Any women Tesla owners out there?

Any women Tesla owners out there?

I have seen enthousiastic post from wives that have driven their husband's new model S, but are there any women out there that have ordered the car themselves? I'm from the Netherands, eagerly awaiting my baby...

Jennifer Lusin | May 28, 2013

Here is a picture of us with our twins:

ManuVince | May 28, 2013

While we will each of us pay for half of the car. The paper will be officially on my wife's name (for tax reasons). So I will be the happy husband driving his wife's car :-) (we are in Leiden, eagerly awaiting too !)

Cindy.holland | May 28, 2013

Yes, I am a proud, solo woman owner of a red Model S. Love it!

cablue | May 28, 2013

We are expecting twins, also! My husband has his blk/blk now, and my pick-up date for my silver/blk is in two weeks - June 10th! I still have to have my daily fix of driving his. Any errands, I'm on it! We've had our blk since end of January, with over 7,700 miles so far.

Neech | May 28, 2013

I'm a proud woman and The Tesla is mine! I followed Elon Musk and Tesla for many years and knew it would eventually be my next car. Nobody was going to talk me out of it (heck, I knew more about the company than anyone I know). I checked out the prototype when it was in Chicago several years ago, went for a test drive in a Roadster to get more info on the functioning of an EV, and I came to realize I am a closeted car nut (not a gear-head type tho).

Today at work a visitor in the parking lot asked me about the car and he said his wife is bugging him to get one. He told me he was hoping I would have something bad to say about it so he could tell his wife no. LOL. I had nothing but good things to say and told him so! I hope I run into his wife some day.

myhanhhoskin | May 28, 2013

Yes, love it! Got my P85 Jan 7th. The kids (4&6) love it too. Not only is it fun to drive, I feel very safe driving my family around. The Model S replaced my soccer mom SUV. My husband gets to drive it on the weekend to get coffee or milk at the store or for any other reason he can think of to take it out. :)

LMB | May 28, 2013

Yeah, plenty! I was the one following Tesla from the beginning, and it is definitely my car. That's not to say that I won't let him drive it...

DeborahS | May 28, 2013

Yes, I put my deposit down in March 2009. Pearl white, 85 kwh. I love it.

renadp | May 28, 2013

YES!!! Sometimes I feel like the only woman reading these forums on a daily basis! I love love love my P85 blue/tan. :)

Lush1 | May 28, 2013

My wife and I are both on the title. Guess, technically, that's a no, but in 2010 when I learned of the car, I came home and showed her the article about it. She immediately leaped on board, pulled out her credit card paid the deposit, so she is entitled to as much credit as I am for being a visionary, early adopter. We both love our Model S.

portia | May 28, 2013

Had my signature red since Oct. Back in Nov, when I drove to Los Angeles and stopped at superchargers, met 2 other women owners. So there are plenty of women owners out there. Probably most women don't bother hanging around the forum as much, but you are not alone! I do let my husband drive mine once in a while :)
Love the car!

Liz G | May 28, 2013

The Tesla's mine. He bought a Mustang while I waited for Lithie. Now he's selling his Mustang so he can get his own Tesla.

Captain_Zap | May 28, 2013

Add me in to the club.
My spouse tries to pass it off as his car when he can.

Mark22 | May 28, 2013

My wife and I own two, so that would be a yes.
However, we each use whichever is appropriate for the task (one 85 and one 60).

kjo | May 28, 2013

My white one is all mine!! He drives it sometimes, but definitely my car.

ginsbergr | May 28, 2013

My wife loves her Tesla Model S 85 and always has her Tesla Grin on. This was her big Birthday present this year...well deserved!

cablue | May 28, 2013

Mine will be my birthday gift, also - coming in one week before the big day! I am so happy to see all these women on here! I, too, felt I might be one of just a few women on here. I am more obsessed than my husband, although he did just finish cleaning (admiring) his car. As soon as we heard about the Model S in '10, I believe, we put our deposit down. Never thought we'd have two of the same car, but when it came time to find another car, where do you go from Tesla? To another Tesla!

Kit-60kWh now 85D | May 28, 2013

I love MY Tessie. Like other women, I was bitten by the Tesla bug "long" ago, had the Roadster test ride, decided I couldn't justify it, put my money down for Model S three years ago, did the factory tour and test ride, then the test drive. At last I got my car in January. I can hardly wait to get her back from the body shop where she's been since April 15. Watch out for trucks shedding parts! Surely Tesla will get better at making replacement parts available as time passes.

