Any information about Tesla S model updates?

Any information about Tesla S model updates?

Good evening.
Does someone of you have any information about Tesla S model updates? I don't mean software updates, I mean general updates of the Model S, e.g. new assistance systems, modified/improved heating, etc.
Any information is highly appreciated!
Kind regards

mikefa | July 31, 2014

The lightening "zen" car is pretty much perfect as it is... it is not meant to be compared with a bloated fluffy ICE car... what kind of updates are you waiting for?

jordanrichard | July 31, 2014

Though there are confirmed updates, there are no confirmed dates as to when they will take place. One of these is the seats. Though there was a change to the seat's firmness back in March, many people still think they could be improved, to include Elon Musk himself. He said they are working on a new seat, but again, no timeframe.

Right now they are in the middle of ramping up a second production line and getting the final touches done on the Model X.

NomoDinos | July 31, 2014

Jordan - on the contrary, the updates are definitely going to be released soon.

jazshinn | July 31, 2014

any word on how soon? I'm just waiting for this to pull the trigger. Was hoping it would be today.

NomoDinos | August 1, 2014

Haha, sorry if I was misleading. Absolutely no idea. I was making fun of the "Tesla soon", i.e. "someday in the near or not so near future... but definitely someday".

There is talk about early August, but it's probably just talk.

NomoDinos | August 1, 2014

Next time, I'll break out more of my Chris Farley "quotation marks" ;)

Anthony J. Parisio | August 1, 2014

Let's see what happens after the plant reopens this Monday. With $100,000,000.00 upgrade to the plant, it is likely up dates to the car would happen now.

franklinwino | August 1, 2014

I am as hopeful as you guys about some feature announcements. However, it seems like with a three month lead time for deliveries, they would already have any option changes loaded into the order system weeks/months ago (that were conditioned on the retooling of the line). With absolutely zero discussion on the earnings release call, I am becoming less optimistic on near term feature changes. I will likely bite the bullet this weekend and order.

Brian H | August 1, 2014

"someday soon"
"the perfect is the enemy of the good"
You can't take it with you, or acquire it afterwards.

Anthony J. Parisio | August 1, 2014

I'm giving it till Wensday!

info | August 1, 2014

They are all just around the corner.

carlk | August 1, 2014

There will likely be new features, big or small, added every few months. No one knows what these will be until Tesla's announcement. You can keep reading the forum to find out. If you continue to read this forum for three years you will still be asking the same question.

bduke | August 1, 2014

Zappa98:What do you mean, "improved heating system"? The system is awesome. I have the cold weather upgrade and I have never had a better heating system. Instant heat, you don't have to drive for 10 miles to get the water temp up enough to operate they system, what more could you want?

jordanrichard | August 1, 2014

Had my car at the service center today to fix a Bluetooth issue and they added 5.12. I told them that it wouldn't hurt my feelings if they loaded 6.0....... :-) To which they responded, with a degree od laughter that they don't have it yet.

Can't fault me for trying.

P.Mac | August 1, 2014

It probably does not make much sense to speculate, since we will know soon enough and none of us knows squat . . .

But here goes anyway. 6.0 update is due and promises to include some neat stuff. Lots of talk about interesting safety features and nice seat improvements. A factory redesign providing a window to launch changes. And we are approaching the fall season which is the traditional time for ICE's to do their new model launches.

Could it be that Tesla has planned to wrap all of these things together into a big publicity splash. And maybe we get everything . . . Soon.

Brian H | August 2, 2014

Maybe a "mid-cycle upgrade" soon? Elon noted real changes run every 7 yrs or so, with a mid-cycle bump for the old model ... More likely 2015, I suppose.

2050project | August 3, 2014

Article published today that speaks to new features and updates:

erandall38 | August 10, 2014

What happened with these potential updates? Did most the guys in here end up ordering? | August 11, 2014

Ordered 2 d ago and take the upgrades as they come... Can't wait

carlk | August 11, 2014

That is the smart thing to do. What is the bigger loss, lacking some small new features or six months without driving the amazing car? Not to mention you could wait forever since new features will never stop coming.

DTsea | August 11, 2014

Seattle Service told me on Saturday that 6.0 is in debug and expected to deploy in 1-2 months.

toby_wan_kenoby | August 11, 2014

Once Model X comes out they are forced to introduce updated interior design to the Model S in my view.

I am facing the same dilemma, upgrade now from a Roadster or wait for the Roadster "Christmas" surprise from Elon and upgrade after that to the Model X that I have reserved?

Pungoteague_Dave | August 11, 2014

@STsea "Seattle Service told me on Saturday that 6.0 is in debug and expected to deploy in 1-2 months."

That's essentially what Elon said last October. Ten months later...crickets. | August 11, 2014

Also with demand still high, Tesla could have a price increase when some new option is available. That happened last August when parking sensors were added, although to be fair, the base price didn't change. The pricing of options and the options mix changed.

So you could wait, but the price could be higher or not, and the option may be available or not and you could be driving that crappy ICE car or not. I voted for fun now, rather than unneeded future features that might never appear.

lak_ers | August 12, 2014

@Anthony J. Parisio: have you ordered your Tesla yet? I know you had been waiting for possible hardware upgrades after the factory opened up but now that it seems to be back into production (based on other messages on the forum) have you pulled the trigger like @the_jacobis or still waiting?

