Anti Tesla Sentiment

Anti Tesla Sentiment

I recently viewed a video online of some young adults trying to Vandalize a Tesla that was charging in sentry Mode.It seemed like they targeted the car because it was
a Tesla. Didn't seem like electrocution was an issue with them, They must have a lot of faith in Tesla Engineering.
It got me to thinking about some of the reactions I had when I first Purchased my Model 3. I got Shade from my coworkers and even more comments on how EV's where BS and How my EV's burn even more fossil fuels, Etc. I have never purchased a car and had so many negative and aggressive reactions to the purchase. There is a whole camp out there that hates Tesla. They would rather hear the exhaust notes of a CMBE then think of the consequence to our environment and they spare no words in letting me know it.
Fact of the matter is. The feeling is mutual, Because when I have a motorcycle or car pull up to me with extra Loud Exhaust pipes I want to get out of my car and punch them in the face, Literally. to me its obnoxious and with good reason, You are forcing me to have to listen to your Bullsh-t. There are not two consenting parties, There is the loud obnoxious a-hole vrooom vroom vroom! and the people in proximity of the A-hole who may not share the enthusiasm for an extra Loud exhaust system purposefully installed for the sole purpose of letting everyone around you know that you are in fact present(
When I see a gas Guzzling performance car that gets 12 miles a gallon, I don't like it, But I sure as hell don't try to vandalize the Car because of it.

Where does all this Tesla Hate come from? | January 13, 2020

I have wondered this as well, a lot of seems to come from the (far?) right, who feel that Tesla is getting government handouts in the form of tax credits, and it conflicts with the whole drill baby drill thing. Never mind that we subsidize gas and oil in the US.. One would think they would look at the American innovation, and what Tesla has accomplished. I had my car for less than 6 months before someone ran into it with a cart in a parking lot, I was naive at the time, and thought maybe it was an accident, but after seeing video after video of vandals, and the need for Tesla to release sentry mode, I now longer think that. I just wish sentry mode was a thing when it happened

82bert | January 13, 2020

I feel ya 100%. My best and most succinct answer is simply that historically ignorance leads people to truly terrible things. Vandalizing and hating on Tesla is minor compared to the other stains in history, but it’s nonetheless maddening and sad to see.

Pg3ibew | January 13, 2020

I agree, to a degree, with @SGWEBB.
I think it has more to do with people and their comfort zones. Think about it, for an entire century, we were us to gasoline engines. And now we are being told that we have been doing it wrong. No one wants to admit to being wrong.

Joshan | January 13, 2020

Its also the self driving I think, not just the electric. People are also scared of the changes that come with millions of jobs becoming obsolete very quickly IMO.

Pg3ibew | January 13, 2020

I have noticed a strange phenomena.
People under the age of 35, out riggt love the technology.
People over the age if 65, understand that we need to move towards Renewables.
The 35 -65 year olds are the HATERS. And dont want to change and move forward.

I am obviously generalizing the age groups. But in my 3 plus years of owning EVs and Partial EVs, this is what I have come across. | January 13, 2020

@Pg3ibew It is funny because I am turning 47 tomorrow so I fit in the hate age group on your list :) . My daughter who is just turned 22 does not trust the self driving aspect at all, but thinks EVs are cool and good for the environment

Lonestar10_1999 | January 13, 2020

Keep in mind that loud exhaust on a motorcycle is a type of safety feature. Very often a car will change lanes without realizing there is a motorcycle in the blind spot. The loud noise brings awareness to others sharing the road to hopefully avoid a fatal accident.

That being said, a lot of folks are jealous and envious of people who chose to drive a Tesla. When these feelings bubble up, there is no telling what anti social behavior will come of it.

Pg3ibew | January 13, 2020

@SGWEBB, I am 52. And right in the middle of that spectrum as well. Of course, I generalized a bit. But being a guy with 26 and 27 year old sons, All their friends LOVE the idea. Being a guy with parents in their 80s, All of their friends GET IT and understand the need to do better. It is the clowns around our age that Always seem to have some sort of wise crack or HATE.
Again, just my totally non scientific views.

Pg3ibew | January 13, 2020

And do not get me wrong, there are people in that middle group that are totally on board, like you and I.

eandmjep | January 13, 2020

I reserved my m3 day 1 and that was only learning 3 mos earlier that fully electric cars were even a thing. I did not even know what a Tesla was, or a leaf, i3 etc. I knew about the Volt and that was as far as it went. I ordered the 3 because I really liked the tech, made in America, and felt that it was the future. Lack of co2 was about 13 on my list of reasons. No carbon monoxide was more of a selling point. I am a conservative and too roll my eyes with the biased fake news reporting out there picking and choosing their facts. Lots of good points above. Loosing the tax credit would not have changed my mind about my purchase and oil and coal receive huge subsidies. Id like to see them level the playing field. Best purchase I have ever made.

