@andrew and wifey

@andrew and wifey

What did Tesla say?...I can't find your original post anymore.

stingray.don | May 1, 2020

The original thread is gone. He must have deleted it without comment, which tells you what he found out. Another claim of unintended acceleration evaporates.

stingray.don | May 1, 2020

More likely the delete gang deleted it.

It would have happened a lot sooner if it was flagged away. Besides, we were all anxious to see what Tesla said. The OP got his answer, went ghost, and deleted the thread.

Joshan | May 1, 2020

@stingray.don +1

@FISHEV -1 conspiracy theories are lame

WW_spb | May 1, 2020

Yeap, I told you he was told his wife at fault and very dangerous.

SamO | May 1, 2020

Troll logic: leave a thread up for weeks. Ask questions, observations and just when the OP claims they are coming back with an answer . . . Mass delete the thread for no reason.

Knowing the OP can post a response on another thread. Or start a new thread.

Just because certain posters can’t keep a post up for a single day.


wiscy67 | May 1, 2020

Yep, 404 not found. Agree this was not deleted by folks who have been patiently awaiting the results of the OP's SC appointment.

M3phan | May 1, 2020

Some folks wonder why, when we see the patterns, we judge. Something along the lines of “You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act.” ; )

WW_spb | May 2, 2020

Andrew came back with more bs. Poor fool

Orthopod | May 2, 2020

Why would he have deleted it?

triumphbob | May 2, 2020

Some people just can't admit that they're wrong.

WW_spb | May 2, 2020

FishTroll deletes his own thread blames non existent delete gang. Common problem

bp | May 2, 2020

Cut the guy some slack; if I had come out guns blazing and then been proven wrong, I’d probably want to delete my thread out of shame, as well.

triumphbob | May 2, 2020

Yep, that's about the size of it.

Magic 8 Ball | May 2, 2020

Bring in the usual suspects, Joe.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | May 2, 2020

Likelihood that people who went out on their own time to replicate and explain what happened would then delete their own posts: negligible.

stingray.don | May 2, 2020

But it turns out he didn’t so that would make you suspect in flagging it fore deletion and making the false claim that @andrew deleted. Tesla has asked you not to do that.

I may have been wrong about him deleting the thread, but it did seem like a reasonable assumption at the time. I can admit when I’m wrong. Too bad others can’t own up when they are proven wrong.

I did not want to see the thread deleted and did not flag it. My posts were helpful, and I was the one that got to the bottom of it by replicating his complaint.

WW_spb | May 2, 2020

There is zero prove that it was flagged. Andrew claims a lot of thing and none is true

andrew | May 2, 2020

My post got deleted by Tesla. I'm sure this post will get deleted too. I posted early this morning creating a different thread and that one got deleted.

Good thing I keep screenshots.

Just for your information, my appointment has been postponed 3 times. 24th 28th, 1st, and now the 7th.
I do have some other serious issues that I'm sure Tesla has to deal with in the very near future for ALL Standard M3 owners, including Sudden Acceleration and the car switching to Neutral by itself while driving with both hands on the wheel.

I had other issues where I was able to take both videos and screenshots.

I rarely drive my M3 now or my family inside until I get clarification from Tesla if my car is deemed safe to drive. I took my M3 for 5/1 appointment to Buena Park Tesla but once I got there I was notified that my service was postponed for another 7 days. In Tesla's defense, they did message me the day before but I was away from my phone the entire day and missed the notice. A call or leaving a voicemail would have been nice instead of text notification day before the appointment date.

By the way, on my way to the dealer yesterday, none of my controls including speedometer wasn't working. I let my service advisor know the problem I was having but was told that they really couldn't do anything until the 7th and my SUA issues were being looked at "remotely". Not until I got home and googled my issues with non-working controls (no air conditioning, missing speedometer, turn signal not working, etc..) I found out that all I needed was to soft restart by holding both wheel nobs in an upward motion. It would have been nice of my repair advisor if he took maybe 3 seconds to explain to me what I learned on youtube.

@M-A-B-MCMLXXX @vOiCeOfReAsOn, @stingray.don
Brothers, not sure what your angle is here on the forum, but may I suggest common decency? Just because you have a square box infront of you, it doesn't mean that you can lash at others without hard proof or evidence of what actually transpired.
You might consider that I'm someone's husband, father, brother, friend. I teach my kids a very simple internet philosophy in life. If you can't insult someone directly to their faces, maybe somethings are better left unsaid.

Not sure how some of were raised, but that doesn't fly in my household.

Xerogas | May 2, 2020

Tesla does not delete posts. Either OP does, or it gets flagged by 7 others.

WW_spb | May 2, 2020

Deleted another thread blames Tesla again. Just like his unintented acceleration L O L

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | May 2, 2020

Precisely what was indecent about my post?

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | May 2, 2020

stingray.don replicated the incident, explained here, and didn’t want it deleted.
I confirmed stingray.don‘s explanation, even including video. I didn’t want it deleted.

I’ll say it again, with full decency:

Likelihood that people who went out on their own time to replicate and explain what happened would then delete their own posts: negligible.

andrew | May 2, 2020

Believe what you want. I didn't delete my post. Stingray did a great job and do thank him to explain the possibility of what "could've" happened.

@stingray, there has been no confirmation or denial by the techs as my appointment was postponed 3 times.

By the way, what is the probability of someone accidentally engaging in Neutral while driving with both hands on te steering wheel?

WW_spb | May 2, 2020

Andrew just give up your bs already. You smell like our resident trolls with their countless complains and whine.

stingray.don | May 2, 2020

Just because you have a square box infront of you, it doesn't mean that you can lash at others without hard proof or evidence of what actually transpired.

