Any Ham Radio Operators in the group? VHF mobile installation query?

Any Ham Radio Operators in the group? VHF mobile installation query?

My Young Bride and I are Hams (W4AOP & W4AMK) and want to install a VHF (2 mtrs & 70 Cms) rig into our new MS85 when it arrives next month. Has anyone done that, and how is the reception in the MS with that myriad of electronics riding along ? And, are there any or many problems when transmitting? In our Peugeot the widow wipers came on with every transmission. Lastly, any tips on antenna placement - Rear deck or roof or...??

Tnx much, Dick

Brian H | August 21, 2013

Installing external antennas on a Tesla is irregular, illegal, and will result in your car being recalled and junked. Be warned. >:(

wcalvin | August 21, 2013

If you have the pano roof, there are roofrack screw mounts hidden under flaps above the B pillar. Good place for a whip antenna. Route coax through hatchback seal. Check for RFI into Model S's computer (which is under the center armrest).

Note that the windshields and side glass make a good faraday cage for lower frequency bands than cell phones use.

JimAlger | August 21, 2013

Your #1 issue is ground. I haven't tried the larson glass mount antenna but from what I an tell it *should* work on the rear window, Otherwise you can use a lip mount on the rear but will need to ground directly to the vehicle (easy enough but still needs to be done)

Running a Dstar iCom 2520 2m/70cm runs just fine with no adverse effects but I recommend adding extra shielding to the rig and any connectors, and run on low pwr whenever possible.


Bob W | August 21, 2013

See this thread from last month.

stevenmaifert | August 22, 2013

No alternator whine in the audio :) N6HMB

wcalvin | August 22, 2013

Those roof rack screw holes look like they would do a good job of grounding.

hjzebra | August 23, 2013

#Bob W, Tnx - hadn't seen the previous thread.

#Brian H - Gosh! Been hamming mobile for 60 years and didn't realize how much trouble I could get into. Now I'm quaking! ;)

Ethan.richard | January 7, 2015

i am looking to use a ft-8800 with a trunk lip mount and a commet sbb-5 which doesn't need a ground plane.

murphyS90D | January 7, 2015

You might want to reconsider. The trunk lip is glass and it folds down underneath the roof when the trunk is opened. A mag mount is also out since all of the exterior metal is aluminum.

ke3he | February 9, 2015

Just got a S85 at end of Dec 2014 and want to install VHF/UHF. Is everybody using the (only) 12V connector? Is it good enuf for a 12-15 amp rig?

73 de KE3HE

garygid | February 9, 2015

K6EKE here.
Where have those with an installation placed or mounted an antenna?

murphyS90D | February 9, 2015

The 12 volt outlet has a 15 amp fuse.

Doctor-Pat | April 6, 2015

Yes, I'm interested too in some kind of ham work-around that is functional but not ugly.
Looks like they don't want us to tie directly into the 12V battery.
May have to use a phone app!

barrykmd | April 6, 2015

I'm going to buy an HT for occasional use, and sell my current Kenwood duobander. Hardly use it, as there's little activity on 2m around Denver.

It would be neat to have an SDR (like a K3 or Flex) in your SDC :-) | April 6, 2015

There are a few open fuse locations. If you have the basic audio, the Ultimate audio has an extra 15 amp fuse that is free. I've connected a sub-woofer amp with a 30 amp fuse without a problem. I know others have connected up amplifiers to the 12V battery via a 80 amp fuse. Not sure what the maximum draw is, but I'd say 80 amps is close to the limit. It would be safer to use less power or use an auxiliary battery (yuck). From memory (which could be faulty!) the DC to DC converter goes through a 250 amp fuse.

PV_Dave @US-PA | April 7, 2015

Using a mobile VHF rig shouldn't typically need more than 20A.

kirk.harding | January 3, 2016

We've had our S85D for a couple of weeks and I've just started to give thought to installing a rig. As far as a rig goes I'd use the Flex 6700 and using the Mastro as a remote controller. Haven't solved the antenna problem but sure I will figure it out. By the way, I have the 6700 as a home station. Works great.


Kirk, K6KAR
Osprey, FL