Anyone get their center console installed yet?

Anyone get their center console installed yet?

I got a email saying the piano black is available and if I wanted to switch my carbon fiber order to it since the carbon fiber wont be available until 2015...

I figure it is close enough and switched so I can get it earlier... Next appt at service enter is end of the month. :( Apparently it isn't a drop in.

Anyone else get their installed yet?

Nuts4MS | August 18, 2014

Got my email like a week and a half ago shortly followed by a link to buy it. I paid and filled in the details they requested and haven't heard anything since; supposedly it is being shipped to my local SC and I will get a call when it comes in.

Haggy | August 18, 2014

When did you get on the list?

2kids10horses | August 18, 2014

I put my name on the list July 30. On August 1, got the email saying that Piano Blacks were available! I have the Piano interior, so perfect. And, I was already scheduled for minor service, so we just added this on the list.

It's great! The stitching matches the stitching on the dash.

ramtaz | August 18, 2014

I guess lacewood will be 2015 too?

wamochi | August 18, 2014

@2kids - is the dash stitching black or white ?

BarryQ | August 18, 2014

Lacewood (and all the other woods) are being sourced from Mars, so as soon as Elon gets his Martian shuttle going...... in other words, well ..... soon.

AmpedRealtor | August 18, 2014

My dash stitching is black.

Kpg81 | August 18, 2014

Seriously, Elon needs to make another announcement that center consoles will come standard with every Model S going forward- how ridiculous a car with an average price of $90-100,000 does not have a center console. Something needs to happen here, I really don't feel I should be obligated to spend $600+ on a console that cars in the $15K range have standard. Love everything else, but comeon.

Salute | August 18, 2014

@kgutcheon - based on all the postings in the forum, I would say the majority do not want a console. If it was standard, more people would complain that they had to pay for something they did not want. I have a console on order (for last 9 months), but respect the fact that most do not want one and having it an option is just fine.

DR R | August 18, 2014

Got mine installed last week....piano black matches...stitching and leather matches.....looks very good....very nice not to have the clutter.....very pleased....

Anthony J. Parisio | August 19, 2014

They sent me a response to my E-mail that I am on the list and will contact me when my number comes up. However no order form. Nothing for me to choose. Nothing for me to pay. How will this work?

Roamer@AZ USA | August 19, 2014

Carbon fiber, was installed in my garage two weeks ago. I think I ordered it, wait list, almost a year ago.

Very happy with it. Does just what I wanted and looks great

Still waiting for lacewood for our March 2013 car.

Roamer@AZ USA | August 19, 2014

Sorry the pictures are a little dark. Cloudy rainy day today.

Here it is with the covers open.

BoxcarX | August 19, 2014

Nice, I like the stitching that matches.

Roamer@AZ USA | August 19, 2014

Only minor complaint. There is no divider between the rear USB compartment and the front cup holder area. The adjustable cup holder pieces serve as dividers also. So if you put the rear cup holder divider in the rear position it also keeps loose items from blocking the swing hatch door on the rear compartment. Minor thing. Just can't let items get in the area where the rear lid pivots down into the storage bin. The cup holder divider works for that purpose.

Roamer@AZ USA | August 19, 2014

@Anthony J. They built your car so they know what matches your interior.

Kpg81 | August 19, 2014

@Salute - LOL- most people don't want a center console? Is that a joke? Every car built these days has one- I've never heard of anyone complaining their car came with a center console, let alone someone complain they paid for one and didn't want it.

The center console should come with every new Tesla going forward, as a no-charge option like the Parcel shelf (for the few that don't want the console.)

This is a $100K car lacking many options that cars in the same class have- compare a Mercedes S550 to this car and you will feel ripped off when seeing it is the same price. I love the Model S, but charging for a center console in a car in this range is greedy and pathetic. I get charging for consoles for people who already own a Model S, but this should come standard for future builds.

sbeggs | August 19, 2014

We like not having one...

