AIFF audio format??

AIFF audio format??

I am finding some of my AIFF files play fine in my Model S, and others do not. Of the ones that do not play, some produce a hissing sound, others produce no sound and the little wheel just spins. Anyone know of a comprehensive description of audio formats supported on the S?

Ilvvw1l_I | May 9, 2014

Try removing the ._ files from the drive you are using to play the music from. I'm assuming you are using mac. ;)

jlewis | May 9, 2014


thanks for the note. There is nothing on the USB drive except music. I am not sure what you mean by ._ files?

jjmonte | May 10, 2014

Have a look at this thread:

You will want to try and run the "dot_clean" command, and see if that clears up your issue.