Any Tesla Owners In Princeton NJ

Any Tesla Owners In Princeton NJ

I just ordered mine few weeks back, wondering if there are any Tesla owners in Princeton NJ.

A few questions:
- How is the experience so far driving in and around town?
- What kind of did charging source you were able to get installed here?
- Whom did you use/choose to install 240v power source?
- Did you get the 3rd row seats? Did you put you get car windows tinted?


Mwal32 | June 11, 2013

I live in Princeton too, haven't pulled the trigger yet. I have seen a few around town so hopefully somebody will respond. If not, you can blaze the trail and let me know!

jainalok | June 12, 2013

Hope so.

I already ordered so, just waiting for them to send the order to factory. Delivery date should be end of July.

Let me know if you talk to anyone of the locals driving Tesla around.

unleashthesun | July 15, 2013

I just ordered mine. Delivery date in August. Let me know if you here anything from your neighbors.

Mwal32 | July 15, 2013

My delivery date is 8/1. I am having a hard time finding an electrician to install my NEMA. My advice would be to get on that ASAP. I am in Skillman.

CC | July 15, 2013


There are quite a few Model S in the Princeton area. Driving around the area with the S is great, except the traffic :)

Join the mailing list at

Most of us installed NEMA 14-50 in the garage.

I used a local electrician Paul at Preferred Electrical Contractor 201-218-4190, he does the job himself. Or you can use Solar City to install the socket, but a little bit more expensive.

I have the 3rd row child seat, it's great to have when you need to fit more people. But if your kids are older (12) or tall, they may not fit.

I highly recommend tinting the windows using Wincos 30
,it absorbs solar energy very well, one of the best on the market. Lee at Leeberbs did the tints for me, worth every penny. Here is his info:

leeberbs, LLC
5 Ilene Court
Building 7, Unit 1
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Mathew98 | July 16, 2013

- How is the experience so far driving in and around town?

> You will need to pay attention to pedestrians who are preoccupied and walk right in front of you in crosswalks. The car is totally silent so they literally won't know what hits them...

Highway driving is just awesome, just press the go pedal and you'll be able to pass any traffic and switch lanes before you finish blinking.

- What kind of did charging source you were able to get installed here?

> Most owners install 14-50 NEMA outlet in the garage. $150 - $500 would be reasonable unless your fuse box is more than 50 feet away or you need to run a separate line to a separate building structure.

- Did you get the 3rd row seats? Did you put you get car windows tinted?

> I put my two kids (4&5) in the trunk. The rear hatch window is tinted for newer production (since June). I tinted my hatch and back windows with 90% tint and they are quite happy. Of course I have to turn the AC to high...

Make sure the kids know they're getting on a roller coaster before you press the go pedal.

Mathew98 | July 16, 2013

BTW, I sure you are already aware that as NJ resident, you will not need to pay NJ state sale tax for your MS.

There no need for NJ inspection since EVs are exempt vehicles per DMV website.

You can use HOV lane even as single occupant. Please apply for special sticker.

Apply for Green EZPass tag for 10% during peak hours and up to 50% discount during off peak hours.

jk | July 16, 2013

I took delivery in April of my S. Its a dream.

I had a AV Charger installed (240 volt) and bought an extra adaptor to carry with my charging kit.

Princeton has charging stations in the Hamilton Train station parking deck (free) and in the Hulfish parking deck.

The car is elegant and the fit flawless. Heads turn every day that I drive it.

Join the NJ owners site to keep up to date. They are all very helpful and enthusiastic!

tes-s | July 16, 2013

I live 100 miles away in CT, but often travel to Princeton. Looking at Plugshare, there seems to be just one charger in Chambers Street parking garage (they could be wrong - maybe it is Hulfish). Hamilton station is Trenton, right? Very disappointing for a town with a University.

I get my MS next month, and hope to drive to Princeton in September.

CC | July 17, 2013


Agreed, for a college town, Princeton is sorely lacking public chargers.

