Any easy way to report broken SuperChargers?

Any easy way to report broken SuperChargers?

I was recently on a road trip, and most of the SuperChargers worked great! However one of them in Yuma, AZ would cause the car to blink red (tried it 3 times). move to another stall and it worked fine.

Then in El Centro, CA, one of the SuperChargers look like it had part of a charge port broken off inside the wand so it could not plug in to the car. The spot next to it started charging for 10 seconds, then stopped and blinked red... tried it again and blinked red. Thankfully the 3'rd spot I tried worked fine.

Is there any easy way to report these to Tesla? I'm guessing they probably know about the ones that blink red, but probably not the one with a piece broken off in the charge cable handle.

jimglas | January 15, 2019
Magic 8 Ball | January 15, 2019

It has been reported here that the superchargers have a phone number on them somewhere to call and report that.

LadyGrey | January 15, 2019

The first time I tried to use a supercharger, I called the phone number and was told it was over an hour wait time. I just moved to a different charger and it worked OK. Next time I'll report with the above posted email address.

landoncube | January 15, 2019

@m8b my supercharger problem reporting has been most effective when calling the “local” phone number that is often the property owner or property manager.
The other number usually rings to Tesla service that can make notes as to out of service stalls.

CST | January 15, 2019

I'm not sure that contacting the property owner is a good idea. If they've done the community a favor by allowing the SC to be installed on their property, they might not like it if they get multiple calls per day while waiting for Tesla to make the repair.
Of course, it is probably not just done from the goodness of their heart, but you get my point?

M3BlueGeorgia | January 15, 2019


What I've done when faced with a long hold time, is to get through the initial touchtone entries when charging (at a good station) and then let the phone sit on hold while driving. You just need to remember which unit had the problem.

To all: Please, if you have a problem with a Supercharger or a Destination charger, call Tesla and report it immediately.

Kenz | January 15, 2019

Use Voice Command ( right scroll button on steering wheel ) and say bug report
Say SC location and charger number 1A, 2B..... and describe the problem or issue in 2 sentences or less.

rxlawdude | January 15, 2019

@Kenz, you are aware that Tesla does not monitor "bug reports," right?

AFAIK, these are useful only when you contact service and provide the exact time that you recorded the report.

Maybe something's changed in the last few years, but I'm not aware of anyone getting a response or action taken as a result of recording a "bug report."

dkabq | January 15, 2019

I called in a supercharger issue with the number listed on the charger itself, a few weeks ago, while charging they can monitor the charger you are on and see the problems. In my case the output was less than one half normal rate even though I was the only one there. They could see the issue remotely. They forwarded the issue to the "Supercharge team". Tesla apparently has a group that exclusive works on these issues.

bj | January 15, 2019

Phone calls? Emails? Wow, that’s seriously low tech for Tesla. They should have a two-button click process on the car’s console. Report supercharger fault > Nature of problem (tick a box from list) > submit. They have your GPS location and VIN, job done.

mkjryan | July 5, 2019

Superchargers were down in Boulder CO today. I tried two different chargers and talked to two other drivers who were unable to charge. I called the number provided on the stall and couldn't get through to a human. I had to send email to customer support. Not good.

ODWms | July 5, 2019

@bj - A1!

kurtjwagner | February 28, 2020

The Tesla app should have the ability to report supercharger issues:
- Scan bar code of supercharger with app (or type in serial #)
- Enter description of issue
- Press Submit

bjrosen | February 28, 2020

kurtjwagner@ It's crazy that the app lacks this basic functionality. The phone has GPS so the app knows which Supercharger location you're at, all you would have to add is the stall number and a description of the problem.

M3BlueGeorgia@ I was at an SC a few weeks ago that had a broken plug, couldn't find a phone number anywhere so I used the email address. Is the 1-877-798-3752 number for all Superchargers or is it region specific? Where do they usually put the phone numbers at the SC locations?

