Any pre-AP owners get new update with Text to voice

Any pre-AP owners get new update with Text to voice

I know the latest update is just now getting out there and it appears that plenty of Model 3 cars have received it already, but was just wondering if any fellow old school MS owners, specifically pre-AP cars, have received it.

Renzo | December 25, 2019

I have 2013 pre-AP model S... no update for me to download yet... guess Gen 1 model S people got coal for christmas LOL... hopefully we will get the holiday update for New Years!!! (crossing fringers)

bp | December 25, 2019

Our 2018 X 100D (AP 2/MCU2) received the update.

Still waiting for our 2017 S 100D (AP2/MCU1) to get the update.

Tesla's software updates this year are heading the wrong direction for supporting all but the most recent (past year) vehicles.

The latest update on our 2018 X didn't get the "FSD preview", even though we purchased FSD with the vehicle; evidently that functionality is only available with the new HW3/AP3 processor. Recognizing and display traffic signs surely can't require the increased processing power of the AP3 processor - if they aren't providing the feature with the AP2 processor, it must only be a software compatibility issue - which means they aren't sharing source code between AP2/AP3 processors - those of us with FSD and not yet upgraded to the AP3 processor are starting to see fewer of the new features.

The same thing has been happening with MCU1 vehicles for multiple releases this year. When the vehicle is parked, the MCU1 processor should be more than fast enough to handle the video streaming and at least some of the games that were released for MCU2. Not providing those features for MCU1 is most likely not a hardware constraint - but a decision by Tesla not to spend software resources on MCU1 - pointing to the lack of source code compatibility between MCU1 and MCU2.

This is a risky strategy for Tesla to follow - if they are not providing backwards compatibility for source code when they introduce new processors, they're going to repeat this situation in the future - and negate the value of the claim that Tesla will provide software updates for the lifetime of the vehicles...

Renzo | December 25, 2019

I know Elon has mentioned this on twitter several times, the ability to upgrade MCU 1 to MCU 2. I think if Tesla would officially make it happen, then it would put a lot of owners at ease. Elon has mentioned recently that he thinks it would cost about 2K for the update, but right now its very labor intensive. I have talked to Tesla service technicians, and it is POSSIBLE to do it now... its not about the ability to make it happen... its just about flipping a switch and the powers at be giving the OKAY to do it.
right now Service Centers are flooded with warranty claims and I think thats the main reason they are declining to do upgrade MCU work right now, but I think they should at least officially make the ability to upgrade your MCU avaliable. even if they said "okay you can purchase your MCU upgrade now, but a service center appointment for that work will not be possible until 3 months from now" I know I would at least feel more confident that my car is not obsolete and I would not mind waiting as long as I know I am able to do it.
I think because Tesla keeps denying the ability for an upgrade of MCU (officially) people feel like their older cars are becoming obsolete.

jordanrichard | December 25, 2019

I understand that the older cars like mine not getting every feature within each update, but still at least getting updates that are adding functionality. Though there have been features within updates that have nothing to do with AP/FSD that I surely thought my car would get, but yet.......

Things like pre-heating the battery while on route to a supercharger or the ability to open one’s garage door via the app.

Renzo | December 25, 2019

are you saying that your car does NOT have on route battery heating when going to supercharger/ ability to open ones garage door via the app, or are you saying that your car DOES get those features?
I have 2013 model S and I have the on route battery conditioning (at least my release notes say I do) but I cannot open garage door from my app even though my car DOES have homelink.

jordanrichard | December 25, 2019

Renzo, I should have been more specific I about the battery warming. I have read others saying they get a symbol on their screens while on route to a supercharger, that their battery is being prepped for charging and I have never seen that. Perhaps I just didn’t see it. Where on the screen would one see this symbol and what does it look like?

As for Homelink, yes I have that and the auto opening/closing, along with the auto fold based on location, but one Homelink symbol on my app. Though oddly, Notifications I options for Summons even though my car doesn’t have Summons.

jordanrichard | December 25, 2019

Sorry for the typos. I meant “...... but no Homelink symbol”. Also, “....for Notifications I have options for.....”

freeewilly | December 25, 2019

Don't think Tesla makes MCU in house, I wonder who makes them.

Renzo | December 26, 2019

@jordanrichard thats VERY interesting (the battery warning icon) I have never seen that as well, I did not know that the icon even existed. if I try to rationalize why I have never seen that icon, I would say that because I live in South FL. the battery has always been at "optimal" temperature driving through warm weather so the car has never had to "preheat" the battery before arriving at supercharger, but I have never seen the icon so i think I may need to call Tesla customer service... but sometimes they give me round about answer. | December 26, 2019

@freeewilly - Tesla does make the MCUs in house, unlike just about every other automaker. I've watched the assembly line on one of my factory tours. It is not on the normal tour, so most never see them being built. Doing an MCU disassembly, you can also see the Tesla copyright on the PCBs. They are built at Fremont on the upper level. The display is a bought part.

jesse.cushing | December 26, 2019

I received the update last night, after getting a message from Tesla that it was coming and that it included support for texts (which I was excited about). However, I don't see any signs that this functionality exists. I watched a YouTube video of how the text features look and work in a model 3, and no sign of those changes in my car. I have a 2014 S 60. I don't see any reason this feature couldn't be added, since there's no special intense processing involved.

