Another cool commercial by owners..

Another cool commercial by owners..

ir | July 31, 2013

This is an old one. Search for all the buzz that you missed.

justineet | July 31, 2013

First time I saw it today.......

Brian H | July 31, 2013

Old news.

Tâm | July 31, 2013

It's a great commercial.

But then I wonder how come there are only 2 likes and 41 views?

It turns out: it is not the original commercial. The original link is:

It has 105,576 viewed, 1,148 Likes, 11 Dislikes.

Actually, what justineet refers to is an offer from Rick Crawford to give away a Tesla Model S. Not a commercial.

He said he made this video but I don't see his name on the video credits website.

justineet | July 31, 2013

@Brian H....old news still great the saying goes somethings get better with time....

Brian H | August 1, 2013

Yeah, true, but we don't need to be told about it each time someone discovers it for the first time. ;) That's one of the best reasons for using search (, before posting: minimize the number of repetitious topics.

tobi_ger | August 1, 2013

Brian H
minimize the number of repetitious topics.

Same goes for "fortune cookie" sayings and pedantic spelling corrections.

pebell | August 1, 2013

@Brian H
I had not seen it either. And I think I spend way too much time on this forum as it is. Perhaps not everyone has been following this forum for as long as you early adopters, or as fanatically so that they don't miss a single post.

If I had to worry with each post that I am stating or mentioning or asking something that might already have been said by someone in some thread at some point in history, I wouldn't post anything any more.

And perhaps that would only improve the quality of this forum in the eyes of some - but hey - this is _my_ forum too. So there. ;-D

Brian H | August 1, 2013

The date on the video should be enough clue. Find the thread(s) referencing it with, and post a new comment. Not only does that bring it back to the "top", but it gives lots of additional previous responses. Far more useful to newbies who haven't seen the "new ad" before, and much less hassle for those who have.