Any accidents from "spectators"?

Any accidents from "spectators"?

When I did my test drive, it occurred to me that a lot of drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists were staring at the car as we passed by (of course it didn't hurt that we were in a bright red car). Does anyone think that the chance of an accident might increase because the other drivers around you get distracted by your "exotic" car? I'm particularly thinking of someone rear-ending you because they get distracted approaching a stop ("Whoa! Check out this cool car in front of us!") or they look sideways at you on the highway and rear-end the car in front of them. Does anyone drive differently in the MS because of this possibility? I've avoided two potential rear-endings in the past by leaving a big space in front of me when traffic stops unexpectedly and then creeping forward as I notice the car behind me slam on his brakes. Is anyone making anything like this a habit?

PBEndo | July 22, 2013

The first day I drove my MS to work, a pickup truck was trying to stay next to me in the adjacent lane on the interstate. Unfortunately, the car in front of him started braking while he was still staring at me, on his left. I realized an accident was about to happen and braked hard figuring the truck driver may swerve into my lane. When I braked hard the truck driver looked ahead, and swerved into my lane to avoid hitting the car in front of him by mere inches.
So, it wasn't an accident, but it sure was close.

Tâm | July 22, 2013


Great reflex!!!!

privacylaw | July 22, 2013

I see a lot of people looking when I'm stopped at a stop light. They get a left arrow turn late and turn in front of me and I see their heads stay with the car instead of the lane... Most make the turn just fine, but I did see one truck hit the median curb (turned too tight). They were fine as it was a glancing blow and they kept on going, while laughing at each other.

yonak | July 22, 2013

I've had people in the left lane on the interstate , pacing me, almost run into me looking at the car.