JaneW | May 28, 2013

Bought my Roadster Sport the day the Boulder store opened.
Our Red P85 was a wedding anniversary present to ourselves, so I am half owner.

rebeccap88 | May 28, 2013

Count me in too! I fell in love as soon as my husband showed me a pic of a white Model S. Then there was no talking me out of getting one.
My husband actually likened the months leading up to my Model S delivery similar to when I was nesting for our first child. I researched and bought all sorts of things to prepare for the new addition to our family.
He drives it on the weekends :-)

FFox | May 28, 2013

Yes, it's my Tesla. My husband just announced this weekend that he should get to drive her on the weekends since I drive it all week. (We'll see)

I also feel like one of the few women on the board. I'm so happy my husband wouldn't let me change my minds. I had this fleeting thought that I wasn't being practical. Silly me :)

sunnysailor | May 28, 2013

Yes! I bought a P85 (silver with grey rims) that I love!

Robert22 | May 28, 2013

There's at least one woman in MA with a sig. red because she passed me on the MA pike a few weeks ago. I was moving slightly faster than traffic and she flew by me like I was standing still. Tried to get a plate before the sonic boom rattled me but no joy.

ssarker | May 28, 2013

My husband proudly tells everybody about my Tesla but thankfully for me, has shown very little interest in driving her around. I don't feel the need to drive 100 mph but LOVE the quiet acceleration and smile every time I see all the other cars far behind in my rearview mirror :)

krogers | May 28, 2013

Have been a fan and follower of Tesla since the beginning. Replaced my previous EV with my grey Model S in Dec 2012. I take every chance I get to show off my Model S and have finally impressed the extended family with my great car. I used to get waves and thumbs up for driving an EV, but now I get waves and thumbs up for driving the Car of the Year that just happens to be electric. Just this past weekend took folks for a quick (throw 'em back into their seat 20-95 mph) test drive, and my passengers said that they now get what all the fuss is about :-) Mission accomplished.

Jerkris | May 29, 2013

O my....There's a ton of you out there! So glad, I felt a bit alone. Good to know that you all love yours. I will still have to wait a while, since deliveries to the Netherlands haven't started yet, but when I will get mine (black 85) I will post a picture!
This is actually the first forum I even bother to read. But I love hanging out here and checking out all the stories.

Brian H | May 29, 2013

One of those twins got all the hair!

How many minds did you have to herd?

How many have pets who need to cope with extreme accel and decel?

FFox | May 29, 2013

@Brian H, I knew it was only a matter of time before you corrected one of my postings. I could have used you to edit my papers in grad school. I guess that's your contribution to the site.

hademarco | May 29, 2013

I'm here too. I've never been this enthusiastic about a car before. I've had it for 4 months now and loving it! I thought there weren't many women drivers, now I see there are quite a few out there. If you see me, I'm NIKOLA3 in California. My husband has to be the one to drive it up to the valet when we go to he says.....I let him.

sueinsanjose | May 29, 2013

I own 50%, but drive it during the week. Husband pretty much takes over for the weekend. I have been trying to convince him we need a second one, but he isn't going for it. We have had our car since October - it is black/black and we absolutely love it.

hademarco | May 29, 2013

@sueinsanjose...tell him you need the Model X and he can have the S

Brian H | May 29, 2013

It amused me to compare herding minds to herding cats! Probably just as hard. ;)

And I do wonder about pet responses to hard acceleration and slowing and cornering, etc. Do you find they "object" or enjoy it?

ian | May 29, 2013

Cindy - You're not in the Seattle area are you? I saw a woman driving a new ret P85 through downtown Bellevue (Northbound 405) yesterday. The first of the production red one's I've seen. Gorgeous!


LMB | May 30, 2013

Off topic, Brian H, but I'll respond. The thing my cat hates the most about riding in a car (and she really, really hates it) is the growling noise it makes at her the whole time. And the faster we go, the louder the growl. If you think about it, growling is very rude in cat language.

