An Aftermarket Approach to TM's Opportunity Console

An Aftermarket Approach to TM's Opportunity Console

Those with an interest in the development of a viable aftermarket center console option can follow the latest progress of the Center Console Insert (CCI) at: Soflauthor’s Center Console Insert at TMC in the “Tesla Parts for Sale” forum. I posted a new progress report with some rendering of the fabrication design earlier today.

The mods at TMC set up a special thread for the CCI, so with the exception of pointers like this one. That’s where I’m posting progress reports and fielding questions/comments.

I hope you stop by to see (and if you're so inclined, comment on) the latest progress.

BYT | October 4, 2012

Looks great Softauthor! Let me know how I can be 1 of the first 100... :) Have an estimate on cost yet?

Soflauthor | October 4, 2012

@BYT: Not yet. As I discussed over at TMC, we're still pricing materials, fab costs, assembly labor, etc. Hopefully, will have a cost by month's end less 10 percent of course, if you're one a signature CCI owners :)

Soflauthor | October 14, 2012

I’m very pleased to let you know that the CCI now has a home on the web. Our first edition website,, is now up and running.

Please take a few minutes to visit. There’s a lot of new information, including preliminary specs, a pic of the pre-fab prototype in my car, and most important, a way to get on a no-obligation list of those who have interest in the CCI.

We have created a CCI “signature series.” The first 100 people to sign-up and then move on to purchase the CCI will receive a 10 percent discount off the purchase price as a thank you for your early support.

In any event, we’re moving forward. Thanks to all of you for your continuing support and comments.

Brian H | October 15, 2012

Nice, nice, very nice; many different people will buy your device!

(With apologies to Kurt V.)

Soflauthor | October 30, 2012

The latest update on the center console insert (CCI) is now up at TMC. Please visit there if you have interest:

There are also a few new pics up at the CCI website which is linked at TMC.

stevenmaifert | October 30, 2012

Love your work Roger. Please be very careful with any potential trademark infringement.

Aleksandyr | October 30, 2012

looks pretty sweet, hope you come out with more cool accessories.

TikiMan | October 30, 2012


Looks great, and would serve my needs perfectly! You can count me in!

robballan | November 24, 2012

Unfortunately, website CAPTCHA is broken and makes it impossible to add to mailing list.

Soflauthor | December 6, 2012

For those of you who are following the progress of the center console insert, there’s a new Progress Report with pics posted at TMC:

For up-to-date info or to get on the CCI waiting list, visit us at


@robballian: We were having problems with CAPTCHA, especially on smart phones (??). We decided to remove it, so getting on the CCI list should now work just fine.

Liz G | December 6, 2012


Any chance you'd be willing to do a smaller insert. One with cup holders in the front a phone cubby in the back but the center just ran along the bottom of the tray. Take care of the cup holder issue, leave room for a purse and have the added bonus of being removable for easy cleaning.

SSL161 | December 6, 2012



Soflauthor | December 7, 2012

@LizG & SSL161: To be honest, we're going a million miles an hour trying to get the CCI out the door. Once it's released and our production pace is at full speed, there are a number of different products that we'll be looking at next. Back seat storage will probably be a priority along with some frunk stuff and other ideas.

Your idea has been placed in the queue.

I do want to emphasize that my wife puts her purse on the CCI (it's designed to accommodate it) and she feels it meets her specs. But you may have different specs :)

See here for two 'purse' pics:

Brian H | December 7, 2012

The slideshow doesn't.

Soflauthor | December 8, 2012

@Brian H: Thx for the heads up, but the slideshow does seem to be working on FireFox and Chrome. What browser/machine are you using and specifically what page is not working. Thx.

Brant | December 8, 2012

Have you considered making a parcel shelf? I would think it would be relatively easy to make something better and cheaper than what Tesla is offering

skystream3.7 | December 8, 2012

parcel shelf Needs help

stephen.kamichik | December 8, 2012

I will make my own parcel shelf. Should not be too difficult because I have built a lot of furniture.

Soflauthor | December 8, 2012

@Brant: As I've mentioned to all the folks who have made good follow-on product suggestions, right now we're laser-focused (pun is intended:) on getting the CCI out the door and into owners' hands. Once that's done and production/assembly are running smoothly, there are a number of ideas we'll take a look at. I've added your suggestion to the growing list. Thx.

