anyone else find online maps of charging stations woefully inadequate?

anyone else find online maps of charging stations woefully inadequate?

I am not sure if others may be trying to rely on these as much as me, but I find that many of the charging station network online maps and search functions are a joke:

-- Chargepoint
-- Blink
-- Recargo

The problem is that they show all sorts of charging stations, but fail to provide useful real information about whether you can access the location as a member of the public.

For example, the location descriptions are extremely poor about whether it's a pay-for-parking lot, a private condo building, restricted corporate lot, etc.

And it's usually not clear who is running the charging point. There are some locations which show up on all three of the above networks' maps, and I cannot figure out whose network it belongs to.

All of this means that you cannot rely on these maps to give you definitive info about a place- you probably have to call someone nearby.

Have you all encountered this, or found a better solution for finding charging points?


soma | July 15, 2013

Sorry -- a followup question too. I was reading in other threads that Model S cannot use the DC fast charging infrastructure that these maps also typically show.

Where was that mentioned in any descriptions of the vehicle? How did you all find out about that? Because as a new user, you would think that this would be compatible?

Docrob | July 15, 2013

These are crowd sourced sites and the information is only as accurate, detailed and current as the info the users are supplying, so in criticising them I presume you are updating all the charging stations you visit with accurate detailed information?

Model S can not at this point use ChaDemo DC charging stations however there is talk of an adapter in the future, like all charging formats not all are compatible with all EV's and you can't presume compatibility, for example you would be out of luck if you tried to use an inductive paddle charger with a model S too. Most of the charging station map sites and apps allow you to customise your selection to only show charge points which you can use ie, you have an adapter for or is supported with the native connector.

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | July 15, 2013

I agree with Docrob. I make it a point to stop at local charging stations just to both support the people that installed them, and to provide pictures and supporting information for other EV drivers. A couple of weeks ago, I found a Walgreens that had a wrong address. I was lucky to find it at all. I have used RV parks that were not on any of the sites, but they provide reliable 50 amp charging using the standard mobile charging cord.

dirkhh | July 15, 2013

@andrewggilmore: I do the same thing. Have had my S60 for three days and already used four different charging stations around here and updated the PlugShare entries on them. And talked to the management of a parking garage that has two occonnect chargers that each can charge four cars (ok, 2 only on 110V, but also 2 J1772) and each has only one parking spot reserved... I asked them to consider adding a second reserved spot :-)

earlyretirement | July 15, 2013

What do you guys find is the best of all the various iphone apps out there? Do you prefer one of these vs. another and why? Thanks in advance.

shs | July 15, 2013 verifies all their entries, plus it is owned by a friend and neighbor!

I have found charging stations there that were not on Recargo at the time.