M3phan | January 13, 2020

Hate like ignorance knows no label or group or identity. | January 13, 2020

@eandmjep, I 100% agree. I was an in line day 1 reservation holder. However on my end I wanted a Tesla since the first Roadster, though I just could not justify spending that much for a car, the most I have spent for a car before the M3 was about $20k , I just don't drive enough, and the depreciation hit on cars are HUGE, but I took that hit and bought the long range, and EAP because I also really wanted to autopilot. It is the best car I have ever owned, and everything I had ever dreamed of.. I will fully admit AP/FSD is not fully there yet, but it is getting close, and so relaxing on the congested highway on my way into the office... now when I drive an ICE car, it feels old and outdated

gballant4570 | January 13, 2020

Weak minded, low character people with little to no self-esteem are easily threatened. It helps if the deplorable is also of low intelligence, which has a high statistical probability of being the case.

Of course these types are easy prey for greasy liars and con artists who feed their fears for whatever agendas they might have - think Alex Jones of "Infowars", Fox News presenters, NewsMax, and like cretins - who work them into a frenzy on a daily basis. Many Russians are also involved in the effort.

gballant4570 | January 13, 2020

Lonestar10_1999, the motorcycle is mostly heard after it passes. Drivers of cars do not hear the motorcycle sound and know where it is coming from. Evidence is the high mortality raters for motorcycle drivers, mainly killed by collisions with cars, in which the drivers never heard them or saw them.

If sound would help, there would never have been a Harley rider killed on the road.

TranzNDance | January 13, 2020

There are many abstract things that could make people Tesla haters. What hits close to home is that people's vehicles are often their most or second most valuable possession. Something that is so different and improved could render their vehicle obsolete and drop in value. That is not theoretical.

It's kind of like NIMBYs who want to preserve the value of their real estate property.

Pg3ibew | January 13, 2020

@Tranz, thanks for the article.

Joe M | January 13, 2020

Where does the “hate”/envy come from? Elon used high priced niche vehicles to obtain the cash to mass market the 3. Many people still see Tesla as the rich “more money they know what to do with” person’s car. Jealousy, misunderstanding of affordability. As for the motorcycle that old thing about the Harley’s pipes saving them is unrealistic and just wrong and the pipes mostly just disturb the peace.. The motorcycle rider whose lane is being invaded has the agility to avoid. I winter in FL and left turners is what kills most riders. Those folks approaching in the opposite direction never hear the exhaust before they cut off the bike.

Twochewy | January 13, 2020

Some Tesla drivers feed the problem. I had a model S pass me on a rural road, then promptly go 2x the speed limit. I was driving my Audi at the time (speed limit +5mph). Our cars are fast and it takes a certain level of maturity to drive responsibly. Bit like the reputation BMW M cars have. So yeah, there's people out there that think we're all rich self-entitled jerks. But, for every one of them, there's 10 that are curious about our cars. I can't tell you how many times I've had cars slow down just to look at my car. Some even change lanes to see it from another angle.

tslammer | January 13, 2020

Let's face it, the MSM as a whole (and not just the cretins at Fox and in Russia) have painted a bad picture of Tesla owners. They pick on the 1% of owners who have done some seriously stupid sleeping while driving on autopilot, running stop lights and signs, and not understanding the limitations of the technology. When only these things get press, then people form the wrong opinions. The average Joe on the street can't afford to drive one and can't understand why someone would own such a car. We're possibly categorized as elitist by mistake and now have a target on our back. Just one persons view who doesn't just watch the MSM and forms opinions based on research and not what I'm told.

