All 4 windows rolled down after overnight charge?

All 4 windows rolled down after overnight charge?

Has anyone had this happen? I charged my MS overnight as per usual last night. In the morning I went out to the gargage and all of the windows were rolled down but the doors were still locked and the charger was still connected?

Probably nothing to worry about, but was just curious!


Pricee2 | May 11, 2013

I have found all windows down twice. I blame it on me having key fob in pocket and being close enough to activate doors or windows even if I am in the next room. Pressing and holding the unlock rolls all the windows down.

Tâm | May 11, 2013

Call your Service Center.

As a safety feature, all windows are automatically rolled down when it senses 12V battery impending failure.

Front doors interior handles works mechanically without electricity, but not rear doors.

Imagine you are a passenger in the back of a Tesla Taxi with the partition blocking you from climbing into front seats for exit, and in a 12V power failure, you forgot where to find manual cables to pull open rear doors.

In that case, you'll just hope some one will tunnel in a feeding tube for you while waiting for rescue :)

Sudre_ | May 11, 2013

I have had that happen to me at work altho not charging. I knew it happened because I realized I was resting something on the top button of the FOB which rolls down all the windows. I promptly walked out and rolled them up. It's amazing the range that FOB has in some situations.

I thought the dieing 12 volt battery only rolled down one window, drivers side.

nickjhowe | May 11, 2013

@Sudre_ that's my understanding too.

jeroens | May 11, 2013

As I plan to park the car outside (and with more than plenty rain here in the Netherlands) I hope that never happens to me…

jjaeger | May 11, 2013

Agree w/ Sudre - a dieing 12v battery rolls down the driver window only - as reported by several folks having issues w/ their battery. Most of these similar 'all window' reports were nominally assumed to be fob related as noted above.

scole04 | May 11, 2013

Same thing happened to me this morning. Alittle nerve racking.

scole04 | May 11, 2013

Should be an easy add on the mobile app to tell us the status of our windows.

RanjitC | May 11, 2013

@Brian H where ate you? Dying is not spelled dieing.

RanjitC | May 11, 2013

not ate ,are. I hate typo's.

Brian H | May 12, 2013

ya, I know.

You fell victim to Muphry's Law, which says a correction will (likely) have an error of its own.

keichhor | May 12, 2013

Thanks everyone for their responses.
I don't think it was a 12V problem, and I know I didn't press down the buttons. I will keep an eye on it!

BTW, I agree, it should be easy to add a few extra feature/controls on the mobile APP.

ColonyGolfer | May 12, 2013

Tesla called me recently to tell me they had to replace my 12v battery, but it is a sig edition, so I believe it was one of the ones that Elon mentioned that was outsourced to a Chinese company who in turn outsourced it to a Vietnamese company so the quality was questionable. I woke up this morning, in FL and my ac was running. I noticed it had "eaten" 32 miles of range, but I don't know how long it had been running. My task manager said the app was not running. I really think I would be more comfortable if the remote app had an "exit" setting.

tom | August 22, 2013

Pressing and holding the unlock is a *horrible* feature! We need a way to disable all 4 windows rolling down from the fob. Add it to the app if people really want to do it.

I just discovered all windows rolled down for the third time. What if it was raining? I'm afraid to keep the fob in my pocket and my wife is afraid to keep it in her purse.

Mathew98 | August 22, 2013

Get a USB flash drive case and attach it to your key chain and you won't have that problem.

AirForce462 | August 22, 2013

With mine, I just plasti dipped the fob. It makes accidental button activation unlikely, but still accessible and as a bonus the fob is waterproof. I wear my fob around my neck like a necklace. I have to push with firm pressure and fairly precisely in order to activate fob buttons.