Any idea what Elon's tweet relates to? Is it the X release ?

Any idea what Elon's tweet relates to? Is it the X release ?

About time to unveil the D and something else

Jeremy.ogorek | October 1, 2014

Comparing the model X pictures with the car in the D garage it looks fairly similar. I'd guess the unveiling of the Model X and possibly the Model III/D sportscar/SUV double unveiling of a design. Maybe they will start taking reservations for the third generation vehicle to raise capital for the gigafactory. Get their customers to help them pay to build the factory.

barrykmd | October 1, 2014

D = dual motors = AWD S?

Tâm | October 1, 2014

That Model D does not look like a Model X.

Model X does not have upper eye brow lights.

This Model D looks more exact like a Model S based on its light pattern.

Brian H | October 2, 2014
bca7080 | October 2, 2014

Hope the "something else" is when deliveries start on the Model X. | October 2, 2014

Based on that picture I'd say there is no way that is a Model X. The stance and light pattern seem to be the Model S. However, it really looks a bit more muscular along the sides, but that could just be the lighting.

I'd guess it is the Dual Motor MS and the feature upgrades people have been seeing ship in their new MS's. | October 2, 2014 | October 2, 2014

This is probably out in left field, but the only other thing I could think of is something like "Driverless", possibly with the other letter being something like "Automation".

I wouldn't be too surprised if the camera updates that are in the MS now make them "autonomous ready" from a hardware perspective. Obviously it would need to be enabled in a future software update when tested and government approved.

jjs | October 2, 2014

You are all missing the obvious. D is for Dump Truck. Finally something from Tesla with utilitarian value. ;)

Roamer@AZ USA | October 2, 2014

Four wheel drive super S will start taking reservations.

rossRallen | October 2, 2014

I'll bet the D is for a 4WD Model S. Since it shares the platform with the 4WD Model X, and the X is almost ready to launch that would make sense.

Let's hope "the something else" is opening the X Design Stidio. That also makes sense for a 3-month lead on delivery of the first Signature vehicles.

USCRXDR | October 2, 2014

i think the D stands for either complete or partially DRIVERLESS car, second choice would e dual motors

primetime98 | October 2, 2014

It seems to me with each letter a completely new model has come out, rather than a tweak to the model. My guess would be either going back to its sports car roots (aka a revamped roadster) or a S type but convertible. I do agree it seems like the other announcement could finally be more concrete delivery dates for the X.

Here's hoping for more good things.

Sig X #911

finished | October 2, 2014

D = "delayed" :) | October 2, 2014

Rauv - That D has already been revealed several times

Khagge1 | October 2, 2014

Perhaps they have done a total redesign of the look and stance of the X in response to customer feedback. I happen to like the look of the X prototype, but it is just that. As long as I can punch it and feel like I'm flying I don't really give a damn what look tweaks they make. Dying to get my hands on my X.

Khagge1 | October 2, 2014

Perhaps they have done a total redesign of the look and stance of the X in response to customer feedback. I happen to like the look of the X prototype, but it is just that. As long as I can punch it and feel like I'm flying I don't really give a damn what look tweaks they make. Dying to get my hands on my X.

Troy's SnX | October 2, 2014

D = Design Sudio. We've been waiting forever for that to happen with the X. I ordered over 2 1/2 years ago and continue to wait patiently. Maybe the design is different than first seen or they just used a model s for the pic to intrigue us.

Troy's SnX | October 2, 2014

Elon's latest tweet said he's glad he didn't mention the other letter. That would have been 'S' for studio. Odds are...

primetime98 | October 2, 2014

I think you could be right Troy, since he says D and Something else, the S in studio seems to be the other thing. Well looking forward to it!


NumberOne | October 2, 2014

One thing that I have heard many times was that the Dual Motor S will not be released before the Model X is ready. I like the Design Studio theory, and I am certain it will be coming soon. I will however, refrain from saying anything else.

pvetesla | October 2, 2014

Just guessing but the "D" on the picture has the same look as the "X" and "S". I hope it's a new vehical type!

Maybe a convertible?!?!

jerrystesla | October 2, 2014

How about D for distance?

On another note, it's about time Tesla incorporates many (if not all) of the radar and other safety functions most of the latest automobiles offer.
I put off purchasing the S, deciding to wait for the X.
I purchased the Infiniti QX60 while I wait for my (reserved) X.
Hoping the X will have competitive radar like safety features like those ALRESDY in my QX60!