OrthoSurg | January 13, 2020

I know anti-ICE persons

Tronguy | January 13, 2020

I have a somewhat different take on the haters. Being a long-time Prius driver, Priuses were definitely hated upon by the people running around with modified diesel pick-up trucks and such.
But it was a bit strange: Lots of people drive foreign cars; most vehicles built in the 'states have large percentages of foreign built components. So, why all the hate?
First clue: when Prius Gen II first hit the market, here was this odd-looking car that got ridiculously good gas mileage. The other auto companies did not have a good answer to this and saw sales of their small cars start to drop. Honda made what became a failed attempt to emulate the Prius with the Insight; other manufacturers put a starter motor (more or less) on the flywheel and would call that a, "Hybrid", ha. And then.. there were the ads. Showing powerful ICE cars passing low-powered hybrids (Insights, as it happened.. They were low powered) on uphills.
And that was when, in New Jersey, I started getting cut off by cars with high horsepower and many, many reports of people getting smoked in their Priuses by pick-up trucks.
People over in Prius Chat land started wondering about all this as well. And took electronic road trips to forums where the hate was spewing. They found:
1. People who ate the there-is-no-climate-change-meme bait, hook, line, and sinker. And believed that it was all an un-American plot.
2. Operatives from somewhat shady organizations pushing this view.
Conclusion: Big Oil, the Koch Brothers (as p/o Big Oil), and ICE manufacturers feeling the pain were stirring up the uneducated as much as they could. Anything to slow down a lower-profit future. And Priuses were from Japan! For the rabble rousers, an unAmerican bonus!
The same maniacs are going after Tesla. They can't play the foreign card, but they're sure going after Tesla any way they can.
Yeah, there are certain people around here who call me a conspiracy theory type. But, well.. Look at FISH. Or ask M8B about the shorties who used to inhabit these forums in droves. Or look at CNBC and wonder why they keep on spewing as much FUD. Personally, I think it's all of a piece.
Now, I'm not saying that people will hate. Because that's what people will do, naturally. And there's people out there who hate people who walk, or ride bikes, or don't look the same as they do; welcome to the human condition.
But there are entities, primarily corporate entities, who will push buttons to enhance profits if they can. They get their memes out there and try to slow down the existential threat that Tesla is to their bottom line by any means that they can.

Maxxer | January 13, 2020

People hate what they ignore
Or can’t understand

PteRoy | January 13, 2020

It’s Tesla’s fault. They don’t advertise and educate the public. When I bought my sr+ almost all the people I know said to me “wow, did you win money? How can you afford a Tesla?” They have no clue.

But seriously. Lots and lots of people are going to lose their jobs if electric vehicles take over. If I had a job that depended on oil and gas, I too would hate Tesla.

Tronguy | January 13, 2020

@PteRoy: And there were the Luddites who couldn't stand machines that could weave cloth. And buggy whip manufacturers who shrank hugely or closed down.
At the now-defunct Boston Computer Museum, while inspecting a triple-refrigerator-sized box of electromechanical gee-wizardry that constituted a 256 K-byte storage unit from the 50's, an older lady walked up next to me and started reminiscing about being young and on the production line for the things. She had skills that were good back then, but she must have picked up something else to do in the meantime.
The demand for electron-tube-based TV repairmen is very low these days.
The oil guys are simply going to have to find something else to do, just like everybody else.

gballant4570 | January 13, 2020

Those who I already described above are also simply not naturally curious about the universe around them, and must be advertised to, etc.... to be forced to actually learn something. It is a side effect of low intelligence.

As with any improvement, there will be jobs that are no longer required. This process began when the first ape picked up a rock and broke open a nut with it.

We invent machines to make our,lives easier. This means less work. Its the reason we do it. We will find a way to live with the results.

Zeus140 | January 13, 2020

@ 82bert +1
@Tronguy +2

Big_Ed | January 13, 2020

If you make something political, you guarantee that 50% are going to love it and 50% are going to hate it.

drrock75k | January 13, 2020

As a former Prius driver, I agree with Tronguy. Living in FL, I was coal-rolled by big-ass pickups several times, as well as cut off in traffic. Now living in MO, I've been coal-rolled once in the Model 3. Even though my Tesla is 100% made in America, it is perceived as a threat by the MAGA crowd who see fossil fuels as fundamental to Murican greatness. Change is never easy.

billstanton | January 13, 2020

Very insightful thread. Thanks to OP for starting it. I have to say I agree with most everything conveyed and appreciate seeing it here. I think my closest match is @eandmjep, except day 2 resv. Thanks to everyone for spending a few minutes.

kale | January 13, 2020

Must be rump-loving-pubicans. They are the enemy of progress.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | January 13, 2020

Ignorance. I was told by our close friends that Tesla battery components made by slave kids in Africa. I laughed

Big_Ed | January 13, 2020

Why DO the people you feel superior to resent you? It's a mystery.

rehutton777 | January 13, 2020

One note really rings true with me. I have had many friends comment to the effect that I "must be rich" to afford a Tesla. When I informed them that, with rebates and tax incentives, it cost about the same as a comparable new Toyota Camry Hybrid I had been driving, they were shocked. I suspect that, after their initial surprise, they were possibly upset that I was getting "preferential treatment" (with incentives) that they didn't get. But, overall, I think the notion of "the rich Tesla owner" is a major factor. By the way, my car was "keyed" on both passenger-side doors after I had owned it only two months, so I am sensitive to the topic of "Tesla haters".

apodbdrs | January 13, 2020

All the above, ignorance, Trump, right wing, oil, media,short sellers, dealerships, Fox News, advertisers, etc, people that have much to lose. At the end of the day it will be TESLA and EVs that will win. I see Teslas everywhere, in Orange County, CA, just yesterday at an intersection I was happy to see six Tesla cars waiting for the traffic light. to turn green. The word is getting around that Tesla is the way to go; they are fast, safe, economical and it has a growing infrastructure to support their cars. The stock market is even now waking up to Tesla, $520 plus today.

