Aftermarket wheels

Aftermarket wheels

I plan to get some aftermarket wheels for models s...

Do I need to get wheels with tire pressure sensor built in or do they come with them? Also can anyone post any pics of your models w aftermarket wheels?


CAdreamin | June 12, 2013

This is not my MS, but will give you one idea for rims.
If you email me I'll send you some other wheel suggestions.
I do sell rims, and you can install wider wheels and tires on the Model S.

CAdreamin | June 12, 2013

Personally, I would go with a 19 or 20 rim

teslamaniac | June 12, 2013

Pretty hot!

PatT | June 12, 2013

I bought some 19" rims from Tire Rack and used the sensors from my 21's as they did not offer them. Tesla would be happy to sell you sensors for $150 each.

ramtaz | June 13, 2013


nkohlimd | June 13, 2013

Awesome rims-can anybody provide a link for more details. Thanks in advance.