Remember to use Plugshare , some model S owner in the Princeton area may be able to accommodate you for charging your car.

jainalok | July 22, 2013

I agree, I am trying to see if I can one installed in Carnegie Center in my building parking lot.

jainalok | July 22, 2013

My car is here. Picking up this Saturday (a whole week early) :)

We7br8chrst | August 17, 2014

Hi, everyone,

I also live in Princeton. Though first time posting, been lurking for months here as well as TMC, Teslarati. After reading many of your collective experiences, I finally have enough courage to just put down the deposit for an S85 green/tan/lacewood with pano and 19 " air. Will take delivery next July as I need to save more to reduce the monthly payments. Currently I am driving a Prius. Needless to say, it is a major decision to move up from a Prius. Was considering a Leaf, but have fallen in love with Model S ever since the test drive. Oh, well :-).

However, where I live, I have a tiny single car garage, 10' by 20', with 8 ft wide door. I've scratched or broke off the left mirror on my Prius several times from backing out (red face). My worry is that a MS will be much more tough to park in and back out of there. Do any of you park your MS outside? What's it like especially in winter? With all the snow storms last winter and salting on the road, how did your MS hold up against the elements? Anything I should be aware of and prepare for?

PhillyMomof4 | August 17, 2014

@We7br8chrst, I have a NEMA 14-50 both in my garage and on my driveway. It's a complicated story but parking and charging outside is no problem at all. My electrician built a little birdhouse cover for the outside one to help prevent the elements from getting into it. It also has a hinged metal cover that is supposed to close down over it, but the head of the charging cord is too big so the cover doesn't close all the way. Doesn't affect anything, just looks weird.

Anyway, I charged it outside in the cold, snow and rain (I live nearby in Philly) and never a problem. The ability to preheat the car with my app was very useful when getting my kids ready in the morning to take them to school! Only issue is that the car became FILTHY quickly with all the salty messy mush.

hamer | August 17, 2014

1. Welcome. You will love your MS
2. You live at maybe 10 miles from the Supercharger in Hamilton Township. You can probably charge pretty easily there when you can't charge at home.
3. I park outside (my wife has the garage too full of stuff for her monthly free flea market for refugees to park inside. I have my NEMA 14-15 located maybe 4 feet inside the garage from the door, and I back in to the driveway next to it so the UMC easily reaches the MS.

Mathew98 | August 17, 2014

@We7br8chrst - 8 foot garage door is enough room for the MS to enter the garage. Just make sure you get the tech package since the auto folding and one touch folding mirrors is a must have option for you.

I always fold my mirrors before entering the garage and unfold them once I back out of the narrow opening (92").

Plugged In | August 17, 2014

I live 20 miles north of Princeton, and I go to Market Fair or Palmer Square often enough.

How is the experience? WONDERFUL! Get used to people looking at you in the crosswalk. Yes it is silent, yes people may not know by sound by they will know by sight and undress the Model S with their eyes, so to speak.

I have a NEMA 14-50 plug that I had installed for $550 plus permit because my township insists on permits for most everything. However, I don't use it much because I plug in at work (in Newark) for free.

Master Electrical Systems did the installation: 908-309-5129. Ask for Jeff.

I didn't get the third row seats. Didn't need it.

I don't know of any places suitable for plugging in around Princeton. Very strange, given the community.

Hamilton is more like 20-25 miles from downtown Princeton, off 130 just south of 195. It is behind the Barnes & Noble which is good although the Barnes & Noble at MarketFair is better. Very soon Menlo Park Mall supercharger will open, which is of course no closer than Hamilton but gives you choices.

Springfield Service Center has a wonderful service: Among other things, they offer valet service and free parking for us Model S owners looking to fly in and out of Newark Airport. Call to reserve several days in advance, though. You will get your Model S charged, washed and vacuumed.

TESLA168 | August 17, 2014

@We7br8chrst I live in Princeton and my garage is a bit small too. That's why where the parking sensors come in - I always fold my mirrors when I pull in and I turn on the rear view camera.. when I can see where the garage door meets the floor from the camera.. and maybe a couple inches more, I know I am safe. :)

We7br8chrst | August 17, 2014

@PhillyMomof4 and @Hamer

Really comforting and assuring to know that you can park and charge MS outside even in winter. Will check with electrician on that before taking delivery.

@Mathew98 and @Tesla168

Good to know I am not alone. Have ordered tech package and parking sensor though never used them before. Surly it will take some practice when the time comes.

@Plug In

Went to the Hamilton SC last weekend and met a couple owners charging there. Saw first hand while there how the cars turned people's heads. So I know what you mean. But I have yet to see one on the streets around town here in Princeton. So like you I am also kind of surprised and disappointed about the lack of interest in MS or EV in general in Princeton. However, there is one EV charging station from Charge Point, which is in the Chamber Street Parking Garage. I went there last weekend and saw a Leaf charging there.

