All in

All in

After months of dipping my toes, I've thrown myself completely into the Tesla pool.

I finalized my stock purchase today. TSLA is now 10% of my entire non-retirement portfolio, and I told my broker specifically to ignore me if I ask him to sell any at all...

I had my perfectly good 2011 BMW 550 appraised at CarMax today and will sell it this week, just so I can be flexible and take the car AS SOON AS IT'S DELIVERABLE. (I will be driving a 2000 Dodge Caravan in the meantime)...

I went box-checking crazy today and am spending nearly 50% more on a car than I ever thought I would (and waived the 2 week wait period)...

... and I blame it all on this forum and the test drive that followed. Thanks for spreading the psychosis. It's the most fun affliction I've had in years :)

Carefree | July 8, 2013

You have all the right in the world to blame us for the purchase of the car. NOT for buying all those shares though:-) We know you'll love the car but we cannot know if you'll love the stock performance. Having said that, I am heavily invested in Tesla stock as well:-)

July10Models | July 8, 2013

June 2012 when the very first car rode off the assembly line, the wait was killing me. I joined a gym and worked out every evening to take my mind of the car loosing 50 pounds by the time I took delivery. Six months of ownership and I have visited every good grub joint within range gaining twenty pounds in the process.

Newampster | July 8, 2013

Yep, you are hopeless. Just like the rest of us.

I did Euro delivery on my 535xi. 130 on the Autobahn, 4000 mi in Europe, 3 cross country trips in US. Then, I learned about Tesla. Bought stock at $43 and enjoyed the ride. If the stock is so good, what about the product? Then I did a test drive....OVER! MS85, silver, plano, air, tan, tech, 19" was scheduled to begin production today. I called to verify, but found it has been built and is on the way to Boston. Make it fun...trains, boats and planes...we do the cheap flight to Boston,boat across the harbor, train (T), then bus to Tesla Service Center for pick up on Friday morning. HOORAY! Now THAT is fun!

Drive fast and take chances!

NomoDinos | July 8, 2013

@Carefree - haha, true enough :) Besides feeling like I was buying a product from a company in which I have some skin, it's nice to invest in something that I can root for and believe in, instead of looking for holdings that are just profitable (which I'm not so great at anyhow, and why I'm not allowed to play with my retirement fund :). What a neat experiment!

NomoDinos | July 8, 2013

@July10 - it's all good, you're still net -30 lbs of unwanted body fat and + 4200 lbs of awesomeness.

@Newampster - I so wanted to do the European Delivery, it's such a great deal, but I could never convince the family to go (crazy, right?). Part of me wishes Tesla was based in France so I could take delivery there. Unfortunately, the service center is only 40 minutes away. It would be a feat of inefficiency to make it into a cool trip.

Jamon | July 8, 2013

Awesome. It's amazing how consistent the stories are from first hearing about the car - to learning more about the car and company - to recognizing that a revolution is taking place right in front of us. This is why I keep buying more stock. By the time GenIII comes out, tesla will rule the automotive world!

NomoDinos | July 8, 2013

@Jamon - ... and maybe Mars.

Jamon | July 8, 2013

Not by the time GenIII comes out. But SpaceX may be making waves by then!

NomoDinos | July 8, 2013

It's crazy to me that one guy is primarily responsible for all that! It really feels like he's moving from one childhood fantasy to another. ("Now I'm going to make a magic electric car that goes super fast for super long. The whole world will drive it someday. And now I'm going to send stuff into space without any prior training.")

Brian H | July 8, 2013

To achieve the desired inefficiency, plan a return that crosses into at least 2 other states.

NomoDinos | July 8, 2013

Brian - hmmm... tricky to do in California. I'm thinking a cruise from Long Beach harbor down to Cancun, driving up through Mexico into Arizona and through Phoenix, river raft on the Colorado River until I hit Las Vegas, and then finish off the drive to Newport Beach, paying for my car in chips from the Bellagio. The Rube Goldberg of travel planning.