I'm itching to pull the trigger on my order... have it all speced out and just have to enter in my credit card info. I was holding off for blind spot and maybe a few other options but they don't seem to have made the cut yet... the longer I wait the longer I have to keep driving my ICE.

franklinwino | August 12, 2014

lak.gill I gave up and ordered. Don't want to risk not pulling tax credit into 2014. I bet that if you confirm now, and a change comes along in a month, they will take care of you.

Anthony J. Parisio | August 12, 2014

I did more than ordered! I took an inventory car (what we use to call a demo). It is being delivered tomorrow night. I have already given them the check from my credit union loan. So all that is left is to bring me the car and sign a few paper. The one month wait ended up in a savings of $11000.00. Plus all the car has is S85, Pano Roof, Napa Leather and tech package. I choose this because I know in 3 years there will be a MS that has all I want. I will save now and spend more latter.

J.T. | August 12, 2014

Great news, Anthony! Best of luck.

Anthony J. Parisio | August 12, 2014

Thanks J.T. I's pretty. White with black leather. The black of the pano roof and nose cone really go perfectly to complete the color sceam. I'm sure you already know this but it just looks so good in person.

I got to drive it yesterday. It's like "a wolf in sheep's clothing." It looks like a big luxury sedan but move like a true sports car. Just awesome! Again you already know this.

By the way J.T., I was just talking with a Tesla rep. today . He confirmed what I said in other posts. Range mileage on the main screen is just a guess. It is by no means an accurate measurement. All of these people discharging their cars and fully charging them in order to get that number higher or backup are wasting their time. He said the guess changes according to past history and past driving habits. Only true measurement would be in kilowatts.

ride525 | August 12, 2014


How many miles on your car?

J.T. | August 13, 2014

@Anthony mine is white with tan, and I agree about the pano adding so much to the color contrast.

As for this By the way J.T., I was just talking with a Tesla rep. today . He confirmed what I said in other posts. Range mileage on the main screen is just a guess. It is by no means an accurate measurement. All of these people discharging their cars and fully charging them in order to get that number higher or backup are wasting their time. He said the guess changes according to past history and past driving habits. Only true measurement would be in kilowatts. it's good to have additional confirmation that this is the case. You might have seen a letter from Jerome that someone posted a few months back about this.

After realizing we were chasing phantom electrons I decided I no longer care what a range charge shows. My battery health is Tesla's problem not mine.

Keep grinning.

Anthony J. Parisio | August 13, 2014

7322 miles

karmamule | August 13, 2014

Congrats @Anthony J. Parisio, I hope it brings you many many miles of delighted driving until your next Tesla! :)

Anthony J. Parisio | August 13, 2014

You are so right. If we want to know how far we can go, all we have to do is keep track of how many kw/miles we use on a regular basis. That will train our minds to getting use to our car and our diving habits. We all got use to this with gasoline. I'm sure we can do it with kw's. I just wish new owners did not have to go through this fearful stage. I'm sure it is not fun.

When I talk with non Tesla people, 300 miles scares them because they still think about going to a station to "fill up." They don't comprehend how little of that range they will use in a day. With this new alien thing, "home fill ups," they will most likely never need a SC.

I still have to get my MS, but I have done my homework and listen to all of you owners and experts who have done lithium battery testing. Thanks to all of your sharing, I am not worried. I am very grateful to you all. Thank you.

Haeze | August 13, 2014

Any time I get that reaction I just ask the person "How many times have you had to fill your gas tank twice in the same day ?" Because when you start the day with a full charge, it is the same as having a "full tank" every morning.

Haggy | August 13, 2014


The "smart thing to do" depends on your situation. I was definitely in the "wait to see what comes" camp until somebody totaled my previous car. Now I'm a couple of weeks away from delivery and will be getting what I consider a compromise. It's better than the competition in my opinion, so it made more sense to buy an MS than to buy another brand and wait for an indefinite number of years before buying a Tesla. Regardless of which car I bought, getting a Tesla with all the features I wanted wasn't an option. And replacing my MS will likely be no different from replacing anything else when it comes to time frame, so getting a newer Tesla at some point is no more or less of an option because of this.

Had I not needed a new car right away (not literally since there's a waiting list but I have enough other vehicles to hold me through) I might have held onto my old car long enough to see what came in the future. For now, there's a significant backlog, but it still would have been one less order for Tesla, and there's also the issue of what the competition does over the next year or two.

So in my case the best course of action was not to wait, but it could have easily been the other way around. Frankly, I was fine with my previous car and still regret having to give up many features that Tesla could have added so easily. Tesla still has to consider lost sales, since the goal should be to be able to produce as many cars as people want to buy. Then every sale lost is a sale lost.

As it is, when I drive something else, I miss certain features. I can always say to myself "...but what can I expect in the old minivan" or "...what can I expect in the $30,000 car I bought for my daughter." But I won't feel good saying to myself "Feature X isn't there, but what can I expect in my $100,000 Tesla?"

