Android Auto possible?

Android Auto possible?

I've only seen a few of the headlines but apparently Google's new Android Auto which was announced today has 25 car manufacturers as partners. I haven't seen a list so don't know if Tesla is a partner but in theory could one of the halves of the touchscreens be dedicated to Android Auto?

IvanSanDiego | June 25, 2014

I was thinking the same thing | June 25, 2014

The screen showing the 40 partners, doesn't show Tesla. With Tesla being in the noise (volume wise), they may have only listed the major players.

Like the Apple Play, it's hard to tell how complex the development is to add these things to Tesla's software. My guess is if there is demand and the Google side design is complete, at some point Tesla will provide it. That said, I'm sure Tesla is very busy with the X and likley doesn't have the resources to implement it soon.

windex | June 25, 2014

Tesla wanted to use Android and were told it was a bad idea by Google.

Kind of mystified by this move myself. Looks like GOOG is moving on rumors of AAPL getting into automotive.

Drakester347 | June 25, 2014

I was really hoping Tesla would have been on the list... just seems right for the Model S to have this type of functionality and not a Ford Focus first.

cfOH | June 25, 2014

AFAIK, switching over to Android would be more complex for a car like the Model S that has so much of the driving controls and instrumentation run by a single system. In a lot of cars, the infotainment components (GPS & audio systems, basically) are separate from all other vehicle management systems, making them easier to switch over to Android. I'm not sure that's the case with the Model S.

sule | June 25, 2014

If there is one thing I don't want in my car it is unshielded Android. If there is a desire to run Android apps then I would suggest and like QNX instead with internal and separated Android VM. Proper OS for proper things, sandboxed Android for all else.

NKYTA | June 25, 2014

Craig, from what I've heard is that Tesla's linux implementation is rather fire-walled from the basic functions of just driving to the Apps (which they may or may not open up with an API in the future).

So I think Tesla is leaving us yet more guessing they probably should.

OpenSourceSoftware is cool (and I use it everyday), but I don't want anyone but Tesla managing the "driving" software.

Heck, I had 16 security updates on each of multiple infrastructure machines in just one week on a reasonably recent Ubuntu.

So, Tesla, lock down any access to acelleration/braking/battery, but sure, if you've got a sound system, open up the API layer for new third party apps.

Maybe they are working on the security layer...

NKYTA | June 25, 2014

Let's run Docker and an individual VM for each Tesla app!

ChopinBlues | June 26, 2014

Sure, sounds like a great idea -- if you want your android s/w hijacked, and have to pay a $1000 ransom to get control of your car back. Actually, make that $10,000 -- if you can afford a $100,000+ car, you got at least $10K for a ransom, right?

Drakester347 | June 26, 2014

People are hijacking Android devices? That's news to me... I know they do desktop computers if you open that .exe file from the strange email address. lol

jmalone | June 27, 2014

How many people are working on that closed source software? And how many people could work on open source software? just because you cant see it, does not mean that vulnerabilities are not there. Obfuscating them in this manner only delays how long it takes for engineers to find critical flaws that require patching.

sule | June 27, 2014

@jmalone: in this case it does not matter whether it is open source or not. Android is just plain least secure of anything. One could even say that it has been designed for insecurity. It is about as bad as it gets. And, yes, one can get into Android devices without user's approval. If you want security in mobile devices we're talking BlackBerry or, if you for whatever reason don't want that, iOS due to right control as a distant second. For cars, QNX is unbeatable... I still don't know why Tesla didn't go with it.

lmc20110027 | December 23, 2015

How I hope the screen of tesla can work with android Model X maybe could work ! | December 25, 2015

@sule - It wasn't clear from your post if you think Tesla is using Android -they are not. It's a modified Linux. QNX is good, but I like Tesla's approach of having total control. Every time you choose an outside vendor, you often get many advantages, so long as they provide them. Not sure QNX was ready (back in 2008-2009) for the demands Tesla required (multiple HD displays, streaming audio, etc.). At Tesla's size, especially back in 2008, I doubt QNX was interested in adding/designing features for Tesla. The end result is Tesla has been and continues to be ahead of all other car makers.

@lmc20110027 - No Android yet. It's technically major effort to add Android to the vehicle and protect the vehicle from bad apps. It will be interesting to see the first car vendor to allow unrestricted Android and/or iOS access. I don't see it happening unless it's an unconnected system - to many risks and liabilities. This is different than the extremely restrive Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, which adds very little to what Tesla already has.