Brian H | July 8, 2013

The bind moggles!

Colasec | July 10, 2013


You got it exactly right. It's fun, and it's an affliction. I've been getting less sleep than I have in years just to make sure I can get caught up on the forums each day just to make sure I need everything I need to know.

I also bought some TSLA when I decided to order. I tried to tell myself that I didn't need to be any more heavily invested in Tesla on top of my $75K vehicle, but I couldn't look such a great product and company in the face and pretend that it wasn't also a good investment. They're not making a car, they're making the best car and they're changing the world.

And now you're part of it. Congrats!

NomoDinos | July 12, 2013

@Colasec - That's exactly it! The whole thing feels like a positive wave of change, with a crazy hot car to boot :) While the Prius is pretty popular, I hated that they seemed to TRY to make it look like a half-boiled egg as a stataement.

I feel ridiculous for the number of times a day I either check the TSLA stock price or the forums during the workday. This place makes me feel normal!

Colasec | July 13, 2013


>>I feel ridiculous for the number of times a day I either check the TSLA stock price or the forums during the workday.

Definitely the same here. I've been taking my lunch back to my desk so I can catch up midday in addition to my late nights. Are you in Orange County? If so, you should come to the meetup on August 11th - the last post here:

NomoDinos | July 13, 2013

@Colasec - Thanks for the invite! Not in the OC, but I'm not too far away, in the Pasadena area. I would feel like a poser coming if I didn't have my MS by then, but would definitely be interested when I get it.

rchiang | July 14, 2013

Life is short just do it! I also went all in. :)

NomoDinos | July 14, 2013

@rchiang - absolutely! I'll be enjoying the ride in my P85 :)

NomoDinos | July 14, 2013

....aaaaaand, I'm now carless for the first time since high school! Finalized the sale at Carmax, filled out paperwork for my extended warranty refund at the dealership, and picking up a family member's old Dodge Caravan to drive for 4-8 weeks. It feels weird, but oddly liberating... like I'm a teenager again :)

cfOH | July 14, 2013

@NoMoDinos The last time I was in a situation like yours -- sold my current car before my ordered one arrived -- I ended up driving for a month a borrowed 1987 Chrysler LeBaron that smelled like old milk. It definitely felt weird, but not at all liberating. ;-) Congrats!

Anonymous | July 14, 2013

@NoMoDinos - similar situations, I ordered on July 5th, confirmed on the 6th, canceled my warranty on the 6th, sold my 2010 S550 on the 11th. I saw somewhere that you're near Pasadena, I'm in South Pas. I'm heading to San Diego tonight to steal my son's car (he's @ UCSD) until I get my car. Oh yea, I also bought tsla stock last week also.

JAFIC | July 14, 2013

Man, I did the reverse from you guys

Saw the car on its website. Realised it would never come to Singapore. sighed and bought shares at $28.

Still hoping for it to come to Singapore. I really would want one.
Unfortunately, the price of Import cars is around 5X the price you guys pay in States-side over here. And Singapore only does Right hand driver cars only. Sigh

NomoDinos | July 14, 2013

@cfOH - yeah, I just picked up the Caravan... and there is definitely no feeling of liberation :( I forgot about all the disconcerting squeaks and rattles that happen in the older American cars. Also, I also seem to have the same "old milk" air freshener as you did, weird.

@Tezzla - That's too funny! I always just say Pasadena area because no one knows about South Pas, but I'm actually there, too. Strange coincidence, especially that you went in the day after we did. If you run into a blue, creaky, sour milk-fragranced caravan with the driver staring longingly at your MS, I'm sorry, and I'll try not to be too creepy. We should Caravan (haha) out to the OC meetings when we get our MS's!

@JAFIC - Well, on the plus side, you can probably pay off your whole car with the stock earnings by the time it's available to you! I heard from market news that European deliveries are coming soon, and I'm sure some of them are going to the similarly wrong-sided Brits ;) In the meantime, take comfort in the fact that I just went from my lovely 5-series to a milk truck.