YEA for sentry mode for catching the idiots in the act, either the assholes turn themselves in or someone that knows them will.

paul2pilot | January 13, 2020

It is aggravating to see so many haters in this very forum making broad accusations about those of us who are conservative and lovers of america. I am a firm believer that success cannot be legislated; rather, you make a better product and people will buy it. I am an engineer by trade and I know something special when I see it. Tesla is the future brothers and sisters. The fact that they are 2.5 times more efficient than the most miserly ICE car and roughly 5 times more fun to drive is icing on the cake. How about we dispense with the hateful talk just because it fits one's narrow frame of thought. We are family, right?

Big_Ed | January 13, 2020

"We are family, right?"
First time in this forum?

Scrannel | January 14, 2020

It's tough when the world is moving ahead, and you find yourself part of a minority that has been indoctrinated with the idea that change is bad. Stay put. Go to church. Work the 'mines'. Breed. Repeat. Then, infuse this obvious, dead end way of life with self-righteousness that makes that advancing world THE scapegoat for all your failure. Naturally, they blame anyone but the true cause, which is themselves.

Joe M | January 14, 2020


Hate is a pretty extreme word and I don’t have a diesel to coal roll anybody but I do have a dim view of someone trying to hypermile @66 in a 65. Too often when the dangerous weaving and even the breakdown lane runners break up the pack on the interstate when you get through the rolling roadblock the left lane 66 mile an hour “blocker” is a Prius. Less today when they first came out but still happens. One can possibly think that they are making a statement that “I am conserving you should too”. Whatever the reason the behavior creates a condition far more dangerous than a smooth running 80mph Highway. That’s why I have a dim view of them in general.

Pg3ibew | January 14, 2020

I agree with the NON advertising aspect. I am hopeful that, with the uocoming influx of new EVs, advertising will expand. Obviously, it seems Tesla will continue to NOT advertise. But the major companies seem to be advertising the EVs now.
Hopefully the haters will come to understand what an EV is really about now.
I suspect that sheer ignorance of EVs is partly behind the dislike of EVs.
I also suspect there is significant lobbying by people afraid of losing the BIG OIL foothold that is fuleing the hatred.

Pg3ibew | January 14, 2020

@Joem. EV owners are not the only idiots driving 66 in a 65 in the left lane.

kevin_rf | January 14, 2020

Bought my first Prius in '02, in the 16 years of driving Prius's don't think I ever encountered all this hate I hear of. Still haven't seen the hate in the Tesla. Wonder if people just needed to check their meds.

That said, why is it everytime I see a TeslaCam video, they are in the left lane over taking traffic when the "event" happens....

hcdavis3 | January 14, 2020

Kinda like the NE Patriots to some degree. They hate us cause they ain’t us.

Joe M | January 14, 2020


Very true. Actually as far as Tesla’s go I don’t think I have ever seen one doing the left lane slow shuffle. I used to wonder why I would see such a quick car would be doing under the limit in the far right lane. Now I own one I assume they have a bit of range anxiety and they are doing the right thing and moving to the slow lane. It may be a Prius thing not an EV that they stand out.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | January 14, 2020

To keying problem. I park my Tesla just like I used park my Audi Q7 as far as possible from the store front. People that are doing keying probably to lazy to walk that far ))) just a thought

Pg3ibew | January 14, 2020

@ww, I always park my cars, any car, at the furthest spot away from EVERYTHING. LOL

Scrannel | January 14, 2020

@paul2pilot - just a response: I agree, this isn't a liberal/conservative thing. It's really, mainly, a brain thing. The Party of Trump and the Tea Party, I do not consider to be anything more than a primal scream from a philosophical death row.

derotam | January 14, 2020

I like to drive a beater and park right next to that car at the end of the parking lot. :)

Just kidding, I don't do that, but only because I don't have a beater car. haha

andy.connor.e | January 14, 2020

I hear you. I can relate. I personally cant wait to own my Tesla because when people try to throw the "EVs burn more fossil fuels because of where the electricity comes from", i'll quietly and respectfully point out where my electricity comes from. My roof. Which is not fossil fuels. I look forward to peoples responses.

kevin_rf | January 14, 2020

Monday January 6th was such a glorious work day in New England. I was smiling ear to ear.... even my Western NY friends where happy.

finman100 | January 14, 2020

...because effing speed laws are made to be broken. jesus that is the stupidest thing i hear about "keeping up with traffic" well, if joe is breaking the law i can too. such absolute garbage bullshit. the law is the law. please show me where it says it's okay to just do 80 in a 65 zone. i'll wait.

you vote donald you are not very smart end of story.

yes. label me all u want but u effing get what u deserve supporting the man.