Any recent Model X 75D orders (Jan 2019)

Any recent Model X 75D orders (Jan 2019)

Folks - I ordered a 75D on 1/13 and was given an estimated delivery date of January. I got a text last night saying my delivery is moved to Early march. Did anybody else face this?

My config is Midnight Silver/75D/Cream interior/7 seat with EAP.

ptux | January 30, 2019

This seems to be pretty common, especially with orders that have recently gone "off menu". I ordered an MX75D in September, with estimated delivery in October. It had the rear console, which they subsequently discontinued. My delivery date was then moved to December. My SA said that this was because when options go "off menu", they get less manufacturing capacity on the floor dedicated to them, which often results in timelines being stretched out.

eric | January 30, 2019

I had the same thing happen this week. Ordered a 75D on 1/11 with a delivery estimate of Jan. Yesterday got a text saying anywhere from 2/21 to 3/20. Kind of disappointing they could be so far off.

Uncle Paul | February 2, 2019

Not unusual this time of year. Tesla pushed as many local deliveries as possible into last year to take advantage of the Tax Credit available.

Now they are sending tremendous volumes to the newly opened Asian and European markets.

vaduri | February 2, 2019

Thanks a bunch for sharing your experiences. I will keep you guys posted if I hear anything about my delivery date.

vaduri | February 13, 2019

Quick update - I got a call from my sales advisor saying that my car will be delivered on 2/19. Super excited to hear that. It is funny that I am excited like a young kid about to get his new toy, all for a car!!

So I am sure others watching this thread will also soon get their cars too.

jimglas | February 14, 2019

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