Anthony J. Parisio | August 13, 2014

Great way of explaining it! I will use this.

Lycanthrope P85 | August 13, 2014

@Haggy - give yourself a few weeks driving your MS and you'll wonder how you could ever had considered another car, regardless of features...

Haggy | August 13, 2014

It's not a question of considering another car. It's a matter of passing a billboard, reading a phone number and not being able to ask the car to call it so I can make a dinner reservation. It's a matter of wanting to turn on ACC and not having it. For some people, it might be a matter of not having a place to hang the dry cleaning or Grandpa having no header handle to grab onto when he gets in the car. Priorities are different for different people, but for those things that are present on 100% of competing vehicles, there will be people who end up in situations where they want them, and it won't be a matter of regretting owning the car. It won't be a matter of wishing they bought something else. It will be a matter of not liking the fact that the car lacks whatever specific feature they want to use but isn't there.

For me, the lack of some of those features was enough to keep me from getting a Tesla when I didn't need a new car. The solution was to not buy any brand of new car. And if Tesla had those features, it would have been to buy the Model S immediately rather than waiting until I no longer wanted my then-current car.

Tiebreaker | August 13, 2014

Is a hyperspace drilling mind numbing electric drive present on any of the 100% competing vehicles?

No car is for everybody. You have the right not to wait for the missing features on MS and buy any of the 100% competing vehicles. Or not. All those features are present on my living room sofa paired with my smartphone.

Haggy | August 13, 2014

I don't expect that either of us will change our minds, but you still seem to be missing that it's not a question of whether I would have bought the car anyway. I really didn't consider other cars. Tesla was on the top of my list and I wasn't planning on test driving anything else unless Tesla failed to be everything I expected it to be. I am not in any way saying I wish I bought something else or that another car is better simply because it has those other features.

But I'm not in the fan boy "Tesla can do no wrong" camp either. No matter how good the car is, the missing features are still not there. I still want them. And I still wouldn't have bought the car without them had I not needed a new car. I simply would have stuck with my old car. And I definitely would have bought the Tesla had it had those features even if I didn't need a new car. And I would still pay for upgrades if Tesla makes available some of those features in the future.

Your argument simply makes the case for buying the Tesla, but we already agree on that point. I already bought the car and have no regrets. So you can agree with me all you want on that point, it doesn't change the other ones.

Tiebreaker | August 13, 2014

Congrats, Haggy. Enjoy your ride.

Brian H | August 14, 2014

"the goal should be to be able to produce as many cars as people want to buy. Then every sale lost is a sale lost." Yeah, that should happen about 2022. Or not, maybe 10 days before never.

richardthomas | August 14, 2014

@Haggy, you won't get any sympathy or validation from this crowd. Trust me. You are wrong and a bad person.

I, however, know exactly what you're talking about and feel the same way. I'm waiting it out not because I don't think it's awesome, but because I know it's constantly getting better and will eventually have everything I want soon enough. For $100k, this is a no-compromise vehicle. For some people, they aren't compromising - so they are happy and hate people like you and I. That's fine. I understand why comments like these would hurt a current owner's feelings or make them feel stupid - but what can you do. This forum doesn't have a separate room for us insatiable jerks.

There will be plenty of people willing to enjoy a quick purchase of your current MS when Tesla rolls out the updated version you really want. And it won't be 2022 when that happens either. Probably sooner than everybody thinks. Just don't crash it into anything in the meantime.

adamwglass | August 14, 2014

On battery charging, one Tesla veteran tells me he just operates it on the bottom half of the battery capacity for fast Supercharges. Has taken his car from Florida to Maine and back.

jdb | August 14, 2014

@richardthomas. Your discussion reminded me of my spouse not wanting to get an iPhone. She and I both had Blackberries for many years. About two years ago I switched and was happy. She refused, saying new generations of iPhones coming out with features she wanted, for two years would not pull trigger. Finally last month her Blackberry died, had to switch, very satisfied with current generation iPhone whatever that is. Certainly far from a $100K purchase and I am not belittling importance of features such as a clothes hangar in rear cabin, even though of no importance to me. Having just had 24K mile service on my Sig MS couldn't be happier with early adopter decision years ago, and with Model X general production number below 700 also looking forward to early version of Model X so wife can drive it while carrying her iPhone. But each to his own, it is an expensive purchase and certainly nothing wrong with waiting for Godot if necessary to make sure that vehicle has all bells and whistles you want.

karmamule | August 14, 2014

Up until recently the one feature I told myself I "had to have" on my next car was Adaptive Cruise Control. Well, so much for that.

In my case it wasn't enough of a gap to derail all the tremendous positives I can't wait to have. I've driven 36 years without ACC, I think I can drive a few more.

But, if someone's personal priorities put ACC and/or other features higher than all the great features of a Model S then that's their call. I'll just wish them luck finding the vehicle of their dreams sometime soon!

Even with all the rumors swirling about that ACC may be offered soon I've made my peace with the possibility that it comes out in the near future and "if I'd only waited..." blahblahblah. No more waiting for me! Well, only 29 days. I hope.