All Electric scooters in Hawaii

All Electric scooters in Hawaii

Let me start by saying I am #5970 and a TM shareholder, so I am not an outsider, or someone looking for a handout.

My business partner and I are taking his e-commerce All Electric moped business to the next step by opening an All Electric scooter/motorcycle sales and rental storefront shop in Hawaii. We are investing approximately 35% in the business ourselves, and are looking for like minded people who would like to earn up to 18% return for a 15 month term.

After completing our research, we have personally spent 6 weeks since September in Hawaii promoting the products. These bikes are designed and built in the USA, and we have certain exclusive rights in Hawaii for these bikes.

We look forward to hearing from serious investors for our new and exciting All Electric scooter/motorcycle sales and rental business.

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Alex K | February 3, 2013

Better to repost this in the General forum

Hobart | February 8, 2013

This is not such a great idea. I use to live in Hawaii about 3 years ago. I purchased an all electric scooter. Used with pleasure. Only ran out of power once. However, when I left I realized how bad the market for these bikes are in Hawaii. They are more expensive than regular scooters and Hawaiians didn't want to pay extra. I tried selling at a ridiculously cheap price and I still have it sitting in storage in Hawaii. I couldn't give it away. Damn thing is in perfect condition. Likewise, you got competition. There is a Chinese guy there Hawaiian Ebikes been selling for a while. For tourist rentals maybe not a bad idea, but then those vehicles won't even make from Waikiki to Kailua beach let alone the North Shore. In Waikiki it is not needed as you can walk every where.

lobstermanat42 | February 11, 2013

With all due respect Hobart, contrary to your belief, or lack of knowledge of our product.The scooters that we sell have a 50 or 100 mile range, depending on model, so anywhere on Ohahu or the other islands is not an issue. They are a very high quality USA made product that would compare favorably with a Vespa or similar type scooter, not Chinese products with no decent range or resale value. The Hawaiian Islands have a very green initiative when it comes to electric transportation and energy. We were personally at the dedication of Maui's first 480 charger in Sept, and got pictures with Mayor Arakawa with our scooters, he really liked the freshness of them on the island, instead of the typical scooter.

Fidellemus | February 11, 2013

The sale of the electric scooters have been increased in Hawaii because many people are interested in buying the electric scooters there.

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