So the Model S is her dream car. Well, it's the car that bothers her the least...

blc1017 | May 30, 2013

Add me to the list! I have been following Tesla for years, got to see the S for the first time at the Park Meadows mall in Denver (courtesy of my son-in-law) and that was that. In two months of ownership, I think I have allowed my husband to drive the car twice. I used to hate I look for reasons to drive. The car makes you feel like you can do anything you want on the road, and despite living in the Tesla hotbed of California, I get looks, compliments, and inquiries about the car several times a week. There is no better car for me.

cpetrush | May 30, 2013

Besides mine, there are two others I see daily picking up kids at the high school. All with mommies driving :)

Shesmyne2 | May 30, 2013

I suppose I could add myself as a female owner-I am owner on docs, loan, and it was I who named her and fixed her first boo-boo.
'Cept it is my husband that is the true owner. His desire, his idea, I was just the encourager.
And I do get to drive her every now and then...;-)

Still grinning :-)

susanv | May 30, 2013

Both my husband and I are on the title, but it's mainly my car and I am the one to drive it most of the time. Only fair since I'm the one that wanted it first, but it didn't take much to convince him.

PattiT | May 30, 2013

Count me in. I'm in Seattle. I picked up my black/black P85 in February. On the 14th. That was the best Valentines Day ever!
Been enjoying it more and more everyday since.

cb9 | May 30, 2013

I'm another female MS owner - Pearl White P85 in DC area. There's another woman driving a white MS here too. At the Memorial Day EV rally (believe it or not the 99th anniversary of the original in 1914) there were 12 Model Ss and 3 Roadsters - and I think I was the only female owner there.
But yes, I fell in love with the car, the concept and the company. And I do love showing it off to guys too :)

Wenche | May 30, 2013

I'm from Norway and waiting for my Signature Red P+ to be delivered in July :) I'm the head of economics in our family, so I order a Model X for my husband too! This was supposed to be a surprise, but I could not keep the secret by myself. He was skeptical about both cars in the beginning, but he is getting more and more enthusiastic!

portia | May 30, 2013

I saw a green Tesla today at the parking lot at work, and found the owner in a hair salon getting her hair done, another woman owner!

bsimoes | May 30, 2013

It's mine, all mine! I, too, love every minute of it. I never thought of a car as anything other than a way to get from point A to point B. I used to be a Toyota girl; now, I'm reading about synthetic waxes and the like with rapt attention! My friends all think it's a hoot, and, of course, I'm the one to drive the gang any and everywhere! It makes me feel 18 again! Priceless.

Cindy.holland | May 30, 2013

To goneskilin,

I live in the DC area so that was another red you saw in Seattle. But yes,it is a great color if I may say so myself.

Hello to Cb9 in the DC area- what part of town are you in? I live in Kensington.

AnitaToronto | May 31, 2013

I just got my red P85 this week and loving it!!! I actually have more female friends excited about my car than males ones too.

ssarker | May 31, 2013

any issues particular to women? I for one seem to need to change the driver's seat position depending on whether I wear flats or heels and the size of the heels. Will have to wait until days are shorter to see how the unlit vanity mirrors work out (yes, I do apply makeup in the car). On the other hand, love not having to fish for keys in my purse and the open center console area for purse and stuff.

Captain_Zap | May 31, 2013

The steering wheel is a bit thick for my smaller hands. I'm adjusting. The metal pedals on the performance model are a bit slippery in some shoes. The seat could raise up a little higher, or the visor could be a bit larger, to help keep the sun out of my eyes. I wouldn't consider those things gender exclusive though.

I still haven't found Signature Red nail polish.

That's about it. I love everything else about the car.

Joules II | May 31, 2013

How wonderful to meet you all here! I follow these threads daily and have been assuming that most posts have been by guys. I've had Joules since February, and have driven all but 5 of her 4500 kilometers. My husband is quite happy to be chauffeured, and politely listens while I tell him what I've learned each day on the forum. My 2 year old grandson runs out to my white/tan 85 yelling "Grandma's car". I laughed when I realized that most likely I'll still be happily driving this car when he's in university! Life is good.

Brian H | May 31, 2013

There is a whole sub-industry making pedal pads. Try this:

arieljoshua | June 1, 2013

Originally we bought the car for my wife. However, I liked it so much we now share it. Whoever is driving the most during the day gets it and the other person drives the other vehicle. We have 5k miles in 2 months