EVRider | December 27, 2019

@jesse: Which update did you receive exactly? Did the release notes mention the texting features (under Phone Improvements)? If so, did you follow the setup instructions in the release notes?

bp | December 27, 2019

It's understandable when features aren't provided because the hardware isn't there or the processor/graphics aren't capable of handling the feature.

Limiting AP1 functionality is understandable because there isn't a dedicated AP processor and AP1 lacks the full sensor suite.

But not providing software-only features on MCU1 is a resource decision by Tesla - not putting software resources on getting those features to work on MCU1 - possibly more expensive if Tesla didn't design MCU2 to have source code compatibility with MCU1.

Still waiting for the release on our 2017 S 100D/MCU1 vehicle.

Does anybody with an MCU1 vehicle have the update - and verify that the new text-to-voice and voice-to-text features are included in their release notes - and it's working?

Renzo | December 27, 2019

2013 S60 here... still no update download.... :(

reed_lewis | December 27, 2019

Late 2016 Model S 75D with MCU1/HW2.0 No update as of yet.

jesse.cushing | December 28, 2019

I got a notification from Tesla that the software update with text support was coming, and then a software update came that night, so I assumed that update was the one with text support, but I suppose this may have been some OTHER software update. The car says it is currently up to date, and running v10.1 (2019.40.2.1 38f55d9f9205) I see some references agreeing that the update with texting support is 2019.40.50. So I suppose I don't have that yet. I've only had the car a few weeks, sorry for the noob mistake :)

jesse.cushing | December 28, 2019

Little follow-up, the release notes currently just shows a blank page, which I saw some others have experienced as well. (contributed to my confusion) I'll hold out hope that this update is still coming eventually, perhaps with a few bugs fixed first.

Renzo | December 28, 2019

its ok @jesse.cushing I am currently on 2019.40.2.3 the update that is being referred to as holiday update is the .50 one. Hopefully we will get before New Years holiday...

EVRider | December 28, 2019

@jesse: For what it’s worth, my 2018 S100D hasn’t received the “holiday update” either, it’s still on 40.1.1. Our Model 3 did receive the update, on Christmas Eve.

jordanrichard | December 28, 2019

EVRider, you are still on 40.1.1? I already got 40.2.3. Well, that clearly demonstrates that there is no rhyme or reason to who gets updates and when. | December 28, 2019

Versions may not apply to your specific car. For the last two years, Tesla has releases that are not fleet-wide. If a change is made for AP1 cars, Tesla does not release it to newer or pre AP1 cars. There are so many vehicle variants now, it makes a lot of sense and dramatically reduces bandwidth costs. Better for owners too, as we don't have to bother with updates that would do nothing to the car.

Still, I'd love to get the new .50 release too :) I'm on 40.2.1, but with a different car, that release may never occur.

EVRider | December 30, 2019

Our Model S finally got 40.50.5 yesterday. It was on 40.2.1 before (not 40.1.1 as I said earlier).

sentabo | December 30, 2019

EVRider, refresh my memory---what year is your Model S? We received 40.50.1 on the 2020 but the latest on the 2015 is 40.2.3.

EVRider | December 30, 2019

Both the Model S and Model 3 are late 2018's.

Just got 40.50.5 on the Model 3 today (had 40.50.1 before).

gregrt | January 22, 2020

My Model S 75, Aug 2017 has not gotten new .50 update. I did purchase FSD, so hope to get new MCU2 with AP3 hardware. | January 22, 2020

@gregrt - No one with MCU1 has gotten the newest software. They are still working on the update. FSD only gets you AP3, unlikely to get us MCU2.

Allanf | January 24, 2020

TeslaTap - Newbie questions but others may also be confused:
* What is diff between HW version and MCU version?
* How can i find my car’s MCU version?
*. Why does MCU version matter and how does it affect FSD capabilities?
* How does Software Update Version 10.2 relate to version 2019.40.50.x?

In my particular case my S90D is a refresh version manufactured in Dec 2016. 8 Cameras so must be HW2. Paid for FSD feature when i bought car new from Tesla. Received notice Dec 24: “Coming Soon: Software Update Version 10.2 ...”

Thanks for any info on above.

jordanrichard | January 24, 2020

TT, you do know that I know all of that. Unless your comment was directed at someone else. Every car already has VC. Adding a couple more VCs shouldn't require an entire new MCU.

EVRider | January 24, 2020

@Allanf: All of your questions and more are answered in this article, also from TeslaTap:

Bill_75D | January 24, 2020

@Allanf - You have MCU1

Allanf | January 24, 2020

@EVRider - Thank you!