DouglasR | December 8, 2012

Oooh -- how about power folding mirrors? :)

Brian H | December 8, 2012

XP Pro, Firefox 17. I can click the pictures and advance through the sequence, but the "play slideshow" option just gives a black screen.

Timo | December 8, 2012

@Brian H, same setup, slideshow works for me (popup window). Maybe one of your add-ons prevents it from playing.

Brian H | December 9, 2012

Probably pop-up blocker. Bad idea to use them; you're in with the malware artists.

skystream3.7 | December 9, 2012


Can you make 2 of them? I will need one. How much?

Brant | December 9, 2012

Make that 3
Let the race to market begin

stephen.kamichik | December 9, 2012

When I receive my model S (next Feb/Mar) I will make a few and sell them. I expect it to cost WAAAAAY under $250.

skystream3.7 | December 9, 2012

well let me know

s_curve | December 9, 2012

I think the CCI looks great. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has requested matching decors including the obeche finishes. I'd certainly be interested adding something like this.

Soflauthor | December 9, 2012

@s_curve wrote: I'm sure I'm not the only one that has requested matching decors including the obeche finishes.

You're not the only one :)

Finishes are the last outstanding item and we're working on them. Nothing has been resolved as yet, but a perfect match for TM's finishes (Lacewood/Obeche) would require access to TM's trim source vendors—difficult, but not impossible.

More on this will be announced relatively soon.

Soflauthor | December 18, 2012

For those of you who are following the progress of the Center Console Insert (CCI), our last progress report for 2012 is posted at TMC:

We're getting very close now, having solved most structural issues and now focusing on final trim elements. The progress report provides details.

Happy Holidays!

cmadsen | December 18, 2012

Looks great. Fit and finish question.....
Will the leather and the CF match the factory's patterns and colors? If not - it would be better to go in a completely different direction. All leather instead of CF (if the CF does not match).

The black leather will need the same texture, color and sheen as the factory or it will look off - or its so close but not quite there - it won't look right.

Good luck on your R&D.

Soflauthor | December 27, 2012


Sorry for the long delay in answering. Somehow, I missed your post.

Aftermarket "color/texture matches" are a challenge, no doubt. We've worked hard to find upholstery matches that are very, very close, but because we don't have access to Tesla suppliers and because even within a Tesla color range there may be variation from batch to batch, we can't guarantee a "perfect" match. We're confident that color/texture match will satisfy the vast majority of Model S/CCI owners.

The standard CCI deck is a textured black plastic (looks very rich and would blend nicely in any interior decor) which can then be overlaid with various optional finishes — CF, gloss black, and we're working on wood veneers.

Bottom line, color, texture and overall style are so personal that we can't possibly hope to meet the stylistic needs of every purchaser, but we do think that our standard CCI with appropriate options will make most CCI owners smile.

Soflauthor | December 27, 2012

Year-End Status of the CCI:

Our Alpha production prototype is now complete and is installed in my Model S. Read about it over at TMC ...

Happy New Year!

Soflauthor | December 31, 2012

For those of you who have signed up for the CCI waiting list, you'll be getting a New Year's Day link for exclusive access to pics and a video of our CCI Alpha Production Prototype.

Everyone on the list as on 10:00am EST, January 1, 2013 will get the link just before you begin watching bowl games. The rest of you will have to wait a few days :)

Here's the link to our website:

Soflauthor | January 4, 2013

Photos and a video of the CCI Alpha Production Prototype are now available at our website:

Based on feedback from our CCI List members (who have viewed the photos privately this week), we've already made a number of small design improvements (not shown in the pics) that will be part of the finished product. For example, the corners of the storage box opening have been rounded to provide a more aesthetic look, and the USB outlet has been moved 30mm left to avoid the possibility of obstructing the Model S 12V power outlet.

Soflauthor | January 9, 2013

We’ve posted a CCI Progress Report over at TMC. You can find it at:

To summarize: We’ve added some new pics of a tan alpha CCI in a Model S tan interior. The upholstery color correspondence and the general color flow within the interior space are excellent. We’ve also provided a more detailed description of a CCI ordering process that encompasses our Signature and Production List members and future customers. In addition, we've made a few updates to our FAQ and provides early estimates of fulfillment times. All have been posted at our website.

Brian H | January 9, 2013

Well done. As informative and thorough as you could be at this point.

nickjhowe | January 9, 2013

That's my tan interior (literally) :-)

I didn't realize how much the driver's seat leather was wrinkling. Doesn't look as bad as that in real life.