How did I lash out at you? I was the one that took the time to help discover that the problem was with shifting into N. If you are referring to the comment about not owning up when proven wrong, it was not directed at you. I was responding to another poster. I apologize if it was subject to misinterpretation.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | May 2, 2020

I didn’t say you did. I was responding to “ So the commenters above deleted the guys post.”

As for accidentally putting it in neutral, I have no way of assessing probability. It is however possible, and i believe more likely than a car spontaneously accelerating while in neutral.

andrew | May 2, 2020

@stingray.don, my sincere apologies for taking it the wrong way.

I've been wrong a lot in my life but I do take ownership of my mistakes. I was there when it happened. My wife had her hands nowhere near the shifter. I now have multiple dual dash cams (Vantrue N2 Pro) in my M3 that I seldom drive.)

I'm not here to make monetize nor bash Tesla. In all honesty, I do like my M3. It just makes me grin every time I drive. If there's a potential hazardous issue at hand or quality issues, let's just get it resolved and move on without risking someone's lives over it.

stingray.don | May 2, 2020


No worries. We would really be interested in seeing a video of the car shiftIng into N on its own. Folks here (including myself) are highly skeptical of any claim of unintended acceleration for good reason. Seeing a video of the event you describe would give you credibility.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | May 2, 2020

“ We would really be interested in seeing a video of the car shiftIng into N on its own.”

And then accelerating while in neutral, with the acceleration being arrested when the car is returned to drive. That would be an exceptional video.

WW_spb | May 2, 2020

I would say Sci Fi vid

WW_spb | May 2, 2020


WW_spb | May 2, 2020

Andrew, why did you rage delete your thread again?

ST70 | May 2, 2020

@Andrew- I'll still bet you $5K that the car is fine. Let us know what Tesla says. I thought I was wrong once but I was mistaken.

andy.connor.e | May 2, 2020


I wont be derogatory, but i will be seriously honest. Your appointment is probably being pushed out because there are more severe and immediate problems with other peoples cars that need to be addressed that could be impacting the vehicles ability to operate. After seeing the proof about "unintended acceleration claims", and Tesla releasing a statement laying to rest the "unintended acceleration claims", and stating that the so-called petition that was gaining support was created by a Tesla stock short seller, they probably have no impending urgency to address your claim.

I have personally witnessed people trying to sue Tesla claiming the car automatically accelerated into a wall, or that autopilot drove the vehicle into a wall, only to have Tesla personally check the logs to see that the software operated normally, and the vehicle recorded a manual depression of the acceleration pedal to 100%.

I am sorry @andrew, but you are not going to get any support trying to claim that there was an unintended acceleration. You will need to record a video or have some sort of hard evidence other than a simple written statement.

Xerogas | May 3, 2020

I still struggle with the original timeline. Wife is driving normally, meaning her foot is held steady on the accelerator. Then the car slows inexplicably, then after the gear stalk is fiddled with, the car accelerates dramatically, wife claims her foot is NOT ON THE ACCELERATOR.

That is so opposite to human nature that I can’t imagine how it happened.

If your car slows suddenly, you don’t take your foot off the accelerator. You push harder on the accelerator.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | May 3, 2020

^ I think you’re slightly off. The car is alleged to have accelerated with her foot off the pedal (agreed that would be a weird reaction to unexpected slowing), but that was before gear stalk fiddling. Andrew grappled the wheel and then shifted down, which brought the vehicle back into control. Per the original timeline.

Xerogas | May 3, 2020

@M-A-B-MCMLXXX: "The car is alleged to have accelerated with her foot off the pedal."
Thank you. I still don’t understand why her foot was ever off the pedal in the first place, prior to the acceleration.

Orthopod | May 3, 2020

Can you tell your wife to come write her side of the story

Bighorn | May 3, 2020

Thought the exact same thing.

M3phan | May 3, 2020

Service center appointment supposed to happen on Thursday, May 7, would love to see screenshots of the completed work order.

derotam | June 29, 2020

Any update Andrew? Last thing you said here was that you had an appointment for May 7th. What happened at the appointment?

derotam | June 29, 2020

Andrew, I don't know if you remember that we did have a conversation as to how to actually attempt to get data out of Tesla and how some of the data availability if dependent on your specific State's laws...I am simply curious as to what Tesla said at your appointment, whether they found anything wrong, and if so what they did to fix it. If they did find a problem it would be valuable information for others.

FISHEV, I do remember Andrew and I's civil conversation concerning this subject and I reject your attempt to portray me in any specific way.

yudansha™ | June 29, 2020

@ derotam What the heck is “I’s”?

derotam | June 29, 2020

Don't know where you are seeing that as that wasn't what I finally posted and is not in what I see as posted. It was in a different version of my post and was just a grammatical brain fart.

derotam | June 29, 2020

...I am blind this morning...I see it, it's a grammatical brain fart...should read "me and Andrew's"

derotam | June 29, 2020

...or "Andrew's and my" to me grammatically correct...I need coffee, been up for 4 hours already with no coffee.

Magic 8 Ball | June 29, 2020

Her question was not sincere, she just wanted to scold you for a grammar/spelling error like the other worthless people that do that sort of thing on the internet.

derotam | June 29, 2020

no coffee comment...

Shut up M8B, no one needs your or FISHEV's continued pointless baiting.

Magic 8 Ball | June 29, 2020


andy.connor.e | June 29, 2020

andrew did not have anything to say about that incident other than its been 2 months and still waiting to hear back from Tesla, as they probably found nothing wrong because enough users got more and more details out of andrew to come to the conclusion the most likely scenario was user error. So far the notion of user error has not been disproven, and andrew continues to ignore anyone that does not give immediate empathy as if Tesla is in fact at fault with no evidence.