

Red Sage ca us | July 13, 2014

I thought it had been reported the Signature Reservations for Tesla Model X had been closed some months ago... Has it been re-opened?

deaconwp | July 13, 2014

I live in Denmark, and when I go to the reservation part, an option of reserving a Signature appears. I hope to will continue to be an option, when my wife and I decide what to choose.

I believe it has not earlier been an opportunity for us "over here".

Or I have jut been blind for some time…


Red Sage ca us | July 13, 2014

Ah. Maybe it's just gone for US/Canadian Customers?

jjs | July 13, 2014

I believe each area of the world has an allotment of Sigs. As each area reaches it's allotment it is removed from others from the same area. This would explain why you don't see it if your in the U.S. but still have that option in other parts of the country as all of the U.S. sigs were spoken for some time back.

There will be some X sig reservation holders that have/will cancel. That happened on the S and Tesla, very briefly, allowed production reservation holders to upgrade to a sig. It did not last very long. If Tesla does this for the X and you are interested in this you will need to act quickly.

fischca | July 14, 2014

There should be around 500 Signature reservations available in the EU. The last known number was 371 in the end of June (TMC Tally). So I think there are 100 reservation slots left in the EU => Don't hesitate to reservate...

NumberOne | July 14, 2014

My opinion is that in the case of the Model X, the Model X signature will include most features that did not come with the signature Model S, but were added later, so if you want to be first, and do not mind the extra advance payment, then go for it. In my case I reserved a production version quite early, so I did not think there is a point in getting the signature. I do not consider the unique color and signature badge to be important enough, and I am not buying the car so I can drive a 'luxury car'.

Brian H | July 14, 2014

reserve. Reservate is not an English word.

jjs | July 14, 2014

Oer the many posts, cannot we see orb to orb and allow for poetic license?

@fischa When writing I assume you,
Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee...

So Brian let's see if the OP was writing cleverly.
And if the stanza fits, you must acquit. :)

Brian H | July 14, 2014

True. It rhymes, after all. Variations are possible: "Reservate, Don't hesitate!"

Tâm | July 15, 2014

I think the most important feature of signature is early delivery.

What's a big deal if you are several numbers behind?

Tell that to this owner was smashing of the windshield for that very reason:

Oh Yes? Few numbers behind? Smash, Smash, Smash...:

Tâm | July 15, 2014

Sorry, I missed the word "who" :)

NumberOne | July 15, 2014

That guy's sense of entitlement is just too much. I think he never matured beyond the age of three.

As I have said in the past; having been a reservation holder since 2012, I have kind of reached the point where I can wait a little. I will however, still have the only Model X in my state with Model X on the license plate. I think that 'signature' should be entitled to free retrofitting (where possible) of any features that become available after they take delivery as well as a free extended warranty.

AlMc | July 16, 2014

Only Signature benefits are exclusive color exterior/interior and earlier delivery. I think you have to look at holding a signature reservation as someone who is supportive the Tesla vision/mission statement. You have given them a large deposit that hopefully they have put to good use.

Beyond that I do not think I am entitled to anything more than another model x special free stuff.....

If I wanted to make sure I had all the 'additional things' that come down the line I would just wait and get in the Production line
and wait for 3-6 months after the sigs were released to see what problems TM had to fix or what other hardware features they added. | July 22, 2014

Another option that was exclusive for the Model S signatures was White leather interior.

Ricobob | July 25, 2014

Tam. As a designer and maker of high end furniture I have had to deal with impatient new clients who demand their project start immediately. My standard reply is how would you feel if I were in the middle of your job and I stopped to start someone else's ?. They usually say Oh I see. My favorite was a lady who left a message saying If you don't call me back I'll never speak to you again. Needless to say.....

USCRXDR | July 31, 2014

it would be nice to have Tesla ask the signature holders what things they would like to see in the car, examples: exterior colors, special wheels, interior options, special badging, etc.-a nice way to thank people for their early deposits

AlMc | August 1, 2014

TM may not ask you but I would not hesitate to contact them and voice your opinions.

NumberOne | August 2, 2014

With 1200+ signature reservation holders it would be impossible to give everyone what they want. That said, with 1200+ signature reservation holders, TM is bound to have included as Standard, most things that most would want, including special color options. The only true benefit to being a signature reservation holder is the fact that you will have your car before most people have even heard of the Model X. Then again, so will I, and I am not a sig res holder. I simply got on the list early.

deaconwp | August 17, 2014

So, in this weekend, I reserved a Model X Signature.

I will look forward to my new vehicle.


Mel. | August 17, 2014

Where are you?

deaconwp | August 18, 2014

I live in Denmark. And I believe i have just reserved one of the last Signature X models here in Europe.

There are maybe a couple left, since the european versions of order page contain option for signature model reservation.

My payment had been done today, according to my net banking.

I am so happy.

Mel. | August 18, 2014

Super, good for you. Having a Signature is the best.

Brian H | August 18, 2014

Next there will be a wait list for those who want to pick up cancelled or changed orders. Generally about 20%.

Mel. | August 18, 2014

Brian H,
I called to get on the list. They would have been happy to put me on the list, but the amount of people in front of me was not favorable to me getting a Sig. I did not want to wait a year , so I ordered an S.