Annyoing noises and rattles from driver's side window/frame

Annyoing noises and rattles from driver's side window/frame

I've had my 75D for about 3 months now. I've got annoying noises coming from the frame next to my head, or the window itself. It's hard to say. I hear little noises every time I go over some bumps/rough road- which in LA is most of the road. Has anyone else experienced this? I've been waiting for it to get worse in the hopes that it will be easier for my service Team to trouble shoot.

lilbean | December 8, 2018

Maybe an interior panel piece is loose. No joke, I gently pounded all around and the rattles and creaks went away.

skip8jones | December 8, 2018

Check the visor. Pull it out as if you were using it to block the sun. If the rattle goes away, then it is the magnet latch for the visor that engages when the visor is seated in the window pillar right by your left ear. I have been told by SC that Tesla is working on a retro fix for that rattle. Cold weather seems to make it worse. | December 8, 2018

Another thought is the window calibration is off and the top of the window is lightly touching the metal trim. If so, service can correct it in a couple of minutes. You can do the calibration yourself, but I forget the exact process and wouldn't want to make it worse!

afroumis | December 8, 2018

I had a similar noise and it turned out to be the assembly that raises or lowers the shoulder portion of the seat belt. I have put a little material in the assembly that stopped the annoying noise without impacting the overall function.

scotteeboy71 | December 9, 2018

Thanks everyone. @Skip8jones, it's not the visor. I've definitely heard that before and usually refitting the visor solves the issue. I've narrowed this situation down to two separate issues: 1) there's a noise coming from the seatbelt/pillar. 2) After reading's comments, I did further testing and determine that the more annoying, louder sounds only happen when the window is fully up. When the window is open, sounds disappear. So, it's very possible that it's the problem you're describing.

Hopefully I can take it to service and have it fixed. Good news is I know everyone by name at the Service Center. I got this X on 9/24 and so far I've had the MCU replaced, the Cluster replaced, and a couple of other minor issues. All in all it's been in service about 3 weeks in total. But they've always worked hard to fix the issues.

dannykeng | October 24, 2019

I have the same noise but coming from the passenger window and only when it is rolled all the way up. If lowered even the slightest the sound goes away. The sound is like the glass is rattling against metal, or something hard. The problem is located at the front of the window at the highest point. If you look where up where that point seats into the weather stripping you'll see that it weather stripping is pushed in the furthest at that point.

I pulled down the weather stripping just at that point and behind its a screw and the head protrudes about 1 mm. It lines up perfectly to that high point where the window seats. I'm pretty sure the top of the window seats against that screw and even though there is rubber between the two it rattles. I put some foam tape over the screw and pushed the weather stripping back in place. The rattle knocking noise is gone!