Salute | August 19, 2014

@kpg1981 - I am not sure how long you have been following this forum. When I placed my order for the car 10 months ago, I too thought the console should have been included. I think most people did because that is what they were use to. After having the car for 8 months I am not so sure. I have noticed on this forum that the majority of people posting decided against having a console after driving the car for at least 3 months. you can search it. I realize that the forum postings are not a scientific polling method but it is an interesting data point.

mantin | August 19, 2014

My piano black console was installed yesterday by a ranger who came to my home. Took about 1.5 hours, along with 5.12 update, washer fluid, tire pressure checked and filled, etc. Console looks great and the cup holder inserts can be moved so that the space can be individualized. The Iphone dock works my phone as long as I removed the impact case. The onsole has a space to allow both USB ports and the 12v to be exposed, though the dock takes one of the USB ports. It uses a cable which can be removed so that both USB ports are still available, if you aren't using the dock. Looks very nice, got rid of the clutter, and the shelf below the screen is still useable too. Like it a lot.

Haeze | August 19, 2014

I would be happy if they took the dividers form the existing center console, and designed an identical system for the existing open well area.

No need for the huge center console, people who like storing large things in the center area could still do so, people who like to keep small things in the center area could now make sure they aren't flying everywhere on corners, braking, and acceleration, special-purpose dividers could be designed to hold a cell-phone dock like the one in the console, etc.

It would make a lot more sense, cost a lot less money, and satisfy both the pro- and con- arguments.

AmpedRealtor | August 19, 2014

@ kpg1981,

I couldn't disagree with you more. Tesla doesn't have to do anything. Tesla sales are going through the roof just fine without needing to do any of the things you describe. I also haven't met a single Model S owner online or in person who has felt "ripped off" after buying this car. I noticed that you seem to get more and more agitated towards the ends of your posts, which tells me that this is a very personal and important issue for you. As such, you probably should pass on buying a Tesla. I don't think you'll be happy with owning a car that does almost everything differently from what you are accustomed to.

Being different is one of Tesla's core strengths, but that doesn't mean their cars are for everyone. I think you will find much more satisfaction in a Toyota Camry, honestly. I am a graphic designer by training and spent most of my life working in design and branding. I appreciate Tesla's core design philosophy. They are Helvetica in a world filled with Comic Sans and Goudy Old Style.

jackan | August 19, 2014

I like the open space of not having center console.
I think I am in the majority?

Aussie | August 19, 2014


I can't speak for the majority but for me personally I like the space. I am not a small person and it's nice to have the leg room. My other car is an SUV and I prefer the Tesla on long road trips just for the leg room alone.

Kpg81 | August 19, 2014

@AmpedRealtor, if your basis for the styling is best compared to fonts on a computer screen, I don't know what else to tell you. It sounds like you definitely fit into the category of accepting less-is-more but paying-more-for-less. With that type of mentality, expect $150,000+ cars with minimal features and $150.00 steak dinners with no sides at Ruth's Chris in the next decade or so. Next thing will be just a steering wheel and a seat and one knob for the radio and everyone will be praising "minimalistic engineering" as some type of innovation.

AmpedRealtor | August 19, 2014

@ kpg1981,

I wouldn't expect you to understand the font analogy. Some people don't appreciate clean design, or an aesthetic that doesn't rely wholly upon the "more is better" philosophy. So let me sum up... You've said that you like the S-Class, think the Model S is a rip-off, and called Tesla "greedy and pathetic." And in this or another thread you said that you actually own the Model S.

Do I have this right?

Salute | August 19, 2014

@kpg1981, I imagine you railed against the cell phone makers when they stopped putting physical keys on the phones and went with touch pad keys. They gave you less. I know I did until I used the touch pad keys for awhile and learned the old way is not always the best way.

eddiemoy | August 19, 2014

got on the waiting list back in 12/3/2013...

Dnbigd | August 19, 2014

OK - This has been knocked around on this and other threads for months. It's fair to say that those who have bought the center console are happy with it snd it serves THEIR purposes. Others, like myself, have come to prefer the open unonstructed space and feel that it better fits the theme of the car. Much depends on how much "stuff" you carry in your car and your personal/family needs. If the console were a free add-on today, I'd probably not want it. As always, each to his/her own.

jdb | August 19, 2014

This thread with comments like @kpg1981 is getting boring. Reminds me of the boring threads over on the Model X site from posters who do not like the falcon wing rear doors. My response to them is same as to @kpg1981. I like the falcon wing doors, I like the open cabin space in Model S without center console. They are free to buy any other car in universe without falcon wing doors or with center console, why bother those of use who bought Model S liking the open cabin design and/or reserved Model X liking the falcon wing rear doors.