Bighorn | February 28, 2020

Tesla can see all the stalls remotely and have asked that people not call them in.

lbowroom | February 28, 2020

Seriously, who couldn't work out that superchargers are networked to Tesla?

bjrosen | February 28, 2020

Tesla can detect electronic faults remotely but not mechanical problems. A couple of weeks ago I was at the Lee MA Supercharger, the first one I tried wouldn't plug into my car, the next stall was fine.

FISHEV | February 28, 2020

Call the Road Side Assistance number that shows up when you press the white Tesla T on the screen. There will be a "Charging" choice on the phone tree, pick that and report the charger issues.

The blurb on the phone tree says no need but every time you report you'll find Tesla knew nothing about the broken charger. They'll put in a work order. The charger service guys are few and far between, one for WA, OR, W.ID so it takes a while to get them fixed.

So always call and report the broken chargers. Squeaky chargers get fixed.

Bighorn | February 28, 2020

They see what stalls are being used and what rates people are getting. If there’s a mechanical problem, they can tell it’s not being used.

ShaunyD | February 28, 2020

Agreed, Tesla knows whats going on remotely. The problem is the end-user not knowing if a stall is out of order. This sucks at busy times when all but one stall is being used. Cars keep showing up and trying that empty stall and then lose their spot in line.

Does anybody have a clever solution to flag a defective stall for end-users? I never seem to have anything on me to attach to the "pump" .

ShaunyD | February 28, 2020

The other issue is if Tesla fixes the stall remotely, or it just starts working again, how do you remove the out-of-order signage?

WW_spb | February 29, 2020

Mega easy to add status of stalls to Tesla app with indication of exact stall out of service and remove status once it's back to service. Maybe holla at Elon on Twitter.

WW_spb | February 29, 2020

If Bighorn is correct, I don't see why it would be hard to implement.

Bighorn | February 29, 2020

Post it or taped notes or hanging the cord over the top are the most common methods.

FISHEV | February 29, 2020

“Mega easy to add status of stalls to Tesla app with indication of exact stall out of service and remove status once it's back to service.“

Apparently not as Woodburn, Wash. Sq and Vancouver WA all have chargers down but all show all available. Tesla boilerplate is just that, they really don’t know what’s working and what’s not. Only way they’ll know is if customers take the time to call.

lbowroom | February 29, 2020

Knowing status and reporting on app aren’t the same thing. Stop trying to tie up customer service lines

Tronguy | February 29, 2020

FISH is present. Fish occasionally tells the truth, but then tends to dive into the weeds, on purpose. Sorting truth from fiction from the entity isn't worth the effort. Hence:

Public Service Announcement:

FISHEV is a known troll of several years standing and several user names who pushes an anti Tesla narrative. Please take his opinions with a grain of salt, avoid any advice he may suggest, and do not let him implant any Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt about Tesla or your car into your own opinion.

FISHEV | February 29, 2020

"Knowing status and reporting on app aren’t the same thing."

Knowing status and reporting on the app are the same thing.

Nothing worse than see a couple open chargers, making the run only to find a line and two down chargers.

Pvitale | May 24, 2020

Super charger in Staten Island stopped showing info on app such as how many people are at stalls about a month ago how can I report this?

lbowroom | May 24, 2020

You think they don’t know?

mbrocious67 | July 5, 2020

Bend, OR has 4 spots out of 8 not working.

finman100 | July 6, 2020

Spokane WA is fully non-operational. All 8 spots dead. these are the brand new 250 kW Superchargers. thin cables, pretty good location and ease of getting in and out of parking lot. Subway, Starbucks, gas station convenience store, etc.

I called Tesla Support (877-798-3752) and chose "charging trouble" from the automated menu. it said it was closed/after hours and it hung up. Tried again but chose emergency from the menu. got right thru and talked to a nice person who apologized and said they did not know about the status of Spokane. Maybe next trip thru I'll get 250 kW! had enough to get to Ritzville. bummer.

This was all on Sunday July 5th, 2020 (just yesterday).

Oct 2018 Model 3 LR rear wheel drive with Aeros and newly purchased basic autopilot. what a road trip machine!! love it.