Are there any MS owner meet ups? Although I won't be taking delivery for some time, there is just so much to learn about how to prepare and care for MS. Hope to meet all of you someday.

Plugged In | August 17, 2014

If I may suggest, please order "Owning a Model S" from Nick J. Howe. Here is a site where you can order it.

This will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know. The most obvious advice that mattered to me: Find a place where you can get it handwashed if you don't wash it yourself via a "2 bucket method". It was not easy to find a place that I could trust to wash it!

Beyond that... what awaits is a totally different experience.

AND: I know this is hard to imagine, but: Figure out how much you are spending on gas on a per-week or per-month basis. Every mile you drive the Model S will be a definite savings right there.

By my estimation, because I don't take NJ Transit any more and in small part because I plug in at the office, assuming 20 miles per gallon and $4 / gallon I am not spending $500 each month. I never imagined! OK, that's my story, but still!

Plugged In | August 17, 2014

Oh - of course, how could I forget?

When you get your Model S, be gentle with the frunk for it is the most obviously fragile part of the car (compared to what you might expect with any other car). This is NOT a "hood", it is creased much too easily. Learn the two-handed technique to shut it GENTLY, with hands spaced about 6-12" apart. You will be most upset with yourself or anyone else who closed it improperly!

So far, I have avoided that mistake, although I only pop the frunk to do my favorite gag. "You want to see what's under the hood??" Get's them every time!

But I have seen for myself the results of those who didn't get the memo. The result is NOT pretty!

Brian H | August 18, 2014

Further on the hood: it's a pressure seal, so close it slowly.

TESLA168 | August 18, 2014

i've had my car for 2.5 months, opened the frunk maybe 5 times total, 4 times was to show others what it looks like. i don't understand why they don't have an automatic close like the rear trunk. arghhhh

We7br8chrst | August 18, 2014

So there is actually a Tesla for Dummy book? That's just so cool. Thanks also for the tip on the frunk, @Plug In.

PhillyGal | August 19, 2014

@hamer (or anyone really) - if your outlet is inside the garage and you park in the driveway, does closing the garage door on the charging cord damage it?
We certainly can't leave our garage open over night to charge and aren't quite sure we want to install our outlet outside.

@jainalok - good luck!

Bighorn | August 19, 2014

Usually there's a rubber gasket that would protect a cord--I've never had a problem charging at friends with my car outside of a closed garage.

hamer | August 20, 2014

@PhillyGal: As @Bighorn said, there is a large rubber gasket on the bottom of the door, and closing the door on the UMC does not damage it. I plug it in every day when I get home, lower the garage door, and it stays that way all night. I have done this since I received my car in April 2013 with no problems.

We7br8chrst | August 21, 2014

Got to share this with you all.

Guess who just came to my house and drove a P85+ into my garage? Andrew, one of the assistant managers from Tesla Short Hills, that's who. Really impressed with his willingness to go the extra mile to help me find out.

So the car can go fully into the garage but is very tight. The mirrors must be folded going in and backing out. The door can not open wide so I will have to squeeze in and squeeze out. None of these should be a deterrent.

But my question now is, as I am drive by myself, do I need such a big car? How many of you are using your MS only by yourself?

tmyl21 | August 21, 2014

Me...single with my MS and love it! Hamilton/Princeton area

I charge @ the Hamilton SC once a week and it was a big factor and just seemed too perfect in my final thought process to get one in my driveway. Which is where mine will be parked @ home unfortunately since my garage is tiny due to a bath addition in my ranch home years ago before I purchased the home. At least yours fits and congrats on that since this car is big.

But I will take care of her nonetheless the outdoor elements and I actually had a good sized locust tree removed just weeks after taking possession of my MS and it's been a noticeable difference on the car's exterior every day since the tree fell.

We7br8chrst | August 19, 2015

Hi, everyone,

Greetings! Just checking in to let you know I am officially an owner of Model S 70D. It drives like a dream. Absolutely marvelous! But of course you already know that. If you see a new ocean blue 70D on route 1 or the parkway that most likely is my Sapphire and me. :-)

Greenee | August 20, 2015

One year since your post. Glad you finally got your baby! Congrats, and the new blue is very cool.