Haggy | August 19, 2014

Since I've been waiting longer for the black one, it seems as if it should be available soon.

I knew when I bought the car that the console wasn't there, and knew when I found out that there would be one that I'd have to pay extra. So it's not a matter of feeling ripped off, but a matter of questioning why a company would leave off what most companies consider standard equipment on lesser cars.

I understand not everybody wants one, and I'd have no problem with them offering to make it optional. Even the tech package is optional, even though I was told in the showroom that about 95% of people get it.

I somehow doubt that if most car companies announced tomorrow that people could order their car without the center console, there would be a burst of demand. If that were the case, they would have already done it since it would save them money and result in more satisfied customers. I'd also wonder how many people who don't want it are in the "it's perfect in every way camp" and how many are in the "I'd like to see a lot of things, but not this one in particular" camp. I don't think I'd even be reading this thread if I weren't interested in the console, so I'm surprised that anybody would be saying that they are better off without it unless they bought it and disliked it.

Haeze | August 19, 2014

The Center console in most cars is not "Standard" it is "Required" because there is no other way to fit a transmission/driveshaft/exhaust/catalytic converter in the car.

Tesla is one of the rare cars where it is possible to make it an option.

michael1800 | August 19, 2014

Most cars run on gas. Obviously, I'm hopping on the 'Model S isn't like most cars' train. Comparisons can be made, but it's still apples and oranges.

I enjoy the open space, but ordered a console anyways. After it's installed (my number just came up), I'll use it for a couple of months and see which way I like best.

Still though, Tesla Motors isn't pathetic nor greedy. They just don't feel the same way as the mpg232 poster. Not exactly grounds for an outrage.

What is outrageous is that a $100k can come without lighted vanity mirrors! ...not.

2kids10horses | August 19, 2014

Well, it seems that Tesla has found a way to satisfy everyone: if you want a console, buy it. If not, you don't have to have one. The consumer has a choice!! What's wrong with that?

The stitching is not white. I have seen a photo where it did look white, but I think that must have been some kind of reflection of the flash, or something. It's not black, either. It's a dark grey, that matches the stitching used on the dashboard.

Anthony J. Parisio | August 19, 2014

My dog likes how open thie car is without the console. She has no problem in this car walking across and getting up in the passenger seat. It is much easier for her than it was in a car with the center console. She usually enters the car from my driver side.

I like the openness because I can also put a bag or coat or something like that in the center. I like the openness and the beauty of this design. It is very refreshing, new, different way and makes a strong, clean artistic statement. I do not feel cheated I get it.

However the car does not have enough storage for all my little things and the cupholders are in the wrong place. It is easy to knock the cups over! I find the armrest with cups in it very uncomfortable. Sadly, for this reason I am buying the center console. Practicality has won out over art for me. This is not about right or wrong, getting less then more for the money or minimalist versus luxury for me. I just have some needs that the console dose meet. I wish I didn't have to get it but I am.

AmpedRealtor | August 19, 2014

It's perfect for takeout containers.

Haggy | August 22, 2014

The problem with that logic is that even my minivan came with a completely removable center console and the floor of the vehicle is flat. It's not something that's required. There's no need to add storage space or covers. They could have made it optional for everybody.

riceuguy | August 22, 2014

So, I had one of the original center consoles (they built/installed about 20 of them before halting production due to some design/build issues) and it was replaced today. The only differences I've noticed are much lighter color stitching (much lighter than the stitching on my dash (which is more of a light gray versus almost white on the console), a better functioning dock lid, and a sturdier dock though it doesn't fit my Galaxy S5.

Overall, I've loved my console thus far, and the new one seems to have fixed the problems with the old one. It still leaves TONS of room for your stuff, cupholders, or whatever else you want to put in there, while keeping everything organized. If you don't want one, don't get one, but if you do want a console, this is a great one!

Salute | August 22, 2014

I went to the Service Center in Bellevue WA to look at a new installation of a console in a black interior car. The stitching on the console was light grey. What I found interesting is my car with black interior has light grey stitching on the lower part of the doors but that car had black stitching on the lower part of the doors. Both cars have black stitching on the dash. I thought the console looked good and the stitching was not an visual issue. I have a S85 vin # 27***.