OG | October 2, 2014

I just received an email inviting me to the unveiling at the Hawthorne airfield on October 9th. I have a signature series #292 Model X reserved. Did everyone get this invite? Just reservation holders? Just Model X reservation holders? Just signature reservation holders? Anyone else seen anything?

NumberOne | October 2, 2014

D for distraction. All Elon really intended to say was that a couple of major announcements were coming. @OG, I was not planning to publicly say anything that I did not read in the news, so I probably would have made a private post if at all.

jjs | October 2, 2014

My money, sadly is no longer on the Dump Truck. I got the email too. I am sig reservation holder 631.

@Rauv - That was funny! Made me laugh.

@Troy's SnX - I think you nailed it. It is D for Design and the other letter is most likely S for Studio. It will be the unveiling of the X.

I'm so let down. The Dump Truck would have been SOOO cool. :)

Troy's SnX | October 2, 2014

I agree with the new X unveiling. Too bad I can't be there. It'd be awesome to see. Hopefully they will schedule a test drive/ride like they did in Oct. 2011 with the model S at the factory. It was well done.

S Sig #823
X Sig # 23

Epley | October 2, 2014

Could be the Saleen Model S--D for damn fast!

pvetesla | October 2, 2014

We'll shoot. I'm just a regular reservation holder and it took about a year to convince my wife to put the deposit. She loves our S but she's not sure about the doors and overall look.
I hope we get the invite. I want my wife to be excited about the X. As of now she is still on the fence. Her main reason is because she hasn't seen it yet.

aaquino22 | October 2, 2014

#6485 Non-signature reservation holder.

No invite :(. Still, I'm super excited about the unveiling next week!

toby_wan_kenoby | October 2, 2014

Sig# 1347 and no invite
Has any high sig reservation holder received an invite email?

QAtesla | October 3, 2014

Sig #769 -- I got it

primetime98 | October 3, 2014

I got it as well, Sig#911. I'm hopeful I can go. Should be an exciting event! Either way it means we are now much closer to our X's it feels like it's right around the horizon.

Red Sage ca us | October 3, 2014

I think that both Dual Drive and Driver Assist are great guesses.

My guess...? 'D' is for 'DROPTOP'... That looks like a Model S to me.

Tesla Model S version D85... People have been asking for a hardtop convertible version of the car...

Hmmm... Now I have to check my e-mail too... Hawthorne is like, around the corner, down the street from me...

logicalthinker | October 3, 2014

My wife wants to buy another SUV and I'm trying to figure out how to time-warp into the future and snag an X...

pgeerlofs | October 3, 2014

I'm a Sig X reservation holder (#209) and got invite. Judging from the Tesla Motors Club blog, only Model Sig X holders got the invite. Sure looks we'll get to see the beta. My wife and I decided to cash in some free miles and get from Seattle to the event. So excited! And keeping fingers crossed.

slade | October 3, 2014

Its also possible that its the third generation prototype.

Iowa92x | October 3, 2014


lkashworth | October 3, 2014

X reservation #8743 (or something close). I just got an invite at 4:00p PDT today. Dang, I can't go!

Gary3 | October 3, 2014

Got my invite today. Non-Sig #822.

OG | October 3, 2014

@pgeerlofs. I'm not familiar with how work this forum. My wife and I are also going from Seattle. Might be on the same flights. Would like to communicate directly. How do we do that?

Brian H | October 3, 2014


pvetesla | October 3, 2014


Got my invite...RSVP'd... I'll be there!!

It better be about the X or I'm going to be in trouble with the wife! She wants to see the car...not any "D" model that's coming out.

Fingers crossed!

Red Sage ca us | October 3, 2014

slade: I think Tesla Motors is learning from their mistakes. They will likely not show the Model ≡ until they are certain production will begin within two years. Though I hoped for it to be shown as early as the North American International Auto Show in January 2015, it now seems that will be pushed to early 2016 instead. That way if production begins in late 2016, or mid-2017, no one with a Reservation will have an interminable wait.

GLO | October 3, 2014

We got the email and we are production model x #8928.

ian | October 3, 2014

Reservation number under 4000 but no invite yet! C'mon Tesla!

pvetesla | October 3, 2014

@Ian T. I bet you get it.... eventually. Don't forget to check your spam.

But.....I also have a Model S. Not sure if that makes a difference for the invite? Anyone, not a Sig, get an invite but not have a Model S?

woohoo | October 3, 2014

#5862, no invite, and we do not have an Model S.

Babyrocket | October 4, 2014

Model S owner, Model X reservation #55 (production), no invite

aaquino22 | October 4, 2014

#6485. I got an invite... Yay. But I can't go. The kids have school.