All-season front / snow rear?

All-season front / snow rear?

I bought a set of 19" wheels with all-season tires for winter driving. The A/S tires just didn't cut it, even with our non-winter in Baltimore. Car would slip and slide and walk to the right trying to start from a stop on an incline in little more than a dusting of snow. Now my 21s are back on I'm planning to get snow tires put on the 19s. But I'm wondering if I can just get them for the rear wheels and leave the all-seasons on the front. Would rather not have to take a bath on four tires with only a few thousand miles on them.

Brian H | April 19, 2013

Generally not recommended. The front end is likely to go somewhere you didn't intend.

jpeterman | April 19, 2013

The key thing to remember about snow tires is that they are actually winter tires.

Yes, the tread design improves traction on the power wheels, but the main benefit of winter tires comes from the rubber compound used to make them. Unlike summer or all season, these tires remain very soft even in sub-zero temps. This softness is what gives you the improved handling (better contact with the road.) It is also why they wear out fast and are not good for year round use.

Go with four.

ir | April 19, 2013

In a word: don't

Big safety hazard, probably grounds to invalidate your insurance coverage if you crash.

f-tal | April 20, 2013

Another owner had an issue witih the car 'pulling' a bit to one side under acceleration, and to the other side in deceleration. He took it into service and the issue was fixed. Search the forms with 'Volkerize'. Point being, you might have an issue besides just your tires.

mthanos | April 20, 2013

Years ago I used to run just snows on the rear. Car handled terribly, especially on corners! Tire store finally convinced me to go with 4 snows. Everything was fixed. Plus when stopping or cornering you want all 4 tire acting the same or your car could swap ends or understeer right off the road.