Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting

What ambient lighting comes in the 3 and what settings are there for it? I.e., footwells, overhead, door handles, etc.?

trevorrichards4 | March 24, 2018

Yes in the foot wells & door pockets. I wish it had more like in the console where you put your phone. Nothing overhead. It would also be nice to have say a colored strip across the dash area because at night it’s very dark on drivers & passenger dash area.

ybbor | March 24, 2018

Dang, I was hoping you could change the color like on a Mercedes... It's a super cool effect.

H271 | March 24, 2018

What aftermarket options are available? Has anyone swapped out the LEDs with aftermarket ones for brighter white?

djharrington | March 24, 2018

@ybbor: hell, you can change the ambient lighting color on my (now kid's) Ford Focus EV. It must be a luxury car!

dyefrog | March 24, 2018

You can swap out the puddle lights for a design like the Tesla T or the original model 3 logo. I realize this isn't quite under "ambient lighting" but just an FYI.

Carl Thompson | March 24, 2018

You can change the colors in a BMW too and that's pretty nice. I go for a futuristic blue look.

Silver2K | March 24, 2018

Dj, let's not start the luxury hyper car argument again please!! ;-)

djharrington | March 24, 2018

@Silver, yes pardon me. My kid's luxury hypercar Ford Focus EV :-)

Zidarich | August 20, 2018

I was told by the dealer today the Ambient lighting lights up the buttons on the steering wheel. Don’t see that happening.

Who’s wrong, the dealer, or the wiring in the car?

4barkie | August 20, 2018

You can change the color of the ambient lights in the footwells. RPMtesla has red, blue, purple and AbstractOcean has red. It's easy to do, except for contorting your body to be able to see what your doing to remove the originals. Took me about 15 min to do both. The lights in the doors can't be changed but I think RPM sells a colored slide that you can put over the lights.

sroh | August 20, 2018

+1 4barkie.

You are correct. I replaced the footwell lights with the blue ones from RPM Tesla. Brighter than the OEC lights. Really cool effect. I also added the three bar puddle lights for the front doors and the 5 pack LED upgrade for interior (one for glove box, two for trunk and one each for the rear passenger doors).

Carl Thompson | August 21, 2018

"I was told by the dealer today the Ambient lighting lights up the buttons on the steering wheel. Don’t see that happening. Who’s wrong, the dealer, or the wiring in the car?"

Whoever told you that is wrong. The steering wheel button lights are a separate option on the lights screen.

WonkoTheSane | August 21, 2018

RPMTesla sells new LEDs for everything and films for the door pockets (which are out of stock forever it seems).

BostonPilot | August 21, 2018

Am I the only one who cringes every time someone calls Tesla "the dealer"?


Afjael | March 19, 2019

You mean the store haha ^^

risri89 | April 2, 2019

is ambient light feature available in Standard Range + model?

jerryrs | April 2, 2019

risri89, from what I am reading it is not. I have an M# SR+ and I do not have an ambient light option on my touchscreen or any lights in the footwells.

Electric_Sheeple | April 5, 2019

@risri89 @jerryrs ... I have a TM3 SR+ also and do not have an ambient light option either... I haven't physically looked to see if there are lights down in the footwells yet (but I will).....

I can't imagine leaving out two LEDs would save Tesla a lot on the "partial premium" interior....

sheldon.mike1010 | April 5, 2019

I got brighter aftermarket lights for the lower edge of front doors. Really like them.