"Alien Eye" Headlight Improvement

"Alien Eye" Headlight Improvement

I enjoy just about everything about the exterior styling of my Model 3, EXCEPT for the "alien eye" look of the headlights. In particular, I just can't warm up to the white plastic upper section which serves as the DRL (daytime running light). Every time I see my car from the front (or see one coming at me from the other direction), I cringe a little bit at the odd shape and color of those extra-terrestrial headlights. I know it is a design feature of the car and I bet Franz would be annoyed at me, but I'm sorry, I just don't like the way it looks.

I went to the RPM Tesla shop and bought the XPEL smoked headlight film and trimmed it to cover only the upper section. With the lights off, the film does a nice job of hiding the alien eyes, but when the DRLs come on, they still do their job.

Here are some pics:

I have another layer I could add to darken it further, but may leave it as is for a while and see how I like it.

Any opinions?

ncancilla81 | July 26, 2018

Your car just looks tired now, lazy eyes

omahagtp | July 26, 2018

I’ve warmed up to it. Now that everybody and all classes of cars have “fancy” headlight strips, this actually stands out. When a Chevy Cruze or a Ford Focus can have stock headlight designer LEDs - it’s lost the sense of luxury.

NVHarmony | July 26, 2018

@omaha, I’ve had the car for four months and really tried hard to warm up to it. Standing out from the crowd is great, but these just look odd to me. The good news is that I can always peel the film off if I change my mind.

@ncancilla, thanks for your opinion

TexasBob | July 26, 2018

@NVH - Very nice mod. Personally, I like the alien headlight look, but I like your mod as well, especially on the black car (which, as everyone knows, is the best color).

NVHarmony | July 26, 2018

Thanks Bob. Agreed!

omahagtp | July 26, 2018

Yeah, by no means am denegrading the film. Temporary, permanent, it does something to make it different and yours. I personally just find myself being a “stock” guy anymore.

Atoms | July 27, 2018

Now I think I need to add eyelashes to my alien eye headlights. Maybe stops of the smoked film to make the eyelashes?

Gregg Ray | July 27, 2018

I'm going to paste one of these on the front of mine... | July 28, 2018

It's a bit vague, but it may not be legal to cover the headlights in California. It doesn't say anything about DRL, so that seems ok. Here's the one reg I could find:

Headlights California Vehicle Code Sections 25950 & 24011 & California Code of Regulations Title 13 Section 692
All light projected from a vehicle to the front of the vehicle may be either white or yellow. Even though it is common to see vehicles equipped with purple and blue headlights, these vehicles are probably in violation of this section. Look for the DOT symbol on the bulb and package. Headlight covers are also not legal.

CST | July 28, 2018

Covering or reducing headlights is complete idiotic. Just saying...

NVHarmony | July 29, 2018

As TeslaTap points out, the only part of the headlight that is affected by my mod is the DRL section. Actually, if viewed directly from the front, the DRL’s still project straight ahead unmodified by the tint. When the DRL’s are on, you don’t even notice the tint. I think the XPEL tint is 20% or 30% so not too different from dark window tint. Nonetheless, I appreciate the response.

Most of the feedback here has been negative but that’s ok. I asked for your feedback and you all have spoken. Having lived with it for a week or so, I like even more so I think I’ll keep just as it is.

silentcorp | July 29, 2018

That took it from looking like a Porsche to more basic sedan. Guess it was what you were going for but for my buck the headlights are fantastic looking.