All glass roof - roof rack options?

All glass roof - roof rack options?

I know this has been discussed before but I am still having trouble finding an answer.

I would love to fit my Snowboards, Bikes, and Kayaks on my roof. Is there any solution that works? Anyone have a model s with the all glass roof and figure something out?

pnajar | April 22, 2018

There are no good options just yet that I know of. I've got a one month old 100D with a pano roof. I got the openable roof just to mount a ski rack. Although the Tesla roof rack works well it doesn't work with an all glass roof.
Last week I contacted Yakima, the maker of the Tesla roof rack, regarding a question I had. In their response the Whispbar, the Tesla roof Rack, has been discontinued in 2016 but they expect to have a solution in five to six months for Teslas. Additionally they commented they were working with Tesla. To me those are comments that are a bit to ambiguous to be believable.

rdr1rx | April 22, 2018

Zero mounts on an all-glass roof. Structural support absent (no cross beam). Only the panoramic roof models have the mounts and structural support (cross beam) to accommodate the extra weight.

azswcowboy | April 22, 2018

@pnajar Does it work well? When I looked at the mounting for the rack it seemed like a major hassle - something you’d never want to take off. And it might have a big impact on range when not in use...

I’m trying to work out good back seat protection so I can fold down and throw the bike in the back, just don’t like to drive the ICE for biking, but also don’t want dirt and grease in the Tesla....

pnajar | April 22, 2018

I use the rack for two reasons, skiing and occasionally pick up something large or long from a store. Unless I need it, I take the rack off. Except for the first time where you have to adjust the rack it’s a ten to fifteen minute job. I’m sure it has an impact on range just like any rack on an ICE. I take it off because there is an increase of wind noise. When I go skiing if I have more than one passenger I use the rack otherwise with today’s shorter skis they fit fine in back with one backrest down.

MJP.75D | April 23, 2018

I use racks all the time on my S — they work great and are a constant source of conversation for curious on-lookers. Best thing about them, they work on any car and are thus transferable between vehicles. They’re also small—my bike racks (Talons) store in the well of the trunk so they’re always with me. And, no, I have no affiliation with Seasucker other than being a loyal customer. Good luck.

azswcowboy | April 23, 2018

@pnajar Thanks, obviously you are zen master patient - 10 to 15 minutes every time sounds painful :)

@mjd.75d interesting - an option I had not seen. Like how the use S and X in their videos.

I’m going to hold back my rant about the prices of these things, but wow, unreal - right now I’m feeling moving blankets over seats with $5 tarp to keep grease and dirt off...

Yodrak. | April 23, 2018

'trailer' hitch with rack appropriate for bicycles, skis, or surfboards?

Jesperj | April 26, 2018

I just found this yesterday. I don't have one, but it seemed interesting enough for those with a glass roof where a roof rack isn't an option:

The price seems really good by comparison with other options. I haven't decided yet whether to go with this or put a hitch on my other car, as this won't have electrical hookups so you can't hook a trailer to it.

bill | April 26, 2018

I have had a Torklift ecohitch and Tesla roof racks on a pano roof.

On the ecohitch I used a luggage rack that mounts to the hitch and hangs of the back of the car. Works great but kills your backup sensors and blocks your backup camera. A real pain at Superchargers where you have to back in. The rack would have to touch the sign between the chargers in order for the cable to reach.

When I traded my AP 1 car for a AP 2 car I went with the Tesla roof Racks by Yakima. I use their largest sky box and I can fit over twice what I could with the luggage rack. No interference with the sensors or backup camera.

bill | April 26, 2018

Also the echo hitch requires disassembling the bumper and several other panels to get at the Steel member it gets sandwiched between. Cost me $400 to install and I think the shop, who was recommended by torklift central but had never installed one was not happy with how much work it was so expect to pay more.

Once installed it is invisible when not in use but it does require a hole cut in a panel under the car. About 6" in diameter if I remember correctly.

dborn | April 27, 2018

I can endorse seasucker. They have a wide range of options. I use it on my S for my bike. They work well. Mount easily and quickly and remove quicker still. I am in Australia, so, rest assured, I have no affiliation. Their warranty service is also excellent . The locking cam on my bike holder stripped. It may have unscrewed and come loose without me noticing. In any event, there was no issue at all in sending me over a replacement part.