Soflauthor | January 19, 2013

@Nickhowe: Now that you've identified yourself, many thanks (publicly) for allowing us to use your Model S as a "model" for the tan interior. Beautiful car, BTW.

If there's anyone on the East Cost of South Florida (i.e. between Miami and Jupiter) who has the elusive grey or white interior, please let me know (contact me via the website). We need a Model S to use as a model for the grey and white interiors as well.

Some new videos will be posted at our site over the next two weeks. Stay tuned.

MrB | January 20, 2013

Love what the alpha looks like on your website. Any chance you'll have an option for a carbon fiber finish on the deck to match the interior of the P85? If the leather stitching pattern matches the black leather stitching in the car itself, this console would look killer.

Soflauthor | January 23, 2013

@Mr.B: Sorry, somehow I missed your post. There will be a CF option. In fact, the final CNC'd version of our CF prototype is being fedexed to us today for evaluation.

Soflauthor | January 23, 2013

Just to keep those of you who don't visit TMC up to date, here's a brief progress report: We’re on schedule for a late February product release. Our primary focus over the past week has been deck trim—both finding appropriately corresponding CF and veneer finishes, assessing the best way to fabricate them, and finding vendors capable of doing the job correctly. We continue to debug various aspects of fabrication and assembly.

We’re slowly tweaking our web site and will continue to do so over the next month. At the request of dozens of people on our CCI Wait List, we just posted a reasonably complete set of installation instructions, demonstrating that described installation (in words) takes a lot longer than installing the CCI :) If you have interest, see our Installation Notes:

In addition, we’ve added still more pictures of the CCI in our Gallery:

with an emphasis of the storage, cup holder, and phone caddie functions. For those who wanted to see just how the USB cable plugs into the Model S, we’ve included a few pics.

Our waiting list is growing every day and we encourage those of you who have interest to get on it, or your wait for a CCI will be longer than you’d like. You can do so via our Contact Us page

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding two new videos: (1) an Installation Video and (2) a “Before and After” Video . In addition, we’ll be updating our original video to reflect the final version of the CCI.

Finally, we’ll be announcing pricing in February.

Brian H | January 23, 2013

Play Slideshow button produces blank black page in FF.

Soflauthor | January 24, 2013

@BrianH: Thx, Brian. Will look into it, but at the moment, getting the CCI out the door takes precedence over the web site :)

Kiteulf | January 24, 2013

I asked a tesla rep about an insert and he said that tesla would make one by the time i will have delivery, say mid may.

Soflauthor | January 24, 2013

@Kiteulf: I don't believe that's going to happen. In fact, in discussing this with store reps in Miami, Dania, White Plains, SF, and LA, what I've gotten is exactly the opposite impression. There is no indication whatsoever that TM has any immediate plans to populate the "opportunity console" with anything even closely resembling the CCI. At this point, it looks like TM's nod to those who requested more storage was the open shelf (a.k.a., the "cubby") that was added just before deliveries began 4 months ago.

Soflauthor | January 28, 2013

For those who are following the CCI as it moves toward release, I've posted an update over at TMC:

I've also included a pic of a CCI with grey upholstery and a first impression of our carbon fiber deck surface.

We continue to be on schedule for a late February product launch. To get on our growing waiting list, visit:

Soflauthor | February 1, 2013

For those of you who are following the progress of the Center Console Insert (CCI) as we move toward launch, a mini-progress report is posted at TMC:

Soflauthor | February 7, 2013

Over the next three weeks we’ll be releasing a continuing stream of information in the run-up to the launch of the Center Console Insert (CCI) for the Model S.

The CCI will be offered in two different configurations:

(1) The Standard CCI is offered with a black textured deck that complements all Model S trim options nicely. It will be available with Black, Tan, or Grey upholstery.
(2) The Custom CCI will allow you to select a deck trim that coordinates with the trim on your Model S — Carbon Fiber, Lacewood, Obeche Mat and Gloss, and Piano Black. It will be available with Black, Tan, Grey, or White (special order) upholstery.

Additional information (including other upcoming events and dates) is posted at TMC:

We’ve also published new pictures and a new video of the Standard CCI at our website at:



Check back here, at TMC or at for further information.

Brian H | February 7, 2013

I like your pricing policy: "Send lotsa money; we'll return any leftovers. Promise!"

Kidding! Sorta.