Animals love the Model S

Animals love the Model S

I've had my Model S for one week, and already I can see that animals love it. Proof:

1) My dog had experienced serious anxiety issues in our previous car, I think because of something to do with the noise. We tried training, drugs, that ridiculous huggy-wrap, everything, no luck. But from the first moment she hopped in the rear area of the Model S, poof, anxiety gone. She loves riding in the car again, like she used to when she was young. (I have photo proof if I could figure out how to post it to the forum.)

2) Yesterday, we witnessed a deer leading her newly-born fawn across a dirt road and over an embankment - and she was doing it slowly and calmly, because we'd approached her in the Model S, which was silent enough that she wasn't bothered. I know because I came on the same scene in my F150 the next day, and they both bolted before I got within 100', with the fawn practically breaking her leg to get away.

3) I live part-time on a river that has lots of bugs hatching, which is great for fishing but not great for keeping windshields clean. My previous car's windshield was constantly splattered with dead bugs, which gets annoying after a while, and more than just annoying from the bug's perspective. But I noticed that I get about 90% less bugs hitting the Model S windshield, I'm guessing because of the aerodynamics? So bugs love the Model S too.

Brian H | May 29, 2013

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